Raised of $500 Goal

Us four girls love riding together when we can, so why not bike together to raise awareness and funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation! We are so excited to take part in this incredible ride event to help raise awareness for bowel cancer. Bowel cancer prevention awareness is incredibly important, this cancer doesn’t discriminate so it’s vital that we do our part for our community and loved ones to raise awareness and funds, where that be taking part in a give back ride, having a chat to family and friends and donating where we can. Given that 99% of early detected bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated or even prevented, increased awareness could be life changing for a loved one, friend, neighbour, colleague or STUDIO360 ride pal. We can’t wait to give back, we and the Jodi Lee Foundation would appreciate your support. DON’T STOP BIKELIEVING!


From Amount Message
Sarah Greenslade $50