Kay-A-Day 2016
Woodend Primary School


Raised so far

Woodend Primary School would like to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for our students and their families, by encouraging everyone to join the Kay-A-Day challenge!


Name Amount Message
Vanessa Buttery $40
Caitriona Wortley $20 Go Colby! Proud of you! From the Wortleys
Caitriona Wortley $20 Go Shaun - you can do it :) Think of poolside in Bali as motivation! From the Wortleys x
Caitriona Wortley $20 Well done Scarlett - From the Wortley's
Caitriona Wortley $20 Well done Sasha!! From the Wortleys
Caitriona Wortley $20 All our love and support - from the Wortleys x
Kristin Eastham $10 Aunty sandra
Winny Eastham $20 Love nanna
Helen York $20 Love the yorks
Mia Brown $20
Keeley Muir $20
Leah Harvey $20
Emma & Daniel Stromer $20 Go RJ! So proud of you for doing this xx Love Em, Dan & The Girls xx
Joy Williams $5 Proud of you RJ
Kristin Eastham $10 Go rhiley, very proud of you


Name Total
Sarstew $100
Rj $85
Scarlistew $40
Colbystew $20
Shaunstew $20