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Team FOMO originated when Jodi was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008. A group of friends from Melbourne (and friends of friends, and friends of their friends) joined forces and took part in the Albert Park Relay for Life for the Cancer Council, raising nearly $100K over the 4 years we were involved.
Last year, a couple of us individually faced The SA Hiking Challenge, to support The Jodi Lee Foundation. In true FOMO style, afraid of missing out on a good challenge, (or more likely a good time) this year we have recruited some original FOMO’s (and some newies) to take on 80km’s of the Heysen Trail in the Clare Valley, South Australia.
Our goals: 1. Have fun (of course!) 2. Increase fitness 3. Raise bowel cancer detection awareness. 4. Raise $$$ for The Jodi Lee Foundation.

90% of bowel cancer is curable when detected early. Please sponsor us to help spread this message and most importantly, get hold of a bowel screening test for yourself and DO IT NOW. It’s incredibly easy, there are absolutely no excuses.
This hike will test our determination and our physical and mental strength and endurance, but we know that is nothing to what Jodi endured during her battle with bowel cancer…. If only she knew to do the screening test.
Thankyou for sponsoring us, every dollar will make us more committed to completing this challenge.

Jane Sandow, Cathryn Honor, Gabrielle Neal, Kylie Saunders, Bec Murdoch, Janet Kiosses and Stephanie Anderton


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