Raised so far

As a group of keen walkers, trying to walk 80 kms in two days seemed like an interesting challenge.
The more we talked about it amongst ourselves it came to light how many people have been affected by bowel cancer.
Be it family or friends nearly everyone has a story to tell about this horrible disease.

With early detection many people are lucky enough to survive, so increasing awareness in the public domain can only be a great cause to support.
We have had the talk, now it is time to walk.
Bring on May!
Sam, Gary, Adam, Suzanne, John, Robin, Kara, James and Mark


From Amount Message
Karen Stanton $80 Awesome work..! From Brett and Karen
Christina Tertipis $50
Lcoon Lee $20
Suzanne Lane $20
Mary Sneath $10
Kerri Linke $10
Tracey Kerley $10
Flea $10
Libby Cooper $10
Flea $10
Kieran Babister $100
Julie Hayes $20
Flea $25
Luela Reeves $50
Flea $10
Ann Tscharke $10
Gail Hamilton $20
Noel Pearson $20 Well done to all
Anthony Davidson $50 Good luck John, from team Scott-Davidson
Michelle Thompson $20
Norwood PS $20 Hope it went well!
Dom Henschke $25
Renee Johnston $25 Good you good things..
RONALDO CRUZ $50 What an awesome fund raising effort -- well done team! All the best Kara and James on the day!
Angus John Kingston $20 Go well, then get back into cycling.
Evan & Onuma Babister $100 Go get em' Silly Sixers
Carol Jones $20
Adam Keam $100 Best of luck Kara and James! Awareness is key...
$50 Have a blast guys. We are all behind you 100 percent and probably a few kilometers.
DPTI $50
Financial Services - Shared Services SA $60 Financial Services wish Robin and the team success for a great cause
Stacey Higginson $20 Best of luck Kara & James. Xx
Linda Kald $50 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Shared Services SA $200 Well done-keep walking Robin
John & Jane Graetz $20 Good luck Robin - a few glasses of scotch will ease your aches and pains
Phil & Leanne Bell $40 Go "The Silly Sixers"! Do us proud.
Horst Zemkus $20
Martin & Lee Turner $50 Well done Kara and James - and enjoy
Gail Glasper $50
Adrienne Lim $20 Good luck, Kara :)
Heather Roy $200 John and the rest of the team, rise to the challenge for this great cause
Melanie Booth $10 Best of luck everyone and happy walking (on ya Robin I know you will make it!!!).
Leah Eustace $20
Rodger Dangerfield $40 Good luck James and Kara.
Leith Brokensha $25
Tracey Lawes $20 Go for it! Well done Kara & James :-)
Edan Turner $100 Good luck Kara and James - walk in the park really !!
Rodger Dangerfield $20 Good luck.
sarah babister $75 have a great walk dad, michael and i are very proud of you.
angela allison $50 GO Robin. Remember to bring the scotch - nights will be cold...
cathy frost $20 Well done to you all - good luck Kara and James :-)
Daniel Raschella $50 Good luck Kara!!!! Look forward tos eeing you at work the Monday after!!!!
Riga Floor Coverings $200 All the best!!
Ian Thomas $50 Good luck everyone - hope the weather is kind to you! (Go Robin)
Chris Ortlieb $80 Go Robin
Brendan Gore $50 It was great fun training with you (the scones were yum!). Good luck for the walk.
Lisa Cooley $80 Good on you and good luck with the walk (and the weather).
Intersect Alliance International Pty Ltd $1,500 In support of our long-serving employee Suzanne and all her family & friends. Good luck to all of you from the team at the Prophecy International group.
Paul, Elaine & Sarah Appelbee $100 Happy Trails - enjoy the great scenery
Bronwyn Mceachern $25 Good luck, it's a great cause.
Karen Wolfaardt $20 It's a long road, but it's worth it. Best of luck to one and all.
Intersect Alliance $20
Leanne Challans $300 Great cause and a great effort from all of you. Hope you can all keep the blisters at bay.
Emma & Kate Matthews $100 Go Mum and Dad, after all your training we are looking forward to seeing you again
Catherine Joyce $20
Lyn Wood $45 Well done guys. Have a great weekend, you deserve it after all the training you have been doing.
Matthew Napolitano $40 Best of luck!
Mark and Linda Moss $100 Hope the weather is kind to you all.
Steve Barone $30 Good luck and all the best :)
Julian Monfries $100
Peter and Jo Reed $50 Good Luck guys enjoy the walk.
Raelene Thomas $25 Enjoy your walk...hope the blisters are small. :-)
Angela Biven $50 Have a great walk everyone
Lynette Beard $20
Colin Bourner $10
AA Automotive $30 Good luck James & Kara