Raised so far

"Want to go on a hike?" they said. "Sure!" we replied. "It's for a good cause," they said.
"Absolutely. Met Nick Lee at the airport, absolutely inspiring, and a bloody good cause. So happy to be involved," we replied.
"It's along the Heysen Trail," they said. "Beautiful!" we replied. "How far? Couple of kms?" "Eighty," they said. "Holy f**k. Okay..."
We're a wine company. This may kill us.

So if we're going out, we want to go out having done some good for the world!
So please - help us do some good by donating.
We're thinking $80 is a nice round number - $1 per km.
Believe me, it will hurt us a lot more than it will hurt you.
Love your work. Thank you!


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