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BOOTique Trekkers aim to raise $5000 or more to help the Jodi Lee Foundation BEAT Bowel Cancer.

We'll pull on our boots, pick up our hiking sticks, raise some money and spread the word that Bowel Cancer is preventable if detected early.

We'll talk the talk and walk the walk making sure every team member takes a screening test, understands the signs and symptoms of bowel related diseases and cancer, and takes steps to improves on their own health, fitness and wellbeing.

The JLF messages and simple actions will keep us motivated.

* Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia, after lung cancer, but it needn't be - over 90% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated if detected early.
* Nearly 17,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer ear year. By 2020, this number is expected to increase to almost 20,000 bowel cancer cases detected annually.

Please join the BOOTique Trekkers to help BEAT bowel cancer through preventative action and early detection:

BE Active & Healthy
EXPLORE Family History
ACT on Symptoms
TAKE a screening test.

While TrekSA might challenge some of us, we are going to have some fun, meet new people and explore the beautiful Barossa Valley.

Please take the first step and sign up today and share with someone you know who might make a great BOOTiquer.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Shirley Peak $76 Great work Catherine
Pam and Doug Horn $55 YMs
Anonymous $100 Enjoy the walk and will expect your homework is done!
Catherine Massey $50 So proud of your commitment to this, you worked so hard and it paid off. Well done my friend.
Anonymous $25 Maree and team - you guys smashed it! Well done and happy to support such a great cause. Keep on trekking on!
RISIKO $20 Good work Ken! I trust you enjoyed it.
Anonymous $50 Very proud of you Maree much love mum and Kathy xxxx
Cassandra Hannagan $25 Go Maree!! So proud of you!!!
Christopher Campbell $25 Great work going the extra mile. Cheers
Leonie Corbett-Russell $25
Gary Spencer $25 Keep on trekking
Silenceair $100 Go for it Ken, have a fantastic and successful walk. 75 I'm over 2 days.......even the Romans only ever marched 32 km in a day. I trust your kit will be a bit lighter than theirs, and I hope the weather is kind to you. Best regards, Chris
Michelle Kemp $25 Good luck ladies
F & E Spencer $40 Good luck Team. Love Mum and Dad xxx
Anonymous $50 Enjoy!!
Trevor Snape $100 Fit life fu u doin
Elementary Services $200 Bonne route
Fiona Kavanagh $50 Well done Ken. Great Effort.
Anonymous $50
Sue Laird $25 Looking forward to the gin debrief on your return
Mum and Dad Spencer $40 Will be thinking of you all.
Nader Shahrokhi $25 All the best with your walk Ken Nader
Pauline Bradley $25 This will be a stroll in the park for you! Happy walking and all the best with your fund raising P x
Patricia Riethmuller $50 Long and safe walking. Have a great time at Bethany when it is all over. VVVVP Aunty Patricia xx
Pam Horn $50 Go Team - tracking your progress - Aunty Pam
Jayne Anderson $50 Good luck
Don Horn $50 Go CC! xx
Diana Koren $50 Amazing effort Catherine, go you and the team!
Megan Quinn $50 Go Catherine!
neil kaye $25
Anonymous $50 Well done Maree and team - a great effort!
ROBERT SPENCER $25 Good luck Catherine, make sure you keep walking past the wineries.
Sarah jane Brazil $100 Go girl
Chris Horn $100 You need to bottle some of that energy for me Cousin. Best Wishes.
Karen Larkman $50 Go Catherine, will be thinking of you
David Lyons $50
Garry Nolan $100 Well done Catherine. Walk on!
Lyn Barlow $100 Good luck! x
Narelle Love $50 Great work Catherine and Kathy, enjoy the trek and the Barossa red at the end!!
Jacqui Preston $20
Lyndsey Crowhurst $50 All the best K for a great trek for an extremely important cause. Lx
Anonymous $100 Enjoy!!
Christine Cushnahan $100 Well done Kath, great cause!
Katie Lambart $50 Good on you K-Wat!
June Werner $25 Good luck I hope they have a water hole at the end for you ..
Maree Watson $50 I hope you have a great time walking for a great course.
Anonymous $25 Good on you Kath!
Anonymous $25 Welcome to the Team KW - that's for the motivation!
Anonymous $25 Great work KM - look forward to a training session with you!
Anonymous $25 May the trek begin......
Catherine Spencer $25 Well Done for taking your first giant step in TrekSA Maree Keeley!


Name Total
Catherine Spencer $761
Kathy Watson $645
Ken Miller $620
Maree Keeley $150