Raised of $500 Goal

Each year Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory donate to various charities in memory of my daughter, Mila. In 2017, we have donated to various causes including Canteen and Lifeline, and one charity I really wanted to be able to support this year is the Jodi Lee Foundation. The JLF Trek is a wonderful way to get behind a very worthwhile cause to raise both awareness and funds for bowel cancer in Australia.

The date of 2018’s trek is very important and sentimental for myself and my family as it coincides not only with the milestone of 2 years since my bone marrow transplant (as I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2017) but also what would have been the second birthday of my daughter, Mila (who we lost due to my illness). I would love to commemorate the anniversary of both my life changing transplant, the memory of my daughter and celebrate the second chance at life I have been given and the success over the past year in both life, family and business with a number of my key clients and friends. Whilst life has hit me with some hard knocks, I feel so blessed that I continue to do what I love every day and am in a position to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate as I.

A group of close Clients will join me in spending a few days trekking through a beautiful part of South Australia to raise awareness for bowel cancer and all the fantastic work the Jodi Lee Foundation do.


From Amount Message
Heather Kilmartin $50
Kerry Paul $10
Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory $50 Super proud of our Head HappySeeker <3
Pike Constructions $50 Good luck for the trek!
Cornershop Design Pty Ltd $50 Enjoy the trek Anna & team!
Jon Flint $50 Well done Anna. Great cause. All the best for the trek!
Sarah Construction $50
RossClennett.com $50 Well done, Anna and team. A great cause.
Denes Sarakinis $50 Best wishes Anna. Inspirational as always.
Maras Group $200 You are truly inspirational Anna. Wishing you the very best on the trek. Stay strong ..!!
Candi Conlin $100 You're amazing Anna! Wishing you all the very best xx
Wright Evans Partners $500 Wright Evans is delighted to make a donation to the fight against cancer, you are an inspiration Anna! Go Team Happy Seekers
CPB Contractors $50 Wishing you all every success on your Trek. Great job!
Sara Heidrich $50 Well done everyone and all the best for the trek ahead!
Build Tec Group $250
Harrold & Kite $250 Our well wishes to Anna & the team for such a wonderful cause!
Rivergum Homes $50 Good luck Anna!
Bozena Jaworek $100 You are amazing Anna.Stay strong and healthy. Great job
Mr $5,000 Good job Anna
Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory $500 We love supporting this great cause - fantastic to be involved!