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2017 was a year of big change for me. 2018 is going to continue that change. I'm walking the JLF Trek to raise money for the foundation, but also to try and kickstart some improvements to my health. I've started bushwalking and hiking again, so the Trek seemed like a perfect choice to test myself and help out the JLF Foundation at the same time.

The sad truth is most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer, and in Australia, bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer related deaths. But testing is available and early detection is key. Please donate to help the foundation continue it's great work and help me reach (and hopefully surpass) my $500 target. Every little bit helps.



From Amount Message
Bianca Shaw $10 Awesome effort Harald!
Michaela Drogemuller $50 I'll be thinking of you my friend ☺ well done stepping up to the plate for a great cause
Jodie Collard $10 Go you good thing
Christie Thomas $20 Good Luck Harald!! You are an inspiration xx
David Webb $100
Peter & Connor Brennan $20 Run towards the Lego!
Shelly O'Reilly $10 Go you Hazza!
Adelaide Business Bureaux $100 What have you done to our Harald!? Who is this man? Awesome effort, crazy commitment. Best of Luck, and have heaps of fun. Neil, Shaz, Carmen, Julie, Diedrie (x2), Scott, Alex, Di & Linda
Allen Foster $50 Richard Gere is a fairly decent actor.
Ben Teoh $45
Heidi Leeuwrik $25 Go you good thing! Love H & B
Michael Smith $10 Good luck :)
Kas & Nick Modra $50 Good luck! LOL
Mum & dad Smith $50 Proud of you H - good luck. Love mum & dad Smith
Jamie & Emma Hall $50 Good work on doing what you are doing.
Craig & Chantel Smith $200 So very proud of you bro in law Luv Craig & Chantel xx
Jason Cichon $50 This donation is on the condition that you fill your shoes with 1x1 plates first.
Optus $50 Well done Hazza. It’s awesome you’re doing the Trek to raise awareness
Tyson Garam $20 All the best with your journey!
Heather Ashmeade $50 Go Harold!!
Peter Childs $50 I didn't know you were a Treky. Safe travels Harald
Mark & Emma Robinson $100 You can do it Harald :) What a wonderful thing to do :)
Anonymous $100
Optus $150 I'm so proud of you doing the trek babe. It's such an awesome cause, and while I won't be doing it with you, you'll still smash it as usual and put some kms on those snazzy new shoes!! Love you! #TeamOptus