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At Optus we love to HELP and DO GOOD at the same time!

What could be better than helping out the JLF while raising awareness amongst our staff of the potential risks of bowel cancer BUT even better educating them all on the best ways to avoid it and improve their lifestyle at the same time.

76km is a stroll in the park compared to what some people and their families face when diagnosed with bowel cancer so we're all motivated and pumped to be participating in this event - Please be generous and dig deep with your sponsorship, it well be well earned and even better used by the JLF

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Optus $1,590
Sorana Ionescu $20 Good luck bro!!
Optus $50 Happy to support a great cause. Enjoy the walk!
Gossip Box $25 Great work & cause Mel - thanks for making a difference!!
Erika Carreno $50 Awesome that you guys did this! :-)
Alison Van Hoof $20 Well Done!!!
Kiera Chung Gon $200 Good job Chinese Hercules!! Proud of your huge efforts, you go alright for a big brother xxxx
Bianca Shaw $10 Awesome effort Harald!
Erinne Chung Gon $20 Well done little bro!
Gina & Jarran Niel $50 Well done Ryan! Great stuff and smash it out! X
Alison Farquhar $50
Renee, Brad, Lucy and Chloe Phillips $35 Great work cuz! Good luck for the walk, hope you've got comfy shoes!!
Anonymous $100 go kingy
O[tus $50 Great cause. Good luck, Todd!
Optus $25 Go Boss, You're and Inspiration to us all Great Cause xxx
Myra Smedley $10 Well done Emm. X
Optus $25
Reg inc. $51
Reg inc. $49
Samantha Ross $20 Go Vasu!!! You are so awesome for participating in this great cause!
Optus $50 This is a great cause and wish I had the strength to do it. Great work Michael
Samantha Ross $20 Well done Naomi! Great cause
Samantha Ross $20 Go Emily!!! Well done for participating in this great cause
Kylie Flynn $105 Well done Beana xxxxx
Marjory MacPherson $10 Fantastic effort Em
Lindsay Smith $25 Great Job Emily
Tracy Pierce $10 Absolutely inspiring!
Michaela Drogemuller $50 I'll be thinking of you my friend ☺ well done stepping up to the plate for a great cause
Anonymous $50 Good on you Shane great cause
Erica Paczek $50 Love Ya x x
Matthew Falland $100 Have a lovely walk - and, for all the preparation you have done, I'm sure the K's will slip on by.
Jodie Collard $10 Go you good thing
Matthew Ryan $50 Good luck on the walk mate
Yvette French $10 Well done Raechel...best wishes on this amazing challenge! ☺
Michael Francis $15 Rock it like a Hurricane Champ
Anonymous $100 Fabulous effort Todd. Well done!
Anonymous $30 Mehwish
Jacquie & Gary Bowden $100 Good luck Todd! Xx the Bowden’s
Kathy Bernhardt $20 Awesome work Raechel...
EFM Health Clubs Mawson Lakes $25 A courageous way to show your support, Raechel. I commend you in advance, and wish you the best on your trek and in your fundraising endeavours.
walid sukkarieh $25 Great cause mate, well done and good luck!
Matthew Rees $50 Awesome work mate for a great cause.
Christie Thomas $20 Good Luck Harald!! You are an inspiration xx
Christine Beale $50 Great cause and very close to home. Hope you achieve beyond $ needed and all goes well.
Melissa McEvoy $20 All the best x
Cliff Beale $50 Weve lost too many wonderful people to this horrible disease. We need to stop this disease in it's tracks. Let's hope this money raised can help to do this.
Chris Hanson $100 Super sister
Optus $50 Love ya Babe! Good job xx
Optus $100 Don't be a quitter
Maddy and Ben Macey $50 Nice one Todd!
Abbie Marshall $150 Awesome work Ryan! Have fun and good luck!
Optus $50 Such a great cause Emily - Best wishes to you and the team for the trek!
Gavan McEniry $20 The Heysen Trail is on my bucket list! Awesome stuff. Cannot wait to hear all about it. ...Please look after Shaun for me.
Angela Brazenall $100 Good luck Todd on an worthy cause. Enjoy the journey and then a big glass of Red with your feet up afterwards. Cancer of any kind is close to all of our hearts..
Tony Brown $10 Well done team. All the best.
Jacqui Khong $100 Great cause!
Ace Lewis $50
Luz Moule $50 Very proud mum.
Mark Moule $50 Good on you Michael.
Linda Taylor $20 Hope you have an awesome time trekking Raechel♥
Amanda Powardy $20 Good Luck and Good Job :)
Elke Adao $20 Good on you Mel.
Suvina Ravadchai $25
John Maume $25
Anonymous $25
Danny Mace $20 That'll keep you busy in the morning. What will you do for the rest of the day?
Anonymous $25 Fly pelican fly
Louwella Johnson $50 Go Bro go!!!!
Brett Thorneycroft $50 Well done Shaun - you’re amazing!
K & L Thorneycroft $100 Worth the effort for a good Cause
Jason Hall $20 Cheers champion
Samantha Craig $10 Best of luck out there! See you there xx
David Webb $100
Peter & Connor Brennan $20 Run towards the Lego!
Shelly O'Reilly $10 Go you Hazza!
Mr $25 You're one tough cookie Raechel. You can do it.
Anonymous $50 Keep up the training!
Vernon Lewis $20 Thank you for doing what some of us cannot.
Nicole Cullinan $20 Good luck! Great cause
Clive Sarney $10 Good luck!
Judith Sellen $25
Felicity Beck $40 Proud of you Courtz, a worthy cause ❤️❤️
Kym & Kristy Rodert $50 All the best!
Victoria Roberts $50 You got this chick!
Joy Walter $40 Great work Courtney! from Nana and Judy
Mirtha Pagano $20 Go Courts!!!! :)
Adelaide Business Bureaux $100 What have you done to our Harald!? Who is this man? Awesome effort, crazy commitment. Best of Luck, and have heaps of fun. Neil, Shaz, Carmen, Julie, Diedrie (x2), Scott, Alex, Di & Linda
Anonymous $20 Enjoy the walk Courtney from Jill at Starplex Aquarobics
Di Pfeiffer $20
Allen Foster $50 Richard Gere is a fairly decent actor.
Ben Teoh $45
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $50
Bernadette Lawson $25 Good on you.
Heidi Leeuwrik $25 Go you good thing! Love H & B
Sophia Rodert $100 Goodluck Courtney!
Anonymous $25
Gemma Farr $20 Good luck lovely!
Jessica Dunlop $50 Well done Naomi! Fantastic cause ❤️
Rose Vallen $25 You go girl
Michael Smith $10 Good luck :)
Kate Gregory $76 You're amazing
Kas & Nick Modra $50 Good luck! LOL
Natalie Micallef-Grimaud $10
Optus $25 Love you xxx
Optus $10 Woohoo! Go Ryan :)
Mum & dad Smith $50 Proud of you H - good luck. Love mum & dad Smith
Optus $10 well done champ
Jamie & Emma Hall $50 Good work on doing what you are doing.
Craig & Chantel Smith $200 So very proud of you bro in law Luv Craig & Chantel xx
Jason Cichon $50 This donation is on the condition that you fill your shoes with 1x1 plates first.
Optus $50 Well done Hazza. It’s awesome you’re doing the Trek to raise awareness
Anonymous $20 You have our support.
Greg Bean $25
Optus $10 You go dude
Tyson Garam $20 All the best with your journey!
Optus $50
Anonymous $50 Go Team! A great cause!!
optus $50
optus $15 good luck on the reck
optus $10 Good luck for the JLF Treck
Optus $10
Sal Murphy $20
Gillian Drummond $20
Heather Ashmeade $50 Go Harold!!
Peter Childs $50 I didn't know you were a Treky. Safe travels Harald
Matthew Frendo $50 Great Work Boss, You are a machine :)
Mark & Emma Robinson $100 You can do it Harald :) What a wonderful thing to do :)
Anonymous $100
Optus $150 I'm so proud of you doing the trek babe. It's such an awesome cause, and while I won't be doing it with you, you'll still smash it as usual and put some kms on those snazzy new shoes!! Love you! #TeamOptus
Mark Pascoe $20 Well Played CK
shannon graham $25
Hustle Living Pty Ltd $25 An issue close to your heart xxxx well done on supporting to make a change.
Optus $25 Mr
Gwen Sincock $25 You are amazing!
Anonymous $50 All the best for your trek, jump on Chappo's shoulders if you need a break
Optus $50 Sarah so proud of you for doing this
Anonymous $100
Nigel Watts $40 Don't forget...thick socks.
Anonymous $100 Great cause! Enjoy the trek.
Optus $5 Good luck!


Name Total
Harald Christ $1,370
Ryan Chung Gon $640
Naomi Beale $596
Raechel Carroll $531
Todd Cox $500