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We are a father/daughter team hiking not only for the personal challenge, but as support for The Jodi Lee Foundation and its efforts to raise money for bowel cancer awareness.Sherie is our daughter and sister who’s life changed forever in December 2013 when at the age of 31 she was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer.Now, well over a year later, she is still fighting this awful disease every day.More of her story can be found here www.caringbridge.org/visit/sheriehagger.We are excited to be participating in the SA Hiking Challenge, to honour the challenge Sherie is facing, we know she can conquer it.We are looking forward to meeting some wonderful people along the way.Thank you for your support.


From Amount Message
N/A $20 Happy trails and good lucki
Nancy Tennyenhuis $50 Great job team.
William HAGGER $50 I wish you every success in the walk, and hope the tutu lasted the distance
Alicia Smith $50 Sherie, your journey is something nobody should have to go through, however it certainly defines you as a person, and your story so open and real. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for everything in my life. Hospital is such a horrible place for anyone, I hope you get to stay clear from surgeries, recovery and treatment and get to to experience a new kind of normal as soon as possible. Congratulations to your family for conquering the challenge, let's hope one day you get to experience the Heysen Trail too! Walk on girl xo
Carla Boyd $50 Such a wonderful cause. Sherie is so lucky to have such a wonderful caring family to support her through all of this. Hagger's are a fabulous family unit. X
Nicole hooper $50 great work team sherie! So proud of you!
Julie Shinners $20 All the best to Team Sherie!
Kerrie Henderson $20 What a great cause! Best of luck with the walk!
Kathryn Allen $25
Donna Oakley $20 well done team sherie!
Donna & Nic Harding $50 Close to our hearts - Go team Sherie! Much admiration for you Jen & co xx
Katie & Andy Nash $30 Goooooooo Team Sherie!!!!!!! Xxxxx
Cassandra Renfrey $20 Go Team Sherie :)
Barbara Camacho $20 Good Luck with the walk. Great Effort!
Rosemary & David Parker $50 Go Team Sherie, we wish you all the very best
Kelly Pinkney $50 Go Team Sherie! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!
Phil & Sandra Sampson $105 Wishing the entire Hagger team the best of luck!
Kylie Russell $20 Go Team Sherie
CEPU $100 Go Bill
Megs and Glen Evans $50 All the best to Team Sherie! Happy hiking!
Gemma Chambers $25
Michelle Peterson $50 Bill, this donation is in support of Sherie (and everyone else affected by bowel cancer) and because seeing you in a tutu brings me joy :-)
Geoff Monaghan $50 Good on you Bill, I hope this small donation goes a long way to help Sherie and others battling this horrible disease.
SA Power Networks $50 Good news Sherie, Nice Tutu Bill! Well done for all your doing cheers from Peter Bates and family
John Haddow $50 Go Bill and girls! Good on you all.
Amber Phillips $20 Such an amazing supportive family you guys are and always have been.
Maryann Clarke $20 Thank you Elle for sharing your family's story. Really makes you think. Good luck to you all. I really wish you all the best.
Catie McCarthy $20
Ian Randell $30
Mitcham Council $50 My thoughts and good wishes go out to Sherie. I'm sure she'll get through this.
Kylie Taylor $75 Smash it Jen and Bill
City of Mitcham $20 A big thank you to the legend, Cameron, from the City of Mitcham! We greatly appreciate your donation....buy you a beer after the hike! :)
Meridee Jensen $50 Your sister just sent an email around at work and when I read your age it hit me... "this could be you". I am more than happy to donate some $ to this cause, and will look into getting screened soon, thanks Elle! Good luck to you all - you'll smash it out the park no doubt!
Tara Kerr $20
Kate Royle $25
David O'Dwyer $50 Good on you both, for such a worth cause. Enjoy the experience.
Elena Vowels $50 Good Luck guys! All the best for the challenge, the fundraising and most of all, all the best to Sherie!
Anthony Zaknic $50 Best of luck on the hike! The Zaknics
Bright Graziers $200 Good luck Bill and Girls. Hope you make it to the end. The photo looks pretty strenuous.
Peter van Schaijik $20
Donna Oakley $40 GO TEAM SHERIE :)
Kylie Read $20 Good luck with the Challenge Jen, I'm sure you'll do a great job.
Heidi Watts $50 Awesome effort, go team Sherie!
Mijail Alarcon $100 Bill, all the best for this challenge. I hope you can see an end to this issue soon. Go team!
Strategic Energy Solutions Pty Ltd $200 I hope Bill can keep up with you Sherie - I hope he doesn't grizzle too much.
Rebekah bholanat $20 go team Sherie! Looking forward to seeing some pics as you smash it out!
Kelly Hurley $20 Go Team Sherie! We wish u all the very best on your special journey. Loads of love Hurley family. :-)
The Watts's $50 Good on you both... for such a good cause close to your hearts. Good luck Jen & Bill.
The Venables $50 I wish I could give more but I have another $50 for someone else who is working hard for the Jodi Lee Foundation. I'm sure you 3 will smash this challenge because you are doing it for Sherie xx
Andrew Neville $100 Go well for a great cause!!
Sonja, Jim & William Altmann $50 Great effort! Thinking of you often Sherie and sending everyone our love xxxxx