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My name is Reymon, pictured next to me is my sister Dahlia. She had always been the perfect picture of health until one day, her poo was little red and it was the right level of investigation and a bit of luck that saw her diagnosed with bowel cancer. On October 13, 2018 Dahlia had a tumour removed from her bowel and the year that followed included chemotherapy, IVF and ileostomy bag. Dahlia's showed us all how to be brave and shouldered the lion's share of the grief we were all feeling. Believe me, she's the strongest lady you'll ever encounter and it will come as no surprise to see how well she's doing. You can learn more about Dahlia and her work as a JLF Ambassador here: https://jodileefoundation.org.au/ambassadors/dahlia-matkovic/

Being attuned to your health and what is actually going on in your body is not something we do well. Life is tough, it's busy and we're distracted by too many things that cloud our better judgement when it comes to investigating thing's that aren't quiet right - quiet frankly a lot of us do not want to know. 90% of bowel cancer can be successfully treated or even prevented, JLF spends a great deal of time educating the community on early detection and looking for the warning signs, runs workplace programs and also provides medical resources on bowel cancer for doctors by doctors.

Those who knew me in 2018 wouldn't have thought of me as anyone who'd be ready to take on something like a marathon, let alone one in New York. Dahlia has inspired me (and many others) to be the best person I can be. I am hitting the track this year to compete and complete 3 marathons, culminating to a huge task in November to cross the line with 53,000 people as a way to show and raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer.

You're here because I've asked you to learn about Dahlia's story, she is one of the lucky one's; JLF is changing that and needs your support. Your donation will make that happen, whatever amount you choose to contribute today will make a huge difference and we're hugely grateful for the generosity. More importantly, showing your support for this cause is vindication that not everything is done in vein and that you'll be with me when I trample over the fifth borough finish line in November.

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Shaun & Hayley Jennings $20 Hats off to ALL of Team MAKKAR throughout this journey & goodluck for all that is to come xx
Vincent LoBasso $25 Acting like a true centurion
Hailey Dipilato $50 Well done for even attempting this. You’re going to smash it for a great cause.