Raised so far

Each year Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory donate to various charities in memory of my daughter, Mila. In 2017, we have donated to various causes including Canteen and Lifeline, and one charity I really wanted to be able to support this year is the Jodi Lee Foundation. The JLF Trek is a wonderful way to get behind a very worthwhile cause to raise both awareness and funds for bowel cancer in Australia.

The date of 2018’s trek is very important and sentimental for myself and my family as it coincides not only with the milestone of 2 years since my bone marrow transplant (as I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2017) but also what would have been the second birthday of my daughter, Mila (who we lost due to my illness). I would love to commemorate the anniversary of both my life changing transplant, the memory of my daughter and celebrate the second chance at life I have been given and the success over the past year in both life, family and business with a number of my key clients and friends. Whilst life has hit me with some hard knocks, I feel so blessed that I continue to do what I love every day and am in a position to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate as I.

A group of close Clients will join me in spending a few days trekking through a beautiful part of South Australia to raise awareness for bowel cancer and all the fantastic work the Jodi Lee Foundation do.


Name Amount Message
Lynch Meyer Lawyers $200 Well done Phil! From Sam Burford and the Partners and staff of Lynch Meyer Lawyers.
Woods Bagot $50 Best wishes for the Trek, appreciate all you are doing for this very worthy cause
BRM Holdich $50 A great cause well done
City of Playford $100
Tports $300 Well done. Great to see good people to have principles and determination
Kennett Pty Ltd $220 Hopefully this ticks us over the $48k mark
Anonymous $25 Soooooooo Proud Of You Anna and George!!!
Urban Habitats $200
Rowan Hindmarsh $50
Belperio Clark $50
Built $25 Happy Walking Chris! :)
Built Environs $25
Ikon Projects $100 Well done! Hope all went well.
Heather Kilmartin $50
Salandra Lawyers $100
LA Concrete $100
Jeremy Stevenson $50 Hope it went well mate. Great cause.
sue pentelow $50 Well done Nik, a great cause
Sarah Constructions $20 Go Houghy!! The blisters are totally worth it!!
Maras Group $200 Well done mate on supporting such a terrific cause. Look forward to some photos of you after about 30kms .... !!
Kerry Paul $10
Kerry Paul $25 Well Done!
SARAH Constructions $20 Good work Houghy!
Anonymous $50
Guy Oomens $50 Happy treking
Olga Koloskova Couture $50 Well done Michelle it is great cause. We are very proud of you. Xox
Sarah Construction Pty Ltd $25 Good luck mate!
Sarah Constructions $50 Good Luck Richard. All the best mate!
SARAH Constructions $25 All the best mate, you'll smash it!
Anonymous $25
Sarah Constructions $25 Just a walk in the park for you buddy!!
Sarah constructions $50 Good luck!
Sean MacGregor $50 Good luck - hopefully all that training you have been doing should pay off!
ProManage $100 Great cause, enjoy the walk.
ProManage $100 George and Anna - Jo and I share your passion and motivation - safe walking
Sarah Construction $50 Well done, great effort.
Palmiro Romeo $50
Fraser Evans $25
Mr Argyriou $100 Well done champ!
Kerry McGorman $25 Good on you! Don’t forget the Vaseline!
Gawler Custom Specialist Joinery $100
Anonymous $100 Got get em tiger and well done for supporting such a great cause.
Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory $50 Super proud of our Head HappySeeker <3
Healthy Inspirations Frewville $100
Mark Ringwood $25 Don't listen to those comments; you've proved that men can wear tights!
Build Tec Group $100
kennett $50
Ian Stone $100
Hamish Villis Carpentry Pty Ltd $50
Moto Projects $50 We can’t let you start the trek on $9 950...well done on reaching $10k!! All the best for the walk.
John Savva $250 All the best!
Pike Constructions $50 Good luck for the trek!
Built $25 Go Chris! Good effort for a great cause.
Anonymous $100 Get walking you Muppet. Yes it is a long way
Rider Levett Bucknall $100 Good luck Morry!
michael mckeown $50 Enjoy the trek
michael mckeown $50 good luck!
Bob Nathan $25 Don't quit.
Hindmarsh $50
Tim Indrisie $50 Great work Jan. Good luck with the trek!
Anonymous $50 Good Luck Chris!
Κωνσταντίνος e Mariantonietta Michalakos $70 Go Δανιελε!
Ingrid van der Meulen $20 Woohoo, nice work, good luck!! x
Craig Alksne $100 More than happy to donate to two good causes ... the JLF + your weight loss program! Have fun pal ...
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $25 Great cause Jan Carry some good quality dark chocolate with you. That is the secret to enjoyable hiking.
Michael Odontiadis $100
Cornershop Design Pty Ltd $50 Enjoy the trek Anna & team!
Sarah Constrution $50
Sarah Constructions $25
Maxton Insurance Broker $150 Good Luck Daniel.
Anonymous $100 Bowel it over Rich!
Mary White $100
Enoki Pty Ltd $100 Hi Daniel. Best of luck in the JLF trek 2018. Regards, Susanna Bilardo.
Sarah Constructions $25 Amazing work Richard - all the best with the trek!
Jon Flint $50 Well done Anna. Great cause. All the best for the trek!
Lucas Vaccarella $50 Great cause! good luck mate!
Sarah Constructions $50 For a great cause mate ... lost my dad to this as with so many others from that generation. Always better with more awareness. Slow and steady with the walk!
Sarah Construction $50
Sarah Constructions $25
Martha Coro $100 Well done Morry... Good luck!
Andrew Davis $25 Well done Daniel, keep up the good work.
RossClennett.com $50 Well done, Anna and team. A great cause.
Denes Sarakinis $50 Best wishes Anna. Inspirational as always.
Built Environs $25 Fantastic work Jan! Eddie
Maras Group $200 You are truly inspirational Anna. Wishing you the very best on the trek. Stay strong ..!!
Candi Conlin $100 You're amazing Anna! Wishing you all the very best xx
Built $50 I hope our Yiros and banana cake training regime helps get you through. Well done. Nez
Built Environs $50 Good luck Jan. I'm sure you'll stay on programme with those big steps and your PPE will keep you warm and dry ;-)
Liz Hobbs $100 Good on you, Jan!
Rebecca Pickering $200 Go Morry
Mika Goetze $25 <3
Resthaven Inc $25 Well Done Chrstopher
Kate Kay-Ryan $50 Go Jan. x
Pawel Hanuszewicz $50
Anonymous $50 Happy striding!
Wright Evans Partners $500 Wright Evans is delighted to make a donation to the fight against cancer, you are an inspiration Anna! Go Team Happy Seekers
Andrea Stewart $25 Best of luck Jan. I'm sure you'll smash it! Andrea
Shane Nicolai $50 Good Luck Michelle! A great thing for a great cause.
CPB Contractors $50 Wishing you all every success on your Trek. Great job!
Sara Heidrich $50 Well done everyone and all the best for the trek ahead!
Anonymous $50 If one of your steps is two of mine, then you should do it in half the time right?
George Kapaniris $25 Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes. (Billy Connolly quotes)
Anonymous $100
ICAM $50 Good luck on the Trek Daniel, change your socks regularly is the only advice I can give!!
Catherine Cogman $25
Finding Psoas $55 Have a cracker of an event Big Fella! Probably the only sections of the Heysen Trail I haven't explored yet
Peter Kannangara $50 Good luck and have fun Lorne while raising funds for a great cause.
Anonymous $25
CORALIE TALBOT $20 What a great thing you are doing :-) All the best x
Lucas Total Contract Solutions $300 Great Cause! All the best Phill for the Trek! From Ben, Robbie, Nick and the rest of the team at Lucas Total Contract Solutions
BLDP $50
Alarcon Constructions $100 'Just Keep Walking'
DE-Construct $500 Best of luck Dale !
Anonymous $250
Ali Back $25 Go Michelle! What a great cause - well done.
Anonymous $100 Never Give Up!
Niramar Pty Ltd $200 Wise man once say "Good things are coming down the road. Just don't stop walking."
Anonymous $50 Good luck Jan - enjoy!
PCA $50 Break a leg DG MZ
Marcus Anderson $100 Great work Morry and Good Luck!
Shmoo $25 Should be an easy & relaxing stroll for you compared to "trekking" at Greenhill.
Westmeath Consulting $25 lookforward to all the pics, step by step on social media...
Aurecon $25 $500 goal... come on Daniel!
Andrew Romano $100 Good luck on your journey and don’t eat the yellow snow.
Bryan Moulds Advisory $35 Gogo Daniel
N. Milasinovic $100 What a great cause love...you are amazing!!
Simon Hyland $50 Great effort M happy to support. Simon
Grow Wellbeing $100 Good luck Daniel
MRS Property $100 Good luck Daniel!
BuildSurv $100 Well done, great cause, enjoy the hike.
Axiom Properties Limited $200 Great work Daniel, wonderful people and charities to support.
Belinda Wood $50 Good Luck Richard! My only tips is to ensure you have plenty of extra socks and heavy duty band aids on hand!
Build Tec Group $250
James Dawson $25 Great cause and good luck
Built $50 Great cause Chris
Ouwens Casserly Real Estate $100
Natasha Malani $25
RCP $25
HIA $50 great cause
Thomson Geer $50 Well done! A great cause.
Heard Financial $100 Daniel Congratulations on the raising money for a great cause.
Valtec Constructions $200 Good Luck!!!
Andrew Bettison $25 Great work Michelle.
Anonymous $50 Now that's a good Hike! all the best.
Frances Dello $100 A great cause - very proud of ya Daniel! Best of luck xoxo
Mortgage Express $300 Good luck Michelle, wishing you the best of luck on the trek. It will be really challenging but I'm sure the reasons for doing the trek & sense of achievement will keep you going & make it all worth while. Will keep track on how you go. cheers Noel
david robinson $50 Cheers Chris- thank you for contacting me and all the best both on the trip and in donations received David
Patrick Ho $100 Good work!
Renata Be $20 You go girl! SO proud of you!
Bronte Park Management Pty Ltd $150
Built Environs $100 Great initiative!
Trevor Williams $50
Anonymous $50 Good on you Jan, it will be a piece of cake for you
Steve Nettle $100
Bianco Precast $500 Hey Jan, This is a good deal...you walk 76kms, we donate some dollars and get the weekend off relaxing, watching the footy and having a BBQ with a couple beers!! Seems fair to me! Well done mate...when you complete it of course! Great cause! Good luck! Regards, Dino
Anonymous $100
Jeremy Baker $100 Jan - A great Cause........You'll need your clothes, your boots and your walking sticks!! good luck! - Jeremy
Bec Boulton $50 Go Michelle x
Bruno Cirillo $100 You go girl :)
Tracey Jefferson $100
Dimitria Sklavos $50 Hope you do well
Helen Betts $25 Best wishes. Go Michelle .
Built Environs $100 Viel Glück!
Leah Hanlon $50 Happy trails Chris!
Anonymous $50 Good Luck!!
Built $25 Good on you Chris
Jacinta South $50 Good Luck
Holly Stanley $50 Good on you babe! I'm sure you'll smash it out. x
BUILT ENVIRONS $25 Good cause, good luck!
Built $50 Hope you have done plenty of training !
Kirrily Mitchell $25
Anonymous $100
Eastwoods $100 Are you taking that fish with you?
Built Environs $50 Good luck Jan!
Sara Baynes $25 Go Michelle! If anyone can do it, you can xxx
Clyde Quieros $25 Hi Michelle Good to hear from you and happy to support your effort. All the best in your endeavour. Regards Clyde
PT Design Pty Ltd $500 Happy trekking Anna & George
Anonymous $20 Good luck George.
CMV Group Foundation $5,000 Good luck, thanks for supporting such a great cause.
Ray Kelleher $50 good luck George, great work
David Reddi $100 Smash it, Bruv!
Hao Wong $25 Good luck Ben!
SHAPE Australia $250 Well done Lorne! Great cause,
SHAPE Australia $250 Great cause. Good luck!
Nikki Yeo $25 All the best Ben!
HSR GROUP $200 Great cause mate and great awareness, lost my brother/best friend to bowel cancer, all the best.
Royal Adelaide Hospital $50 Well done Ben - should be fun and for a good cause
Trice $200 George best of luck - The Blefaris
Arthas Flabouris $50 Smash it!
Capital Plan $200 Good effort Lorne. A great cause. Cheers, Mark
Walter Brooke & Associates $300 Best of luck George. We admire your dedication to a very worthy cause!
Anonymous $100 This should be a good start to your fitness kick
Zee Constructions Pty Ltd $200
Reid Construction Clean Pty Ltd $100 In support of Richard Hough
Combined Demolition and Services $300 I'm glad it's you and not me. I couldn't walk out of site on a dark night. good luck
John Lelli $25 Good luck Chris
Central floors $100
Anonymous $100 Good luck
John Fortunato $50
brent blanks $100
Nick Edwards $50 Doubt you'll make it, but it's a good cause.
Gerry O'Callaghan $25 Good on you Ben
Munib Kiani $50 The old man had colorectal as did the mother in law, both at 49y. As everyone in my family is consigned to an early and often barrage of scopes I would be nice if the indignity were coupled with more survival. Walk on. M
Richard Strickland $25
Palash Kar $50 Go Ben!!
Michael O'Sullivan $50
Built Environs $100 Looks challenging! I'm sure you'll take it all in stride as per usual :) Good Luck!
Perfection $100 Best of Luck Daniel from the Perfection Two Wells Team !
Housing Choices SA $25
Jean & Denis Bate $25 Good on you Chris
ASPIRE Advisor Network $50 Hi Daniel, great cause and effort you are going to. Good luck with the trek. Nick Menz & Richard Crabb ASPIRE Advisor Network
2001 $100 Go Team Roussos - a great effort
Commercial Ceramics $300
John van Ruth $100 Good for you Chris, enjoy the trek.
NSG Boffa $500
Tectvs $200 You can thank Cheesman's
Wt Partnership $100
Harrold & Kite $250 Our well wishes to Anna & the team for such a wonderful cause!
Matthew Cleave $50 Don't forget the blister blockers!!
Sarah Constructions $200 Well done George!
Fred Arias $100 On ya Chris
CDC $25 Good luck Chris
Mcconnell Dowell $25 Hey Chris, All the best with the trek - look forward to catching up
Infront Electrical $500 All the best for your trek Phill from Infront Electrical and staff
Robyn Brown $50 Good on you, Chris, get those legs pumping for a great cause!
ALUCO $50 Good cause Chris, good luck!
Kennett Pty Ltd $1,000 Good Luck James and Tim
Kennett Pty Ltd $1,000 Good Luck James and Tim
HSR (Aust) Group $500 Great cause Chris, I lost my dear brother/best friend to bowel cancer. I wish you all the best.
Indy + Milla Cheema $50 Run. Forrest. Run.
Frank and Anna Avolio $100 Such a worthy cause, Gook Luck Daniel
Saccardo Constructions (SA) PL $100 Hi Chris, Wonderful thig that you are doing. Keep dry and stay warm. Regards Adrian
Tim Kilgariff $50 Well done Chris, should be a fantastic walk with great views.
TRPS $100 Try to keep up Chris, no lagging behind and waiting for the support vehicle.... Good luck Tim
Cheesman Architects $200
RLB $50 Great work!
BESTEC $500 Good luck on the trek and the red wine to follow, cheers Rob!
Built $50 Good luck!
David Hughes $40 One step at a time Chris and you'll get there..... well done!!
Axis Metal Roofing $100 Dont you rip me off You have to go the full distance All the best Chris Peter :))
Rivergum Homes $50 Good luck Anna!
Eddy Canala $100 Go bro!
Jennifer Roberts $25 Trek well!
Miranda Centofanti $50 It'll be a walk in the park. No luck needed.
Anonymous $100
Bozena Jaworek $100 You are amazing Anna.Stay strong and healthy. Great job
Mr $5,000 Good job Anna
Build Tec Group $100
Maria & Ben Dello $100 Very proud of you for supporting such a wonderful cause
Leyton Property $100 Great work Daniel.
jim hazel $100
Helena Kyriazopoulos $50 Great work Daniel
Multi Build Group $50 All the best Daniel to you and the others involved. regards Ian Hewett
Janine Dello $100 Good luck Chieftain!
Fred & Susan Imgraben $100
Luke Crilley $100 I'll meet you halfway, at a winery. just for encouragment
CIRQA $200 Great cause Daniel. I lost a brother to bowel cancer so close to my heart. All the best for the trek.
evo arc $200
Hamilton Holden $200
RNW Fire Services $200 Hi Richard, All of us at RNW Fire Services, wish you good luck on your trek, and your fundraising efforts for this worthy cause. Tony Carter.
Anonymous $100 Good luck walking
Anonymous $200 Happy Trails Moc!
Build Tec Group Pty Ltd $100
Kerrin McLean $20 Best wishes Amanda wear those boots in well!!
Anonymous $50
Deb Fisher $20 Well done Amanda. You continue to be an inspiration
Mel Willington $200 Happy trekking Richard Hough and all and well done on a great cause. All the best from the Sarah Constructions AO Team!
Anonymous $100 well done Richard, Seeing you sweat... priceless :)
Pruszinski PACT Architects $200
Built Electrical Australia $200 Great stuff Richard, happy hiking from the team at Built Electrical
Andrew Andreou $25 Good on you from the Greek
R.A.G. Roofing $200 Good luck. You can keep your socks, but we'll take your car :)
52 Brougham Place Pty Ltd $200
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $25
Interactive IT Group $150
australian fire services $500 Great cause Phill, all the very best from.
TRUSSTED Carpentry $300 Good luck mate, great cause, I'll have a pint and waiting for you when you've finished Ian
90904749989 $100 Great work Richard. All the best Sean
Gant & Sons Pty Ltd $500 Good Luck Richard.....great cause!
PBA $200 Go you good thing!
Combined Fire Systems $200 Richard Hough - Good Luck Mate
Anonymous $100
CME Group $200 A great cause Richard! All the very best
Thomson Geer $200 Good Luck Morry. This is a very worthy cause. Well done. I hope the blisters are not too bad. David
Penna Michael $200 Go Morry Very good cause
Brown Falconer $150
Julianne Price Real Estate $100 GO MORRY YOU LEGEND!!
Co Design Construct $50
Anonymous $200
ACT Hire $300
Tracy & Jason Eatts $50 You go girl ❤️
Jodie Walls $50 Great cause Amanda, good luck Hun.
Nikky Merchant $100 All the best I believe you will do this xx
Michelle Ollier $20 Good luck Amanda & Richard xx
Anonymous $300 Great initiative!
Seasonair $25
National Tax & Accounting $200
Seasonair $300 Great cause Phill, all the very best from the team at Seasonair.
Adrian Esplin $100 Richard Hough - glad you are doing it rather than me (just kidding)! Enjoy the walk for a good cause
Cladding & Roofing Contractors $200 Good luck Pikey
Anne-Marie Coad $50 Best of luck Amanda!
Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory $500 We love supporting this great cause - fantastic to be involved!
Dylan Gomer $25 75kms wowee.. great job Amanda and Richard in helping the JLF raise awareness, support the doctors etc etc.
Axiom $200 good luck bro
Bianco Reinforcing $500 Well done Phil and good luck from the Bianco Reo Team.
Kym Whiteway $20 Go Pikey.
Keith Timber $100
Wendy Porter $75 Go the Houghs! Good luck guys xx
Brown Falconer $250
LPH Painting Company Pty Ltd $750 Good luck Phill.
United Precast $300 Well done mate From the United Team
Brian Watson $25 good luck Richard
Anonymous $200 Awesome work Phill!
United Painting and Decorating $500 Enjoy the stroll, take in the sights :) All the best mate! from Duane
Sean Aplin $25 Enjoy the walk.
Anonymous $40 Good Luck, from one long distance walker to another,
Sarah $25 Great work mate
Manuela Schaub $100 You go girl!!! This is amazing...I think you're amazing for doing this. All the best my friend. xxxx
Jean Hough $50 We know you will give it your all. Love Jean and Derek
Candice Baugh $25 Good luck beautiful - awesome idea guys. Much love the Baughs xxx
Anonymous $50 Happy trails Houghy
IA Design $100 Great work Dale. Best of luck! Tegan.
Moto Projects $50 An inspiring story and a truly great cause. Good luck Anna, Lorne and the Happy Seekers crew!!
Sarah $100 Have a great time Richard.
Sarah Constructions $50 Well done Richard for a great cause go Hard
Sarah $50 Richard Hough
Michael Hogan $50 Great work Richard Hough.
Sarah $50 Well Played All , you can keep your socks
Anonymous $100 Richard Hough
Riley Hough $20 Amanda, proud of you Mum
SARAH Constructions $25 The Richard Hough
Sarah $200 Richard Hough
Anthony Carbone $50 Go for it Houghy. You can keep your socks though:)
David Mittiga $50 Good luck Daniel Dello and to all of the happy seekers team!
Linda Nihill $10 Amanda Hough love mum and dad
Tim Sarah $100
Anna Finelli $25 Good Luck Richard and to the Happy Seekers Team
Sarah Constructions $50 Richard Hough: Good luck mate, one step at a time.
Anonymous $76 Supporting Richard Hough on his casual walk through the wineries. Well done mate. Great cause.
Moto Projects $500 Lorne - A perfect excuse for time out of the office!
Victoria McClurg $50
Michael Hesketh $50 Good luck Lorne. Great cause and close to my heart as you know.
Resonate $50 Lorne McClurg
Anonymous $25 Lorne - A Great cause well done for taking up the challenge and best of luck to the team
Damian Edwards $25 Go Lorne! Kath did it last year and had a ball, although very sore feet at the end of it!
Anonymous $200
Richie Rich $200 For Lorne McClurg. Love your work mate!! RR


Name Total
Phill Pike $10,200
Anna Roussos $7,460
Richard Hough $4,831
Morry Canala $3,525
Chris Bate $3,015