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We lost our very own "Jodie Lee" in October 2014 - diagnosed at 41 and passing away at 44.
It is devastating that so many people and particularly young women are losing their life to this awful disease.
Jodie was an inspiration to us all who was always smiling - such a beautiful nature and such a caring person.
Our team made up of her family and friends are dedicating this walk in honour of her and her journey. Yes it is going to be a challenge but for anyone who has seen this disease at work will know this hike will be a walk in the park in comparison.

If we do anything by completing this event we hope to educate all that we come in contact with on the importance of knowing your body and the symptoms of bowel cancer.
By raising money and awareness of The Jodi Lee Foundation it could very well save someone else's life - please help us and donate today.


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