Raised so far

Us four girls love riding together when we can, so why not bike together to raise awareness and funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation! We are so excited to take part in this incredible ride event to help raise awareness for bowel cancer. Bowel cancer prevention awareness is incredibly important, this cancer doesn’t discriminate so it’s vital that we do our part for our community and loved ones to raise awareness and funds, where that be taking part in a give back ride, having a chat to family and friends and donating where we can. Given that 99% of early detected bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated or even prevented, increased awareness could be life changing for a loved one, friend, neighbour, colleague or STUDIO360 ride pal. We can’t wait to give back, we and the Jodi Lee Foundation would appreciate your support. DON’T STOP BIKELIEVING!


Name Amount Message
Jarrod Eckermann $250 Great work superstar!
Nicholas De Ros $25 Go Kim ????????????????
Bek Mobbs $25 Good work x
Jon Williams $120
Tania Frazis $50 Never give up hope
Victoria Nikitaras $25 ????????????????
Kosta Canatselis $40
George & Nikoleta Velissaris $100 KEEP STRIVING VASILIKI!!!
Khon Tang $50 You go girl …Khondrea x
Good Thnx $40 Go Kim!
Laura Smith $30 Get it Girl!
Mochi Tang-Eldic $25 get ‘em
Elaine Boyd $25 Good job!!
Anonymous $40 Good work kimbo! Don't forget to smile!
Didier Elzinga $325 Go Kim! (Greta & Didier)
Anonymous $50
Michael Price $500 Good luck Kim! Ride like the wind. Pricey :)
Craig Phillips $60 Power up Kim ! From Craig , Tash, Matilda, Lucy, Oliver & Charlie
Laura Seivers $30 Good luck!!!
Shauna Hilliard $50 Team Sandra woooo
Anna Brook $50
Denis Dalton $50
Christina Knock $25 Go tang a lang a clang a fanga
Sok Tsoutouras $40 Get it! Great job x
Luke Sheridan $120 Go Kimboooo ! Anything over 7min I'm proud of
Daniel Bertram $40 Have a fun ride Kim! Great work!
Peter Haasz $40 Ride like the wind!
John-Paul Kenyon $120 Kenny (little) Kingy Jo & Kenny
Natasha Said $40 Good luck guys ???? xx the Saids
Tim Moore $40 Good luck, Kim!
David Rider $120 All the best Kim!
James Purtell $200 Go Kim! Ride like the wind! James & Hayles
Monique Tait $120 Great job and great cause Kim. Good luck x
Mel vonHartitzsch $120 Good luck Kim!!!! Will be cheering for you!
Dimitra Basdeo $40 Good on you chic!
Bray Chan Pty Ltd $50 Go Kim!
Davies Family $105 Very cool.
Anonymous $15 Ubuntu ♥️
Anonymous $120 Sarah good luck peddle well. Love Greeny
Alex Wright $100 Go Sarah!!!! ❚█══█❚
Culture Amp | Koi Knives $88 Go Kimbologist!!
Clarke Shark $51 Good luck!
Sarah Greenslade $50
Brie Espirito Santo $25 Go Kim go ❤️❤️
Alex Rutter $40 Go Kim!
Christopher Koch $120
Alex Ouwens $120 ????
Stuart Barclay $56
Health Space Construction and Interiors $56 Great work Kim
Lang Tang $25
Julia Parrott $100 Go girl!!
rob elzinga $74 Make it happen
Lynn Elzinga-Henry $25 Go Kim Great you are part of this
Koi Knives | Culture Amp $88 Go Kimbo!!
Kim Elzinga $50
Vasiliki Velissaris $50