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The New York City Marathon has grown from a Central Park race with 55 finishers to the world's biggest and most popular marathon, with nearly 50,000 finishers in 2015. The iconic 42km course traverses the five boroughs of NYC with thousands of cheering fans and finishes in Central Park.

Each year a Jodi Lee Foundation team runs the New York City Marathon. This year, we are running in memory of Tracey Lee Diamond. Tracey tragically lost her battle with bowel cancer in 2014 at just 41. She was an avid runner and the New York City Marathon was something she never had the opportunity to do.

Tracey's twin sister, Tania Carey is our newest board member. Tania has overcome crippling grief to get herself back out on the running track, building up to this ultimate running event. Her journey from heartache has inspired and challenged her to raise awareness about the early detection of bowel cancer. 

Join Tania and the rest of The Jodi Lee Foundation team for this once in a life time experience. 



Step 1 
Book your place in the New York City Marathon through one of our travel partners:



Step 2
Register your fundraising page HERE. You can set up an individual page, create your own team or join Tania’s team.

Fundraising is an essential element of your involvement with The Jodi Lee Foundation as it allows us to continue the important work we do to save lives. But it’s not all about us!

We’re here to help you too. If you raise more than $5,000 for The Jodi Lee Foundation, we will reimburse your entry fee. If you raise more than $15,000 we will reimburse your entry fee and also up to $2,000 towards your flights.


For more information, please contact our office on (08) 8363 1920 or email our Event Manager, Elissa O'Donohue HERE


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From Amount Message
WRP Legal $2,500 I hope you can beat your time from 2013....great effort..
Lawson Family $50
Chari Edgecombe $30 Super proud of your dedication and achievement in the marathon, amazing effort xx an inspiration to us all Tania!
Hayley Bishop $50 Sorry to be tardy but I kept thinking I’ll “do it later”... the complete opposite to you on this run! I am inspired and in awe... what an amazing achievement. Go Megs! X
Elizabeth Zikos $50 Great job! Sorry I’m late x
Andrew Butcher $25
Kit Legal $50 Inspirational. Very proud to call you a colleague.
Susan Bishop $50 thank you Meghann for the inspiration to donate to this fine cause. xx
Lauren Bahr $100 Have been meaning to donate for months, and have now just snuck in at the last minute!! We hope you have a great run and a fantastic time in NYC! xx
Mrs $50 Good luck Tania!
Kirsty Raymond $50 Good luck Meghann!
Chloe Paschke $20 All the very best for the big day!! xxoo
Belinda McGrath-Steer $50 Good luck Megs - I feel in awe of what you are doing and am inspired by the example you are setting. Enjoy every moment (if you can!). x
Craig & Jacki Perrau $50 Thank you.❤❤
Hannah Trengove $150 Never met this Paul bloke, but I like how he waits until the last minute to take all the glory and gets you across the line for the 5K
Marie Winter $150 Good luck for the run
Paul Hoadley $245 It will be just like running from our office to Elementary. And back. 118 times. You can do it.
Anonymous $600 We are all thinking of you!
Ellyanne Bradford $50 Good on you Elise - run up a storm !!
Westpac Banking Corporation $25
Margaret Cannon $500
Cba $20 Good luck mate, have a great time in NYC while you’re there!
FPE $200 Inspirational training effort Tans! Enjoy the event, we will be thinking about you.
Adam Trengove $30
Margaret Braithwaite $200
Anonymous $50 All the very best of luck,
Anonymous $100 Well done Scott, keep up the good work and all the best mate AYE!!
Sam mercorella Pty Ltd $50 Have a great time in New York looking forward to hearing all about it!
Sam mercorella Pty Ltd $50 Enjoy New York
Anonymous $50
Westpac Private Bank $50 Scott - well done on raising the awareness. Good luck in NY
Westpac $20 Hi Scott, just wanted to wish you best of luck with the NY Marathon & keep up the great work with the Jodi Lee Foundation. Best regards Cecilia
Westpac $20 Well done Scott!! You are already a winner!!
Dilato Investments Pty Ltd $100 All the best from Carl and George
Jo Murphy $100 Have a great run. Enjoy!
Lachlan Winter $50 Go Mum!
Lachlan Winter $50
Cameron Meek $100 Tania, Rosa and I think you're awesome. Run your heart out! CSM.
Helen Jones $100
Luke Harris $50 Good luck mate!
Santos $100 Good luck Tania, you have trained hard and I hope you have a great race x
Andrew Heard $100 Run like the wind!
Kate Stace $101 Run like the wind sister Xx
Kelly Di Manno $50 All the best Tania, you truly are an inspiration to us all.
Porter Davis $200 Run Scotty Run! It will, without doubt be one of the most memorable days of your life. Go well, Hondo
Tia Nguyen $3,500 On behalf of BT Private Wealth VIC & SA, we would like to make a donation towards the Jodi Lee Foundation.
Alicia Sampson $50 Good luck on the day Tania, we'll be thinking of you. xxx
David Christian $500 Go Scotty
Simon Barnett $50 Good luck mate! Amazing achievement!
Brent Charalambous $100 A very worthwhile cause Scott - good luck on the day, you've got this in the bag.
Westpac Private Bank $20 Congratulations on making it through the gruelling training, apparently the next bit is really easy...!
Westpac $50 Scott, your personal commitment through your endless training and preparation, is " absobloodylutely " fabulous.. Good luck Maria x
Viridian $100 Go 'Whippet' Scotty!! I hope you can enjoy the US holiday after the run and well done on supporting a very worthy charity!!
Westpac $25 Great stuff Scotty - best of luck.
David Hodge $100 26.2 miles which strangely feels easier than saying 35.7 kilometres !! 100,000 starters, 50% finish. Brave Man. Gold medal for making a difference.
Meghann Cannon $1,585 Proceeds from 2 Long Tables Lunch.
Markeit P/L $100 What an awesome champion for a very worthy cause.
Alice Smyth $50 So happy to support you and a very worthy cause! Have fun!!
Jacinta Brouwer $50 Scott, very inspirational. Enjoy the marathon!
Sampson Family $100 Good luck Meghann. We'll be thinking of you on the day.
Tania Carey $4,966 Proceeds from the silent auction items, gift bags and the kids table at the Two Long Tables Lunch. Again we thank everyone that attended the event and put their hands in their pockets on the day. XOXO Tania
D E & G M Brown $500
Chris Diamond $500
Tania Carey $3,287 Funds raised from ticket sales to the Two Long Tables Lunch Oct 1 - 2017 Thanks again to everyone that attended. Tania xoxo
Irini Diamond $100 Good luck, hope you’re going to smash it and enjoy every minute of it. YOU GO GIRL
Agelec Enterprises Pty Ltd $200 Mum, Dad & sister Vic are proud of you and your never ending efforts to help others. The NYC Marathon is just another mountain you will conquer.
Barina $150 I've checked the course-there is a significant short cut available between 5th & 14th Ave...
Chianti $500
Chloe Paschke $50 Amazing dedication and an amazing cause. All the very best!
Greta Lake $50 You're an inspiration Megs. Best of luck in NYC. Look forward to hearing how you go xxx
Belinda Fowlie $100 So proud, envious, scared, happy for you!!! You're doing a great thing, not only for the foundation but for your family and yourself. Well done!
Diep Romeo $50 RUN BABY RUN!!!!
Julia Winzar $70 Good luck! We will be thinking of you and cheering you on in spirit back at the Kit headquarters!
Megan Jongebloed $100 Good luck!
Deb Gardener $50 Good luck Megs!!! Super amazing effort and I know you will smash it!!
Shaney Silcock $50 So proud of you Megs! Your dedication to this cause has been amazing. Go girl! Xxx
Catherine Evans $150 So proud of what you are doing on so many levels. You are amazing.
Kit Legal Pty Ltd $500 You go girl! Love the team at Kit Legal x
Andrew Whitford $100 See you over here! I'll be at the finishing line having a few drinks with Tim ;)
Maria Zotti $50 Go MC! We are so proud of you, you are an inspiration and it is really wonderful to train with you (the 5km run parts!) XXX
Suburban Building Services $150 Good Luck Tania!
D C Norris & Company Ltd $250 Best wishes from all @ DCN Tania Hope the run goes well, we all really admire your commitment to a great cause. Make sure you after yourself, its a long way!
MEQ Probe $100 Enjoy! And make sure Remo takes you out on one of his Culinary Tours!
Steve Crescitelli $50 Well gone Scotty - great cause & good luck!!
Anonymous $50 Do not stop for a hot dog!
Emmet O'Donovan $50 Go Tania
Emali $200 Keep up your awesome-ness!
Anita Caruso $50 You're an inspiration to all of us! Such a worthy cause.
CBA $50 Go Scotty!!
Gordon Millar $50 Great challenge Tania and all the best. Gordon & Mignon Millar
Fracht Australia (SA) Pty. Ltd. $500 All the best from the Team at Fracht Adelaide.
Cath Finnis $50 Go you good thing! You can do this & for such a beautiful cause too.. We are right beside you every step of the way... Xx
Lakshmi Nath $250 Keep fit and healthy.
Anonymous $250 Best wishes. You can do it
Ian & Andrea Fuller $200 Good luck Tania. Keep up the great work. Tracey with you always. XX
Coopers Brewery Ltd $200 Good luck Scott with your run in NY - Well done on achieving your goal and so pleased you are raising money for Jodie Lee Foundation. Cheers, Mel
Stuart Clarke $50 That is a big effort Scott, proud of you. No pressure the fastest marathon ever was run last weekend at 2:00:25 seconds, that's only 442 100m sprints at 17 seconds each- no pressure!!!
Paul Flynn $100 Good luck Meghann.
The Hospital research Foundation $100 Good luck Tania
CBA $20 Very inspiring act for a worthwhile cause. Good luck Kim
Kate Dodd $30 Best of luck Meghann. Such a great cause x
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $250
Jo Fitzpatrick $50 Looking fit Scotty. Congratulations on your commitment to your personal fitness and to this great cause.
Nexba $100 The future is just bunch of right now all strung together. Thanks for making it brighter - have fun and awesome work.
Lindsay Blight $100 Good Luck Scott AB and LB !
Greg Meredith $200 Good luck Scott.
tim shahin $100 good cause, well done
CBA $100 GO SCOTT GO !!!
SKYCITY Darwin $50 Hi Scott, I think it is a for a great cause, Im sure you will make it....
Hayley Valente $100
Samer Shain $250 What a fantastic cause . Wishing you every success for your upcoming Marathon.
Alexandrea Cannon $50 Congratulations Tania on helping to raise awareness. Well done!!
Olivia Coulter $40
Catherine may physio $100 You are an inspiration meghan. What a sad story but i'm sure you 'll make a difference with this project. Good luck!
sw-architects $50 Tania, you are a true inspiration to all women, sisters, families, employers and everyone who's live you have touched by the support you show for this cause and for your beautiful sister. All the best for New York. xx
Greg Franks $50 Keep on running for those of us who can't. Keep raising funds to save more lives.
Ann Wilson $25 Go girl
Steffen Winter $50 Good Luck in New York-I actually wanted to join you for the run but couldn't make it this year due to uncontrollable commitments.
Jem Christo $25 Jealous of the NYC part ... not so much the running
Dianne Ian Dawson $25 Congratulations Tania We wish you every success in your marathon such good work for bowel cancer we remember you and Tracy going past our house every morning could never tell you apart best wishes to you and all your family
Angela Maglieri $100 You're amazing Tan ❤️
StandOut Advantage $250 Enjoy every moment Tania - I did this in 2007 and can still remember how inspiring this was when you enter Brooklyn not long after the start, and of course the finish in Central Park. You are inspiring and incredible lady - embrace every moment!! Love and Peace G
Andrew Heard $100
Julia Tannebring $100 Grit and determination while thinking of your own special Angel. Love ya to bits kiddo!
Remo Carbone $50 Great cause, well done. If I can help once you are in NYC please let us know.
Colleen Clifton $130
Arthur J Gallagher $500 Good luck - I wish you a wonderful experience!
[email protected] $200 Great Work Tania and Hope you will do well! Bruno and Altios's Team
Codium $200 Good Luck in New York Tania - The Team at Codium
Graham Treffone $100 Run like the wind and enjoy the moment.
Xpo Exhibitions $30 This is such a lovely way to honour your sisters memory and raise awareness about bowel cancer. Thank you for being one of the bold people who stands up and makes a difference, I have lost 2 very important and influential women in my life to bowel cancer and support you with your mission. I will be in Sydney in July and will visit Food Pro while I am there. I know how chaotic it can be, but If you have time for a coffee while you are there let me know. Regards Deb (FTPT)
Belinda Heggen $50 In memory of your beautiful sister x
Leanne Roles $50 Your Amazing !! Trace would be so proud of you. We are all so proud of you xxx Love Leanne Roles xx
Greg Franks $50 Keep running Tania!
Alex Antic $50 Good luck Tania!
Sarah Robertson $50 Wishing you all the best xoxo
JBS Australia $50 Best of luck with your run in New York.
Tim Starr $50 You are inspirational woman and your support of your sister is exceptional. We thank you for raising awareness of bowel cancer to protect the ones we love. Tim and Corinna


Name Total
Tania Carey $15,194
Scott Roberts $7,500
Meghann Cannon $5,570
Elise Winter $3,050
Name Total
Tania Carey $15,194
Scott Roberts $7,500
Meghann Cannon $5,570
Elise Winter $3,050
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