Raised so far

Hi guys, thanks for supporting a great cause that is dear to our hearts, and helping to raise awareness, early detection and eventually a cure for bowel cancer!


Name Amount Message
Kate Wilson $25 Inspirational work girls!!
Abbie Matheson $50 Go team fanny packs!
Tegan Hadley $50 Go sluz.
Ashwin Nathan $50
Ashwin Nathan $50
Kate Burrows $25 Please don’t die on your crazy long walk!
Kate Burrows $25
Suzanne Ashton $50 Well done Soph! Great way to celebrate your 30th! xx
your mama $50 Go Get It Hairy!
Rachel Hall $50
Jess Burdett $25
Johanna Hadler $15
Joanne Freeling $25 Great job! Your Mum must be so proud !
Anonymous $10 From Kym A from casino
Lee Banfield $100 You have my support and admiration Sophie and Kerri!
Melodie Potts Rosevear $100
Anonymous $50 Go Girls!
Tywin Lannister $100 A lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep
Mr $50 Good luck! Love Ma and Pa
Eunice Eun $20
Oliver van Wageningen $10
Casey Harris $50 BumBags getting it done!! I am most proud of you, lovely human!!
Michael Heeney $100
Myah $50 I believe in you! Myah
Jodie Todd $40 Go girl!


Name Total
Kerri Duncan $585
Sophie Rosevear $435