Raised of $500 Goal

Hi guys, thanks for supporting a great cause that is dear to my heart, and helping to raise awareness, early detection and eventually a cure for bowel cancer!

A childhood friend of mine, Lachlan McDonald, was taken by bowel cancer shortly before his 25th birthday. He would've been 30 now, and still lighting up the lives of everyone he met like he always did. My grandmother died young from bowel cancer by the time I was 2 years old, so I missed out on the chance to know her. More people I know are being diagnosed at younger than expected ages with this horrible disease. To honour them, as well as helping future loved ones and supporting their friends and family, is what inspires me to raise money for this cause.

As much as I love hiking, 76km is far more than I've ever tried to achieve in 2 days, and I'm already feeling the aches and pains that it will bring!! My goal is to finish the entire trip, even if I can't move for a week afterwards! :D


From Amount Message
Ashwin Nathan $50
Kate Burrows $25 Please don’t die on your crazy long walk!
Rachel Hall $50
Jess Burdett $25
Johanna Hadler $15
Tywin Lannister $100 A lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep
Mr $50 Good luck! Love Ma and Pa
Eunice Eun $20
Oliver van Wageningen $10
Casey Harris $50 BumBags getting it done!! I am most proud of you, lovely human!!
Michael Heeney $100
Myah $50 I believe in you! Myah
Jodie Todd $40 Go girl!