Raised so far

As an avid supporter and partner of The Jodi Lee Foundation, Team Spartan can’t wait to get involved in The SA Hiking Challenge.
Obviously we want to raise as much money as we can, but we want to raise awareness too.
That’s why we want a big team of keen fundraisers letting everybody know they are involved.
Not only that, it’s time shared with friends, a great opportunity to meet great community minded people, and for some team members, it’s that satisfaction of setting a goal and achieving it.

Trying something you’ve never tried, something that makes you proud that not only have you just helped such a meaningful cause, but that you can look back on those 80k’s, smile and say mission accomplished! Plus we get to investigate another great part of this state we call home!
Now be generous donors, Spartan are a competitive mob, we don’t just want to walk faster, we want big bucks so get donating!
Team Spartan: Chris Tsoutouras, Emily Tsoutouras, Belinda Propsting, Andrew Dean, Phay Luu, Wayne Foster, Pia Tsoutouras, Fiona Tod, Kath Nugent, Sara Neave, Scott Elvish, Natalie Quinn, Josh Semmler, Joanne Curry, Con Koutsoukos,


From Amount Message
BRIDGEWAY HOTEL SOCIAL CLUB $50 Sorry I missed donating at the time still hoping it is okay. Supporting Wayne Foster from Spartan
Fev Plomaritis $30 What a fantastic effort Belinda and team Spartan!
Emma and Heath Sandland $30 Well done Kath you little legend!! Brilliant effort!
Andrew Smith $100
Eddie Taylor $100 Well done team TV
Wayne Foster $25 thanks Deb ..well done Team Spartan and all other hikers who finished or attemped because at the end of the day we were all there to raise money and we definately acheived that! Regards Wayne Foster Hiker extraordinaire
Cath Finnis $30 Go you good things
Spartan Electrical $4,035 Very Proud of my Team!
MC Resibuild $200 Go Team Spartan!!
Alistair and George Jamieson $50 Good luck ! xx
BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd $2,000 Good luck with the challenge Chris, Wayne & Andrew from the team at BSH for all your BOSCH & SIEMENS home appliances
Julee Chea $20 All the best, Belinda. I'm sure the hike will be memorable :)
J & J KeenWah $100 you've gotta take a step to walk a mile
Nick Lutt $20
Sothertons Chartered Accountants $300 Good Luck Pia, Kath, Scott and Team Spartan...from Ross, Tim and all at Sothertons
Proske Architects Pty Ltd $100 Go Chris Go - Run like the wind !
Sophie & Pete Mellows $40 Happy Walking Em!
Emma Bradshaw $50 Best of luck team Spartan! Go Shark Xx
Urban Hanitats $500
Peter Koutsoukos $100 Good luck Con Koutsoukos - try and make it past the half way mark.
Tina Foutros-Malakozis $50 Enjoy, stay safe and don't kill each other!!!! WE ARE SPARTAN!!!!!!
Nick Kritharas $50 All the best guys!!..have fun!! Make sure you stretch!!
GE Hughes Construction Co $1,000 Wishing all Team Spartan the best of luck for this good cause.
Justin Nugent $250 good luck to all, from Nuge
RUSTIC GOURMET $100 Eat well and keep walking - from all the happy tippers at RUSTIC GOURMET
Billi Pty Ltd $250 Good luck! Go Team Spartan.
Wayne Foster $50 thanks for your Support Mum ... love ya always Wayne XXX
Wayne Foster $50 Best of Luck ... Go Team Spartan & Wayne. YOU CAN DO IT CORKHEAD
Tim and Annie Elvish $200 Good Luck to all the Team at Spartan.
Lisa and Tim Norris $50 Best of luck Team Spartan! Awesome effort.
The Luu Clan $50 Best of luck to Team Spartan!
Natasha Malani $30 All the best. Great cause!
Kirsty allison $20 Go Team Spartan! Such a fantastic cause.
Ben Younger $100 love your work fella's enjoy the hike!
Amy Mathew $300 Go Pi, Chris, Em, Fi and all of team Spartan!! Amazing effort!! Xx
spartan electrical $2,500 Go team Spartan, from Boscg/Siemens
Marcia and Clive Pegler $50 Good luck Natalie and Jo
Bart Quinn $150 Go team Spartan
Rose Chiropractic $50 Go Em and girls! Great work xx
Lou Beard $50 Go Belinda!!!
David Wissell $20 Good luck Belinda and team!
Carole mazzacano $50 good luck to the Spartan team a special shout out to Wayne foster go bro hope you have worn the shoes in happy walking
REALM $250 Caarr'n Team Spartan!!
Hood Sweeney $300
Freda Propsting $200 Go Bel and crew
Wayne Foster $50 Thanx for your support Flip Foster and Darren Wilton...you are backing a winner when you put your money on Team Spartan
The Movements $50 Go get 'em Kouts, Shark, Tails, Team Spartan.....have fun.
Catherine Hyde $30 Good Luck Belinda and crew Here's to great weather and no blisters!!
Christy Laurie $50 Go Pia -- Good luck !
liz grosser $40 Well done....i thought u said u had raised no money u seem to be doing alright love from i guess your 2nd favourite cousin
Tucker Creative $100 Good luck Jo from the team at Tucker Creative
spartan electrical $3,000 From the team at Beko Appliances, go Spartan!!
Jane Nicholls $50 Well done guys! Good luck and enjoy! Very worthy cause
Deb Lynch $35 Well done to all at Spartan's on an amazing total raised so far, and a special shout out to my cousin Wayne - go Wayne, good luck with the hike.
Kathy healey $25 good luck foss
Wayne Foster $30 thanx for your Support Tony and Ronnie
Wayne Foster $80 thanx for your support Merv Mapstone, Lisa &Andrew Bell, Dion & Sharree and Reggie Lees .... I will be think of you all when I am drawing my last breath on the trail...Go Team Spartan
Wayne Foster $50 thanx for your support Whippet and Della.. Go Power... maybe next year Whippet your team went down for a good cause
ROSE MCAINSH $100 Go Team Spartan! But my money is on Wayne , you go boy!
Wayne Foster $40 thanx for your support Johnie, Zane, Greg and Deb Kumba Mapstone...Go Team Spartan
Sarah Cleves $50 What a great cause! All the best Pia & Chris
Jason Sloan $100 Go Fossy
Katrina Rundle $30
zoe elvish $200 Go Team Spartan!!!! Good on all of you
Julienne Layton $50
Kathryn Mills $25 Good luck Pia & Chris - mighty effort!!!
jess maine $75 Goooo waaaayne
Hood Sweeney $50 Go well boys! great work.
Alistair Gibson $75
Matt Ahern $50 Good on you Andrew! Go Team Spartan!!!
Snakes Patch Pty Ltd $50
Wally David $50
Matthew Searle $50 Big Shout OUT to Matt for his Motivational dollars from Wayne and Team Spartan and everyone else who has donated.....Keep it coming
Valerie Dean $50 Good luck Andrew and team love Mum & Dad
norwood chemmart Pharmacy $200 Good luck Andrew.. what a great cause xoxoxo
DeConno & Blanco Insurance Brokers $200 Good Luck
Jen and Geoff Taylor $100 Good on ya SAS.
Retailers' Computer Services $200
Miele Australia Pty LTd $150
Mickelloo PTY LTD $70
arisit $2,500
Urban Commercial Property Group $150
V-ZUG Australia $1,000 What a great cause. Well done hotdog!
Franke $500
Highland $500
Matthew Newman $100 Go Chris!!
Sine $250 Go Team Gimps
Furphy Media Pty Ltd $5,000 You're a source of support and inspiration. Go Team Spartan.
Raymond Spencer $200
Spartan Electrical $100 a little inspiration for the team and myself ...GO TEAM SPARTAN
Laura MacIntosh $50 This is for a great cause that is close to my heart. All the best for the hike Team Spartan! Laura and Al
The Distillery $500 Good luck Sara and the Spartans. See you at the other end.
Fox Real Estate $200
Yummy Mummy's Group Training Fullarton $50 Good luck guys. Will be thinking of you! x
spartan electrical $5,050 From Spartan to the Spartan Team. Walk with your heads held high, this is the worthiest of causes
Julia Cherry $50 Good luck Chris and Team Spartan!
Ceridwen Ahern $50 Good luck everyone. What a great cause!!
Hugo Michell Gallery $200 Good luck guys
Enoki Pty Ltd $1,000 Go Chris and the amazing Team Spartan for the incredible Jodi Lee Foundation! Happy treking!!
Spartan Electrical $100 Looking forward to the BBQ breakfast Chris has promised each morning. Not overly excited by the 80km's.
Natasha Howard $100 Good Luck everyone! Hope the boots are worn in. I want to join next year...pave the way:) xx
Spartan Electrical $5,000 From Narta. Chris you are an awesome human being
Ash & Belinda Balderson $500 Dear Chris , wishing you all the best for team Tsoutouras on your hike Lots of Love Belinda & Ash
Smeg $5,000 Good luck to a great cause from Smeg
Brett Barsley $2,000
Rainey Floreani $300 Sorry friends, I thought it was just Belins site so this is for all of you ... SAza, Pee, Chistoph, Elvish, Kath and all the rest... Very proud ! !
Rainey Floreani $100 Go Blinks! So proud of you already! Rain xxx
Winning Group $1,000 Winning Group are very happy to support such a worthy cause. Best of luck Team Spartan!
Belinda Propsting $100 I can't wait to walk with everyone in Team Spartan to support such a great cause...x
Taylor Collison $400 no motorised help Toutorous
Spartan Supplier $2,500 Go Spartans, great work!
Searle Agencies $50 Very Inspiring
Teresa Shaw $50 All the best Josh to you and your team.
Whitfords $100 Good luck from Whitfords
Urban Construct $400
Sanita Grover $30 Good luck to all involved
Sarah Overton $50 xx
Ben Martens $50
Mark Ringwood $50
Urban Habitats $30
Damien Vanderwilt $1,000 I saw how well you go in the great outdoors on the Murray River Dreaming trip. Suffice to say my donation is not contingent on you completing the 90 km's but I admire the ambition. Monte.
Port Adelaide Football Club $50 Funnily enough I'm not noticing anyone at Spartan in need of a long walk hehe
Eurolinx Pty Ltd $2,040
SPARTANELECTRICL $5,000 Good luck from Electrolux
Fujifilm Australia $500 Best of luck for a great cause! From Dave Marshall and the Fujifilm Team.
W&L Aged Care Services $1,000 All the best from Nick & Nikki Heywood-Smith
Emily Jackson $50
$500 Chris, good luck to you and Team Spartan!
Lee Dunn $100
Heather CURRY $100