Raised so far

My son Will and I took part in The SA Hiking Challenge last year. It was certainly challenging both physically and mentally however we enjoyed every moment – even those that hurt (and for me there were plenty of ‘hurts’).
Throughout the hike there is plenty of time to talk and we both met some amazing people – all with their own stories about why taking part in the hike was so important.
Having just lost my dear friend Jenny to bowel cancer the walk for me proved very therapeutic and gave me the opportunity to focus and see the many positives we have in our lives. This is always difficult to do in tragic circumstances.

We will tackle the hike head on again in May however we’ll be bringing along a team of more than 10 other Victorians - some who knew Jen very well and others who hadn't even met her - all with a common goal to ensure that we may just save a life via early detection and awareness of bowel cancer.
While nothing we do can bring Jen back to us, we can honor and remember her – she is alive in our hearts every day and we know she would be delighted to think that our efforts could just save a life.


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