Raised so far

The reason we are supporting this amazing event is because we love being involved in supporting people.
We love to get behind a good cause and give it all we've got.
We are also supporting this event because we love our friend Tans.

Her continued support for this beautiful Foundation has inspired us to cross the ditch, get on our trainers, blister plasters, chaffing cream, and help our Aussie mates do everything possible in the battle against bowel cancer!!


From Amount Message
Steve & Simone Parkes $50 Way to go! You really ARE Special K's
Kael Hennessey $200 A great reason to get behind!!
Kael Hennessey $10 Good job mum and Kara. You did good!
Brett & Jojo Maber $100 Stay Strong girls and enjoy the journey & the finish line. "The mind is a very powerful tool :)" Big hugs to the three of you, Tracey will be watching with a massive smile xoxo
Macklow Family $100 Way to go, you can do it! A great cause, Kia Kaha xox
SHARE $100 Go Girls
Lisa Kerr $50 Best wishes ladies !!
Brad Stevens $200 Great job ladies I hope your journey goes well !!!
Caedyn Lim $100 Don't stop walking!!! And come home safe xxxx
Rod & Kate Williams $100 Awesome cause ! Go hard girls , we will be thinking of you xx
Susan Ryder $20 Good luck
Fay Henderson $50 I think it is a tremendous effort for the support of such a great cause. Go girls go - I know you will make it!! love Fay
Ben and Shelly Wilton $50 Best of luck beautiful girls xxx
Extec $500 You girls really are special Ks. We both think you are crazy and admire all the hard training you have done. Have a great time!!!
Joey Fluhler Personal Trainer $80 Good luck girls and enjoy!!
Danielle Scott $25 The world is lucky to have some pretty special people like you two xxx
Les and Diz Ryder $50 Nice effort for a nice cause.
Lawsen Harte $20 go girls such a long way love you guys so much xxx
Karl Lapwood $100 Go on girls, get in there and don't give up!!
Lola Hennessey $10 You have been training hard - keep the good work up - don't give up - Go mum and Kara!!!
Coombe Smith Hamilton Chartered Accountants $100 Go hard girls! All the best from the team at Coombe Smith
PORSE In Home Childcare Tauranga $100 Go girls! Sadly Pauls' mum also passed away as a result of bowel cancer. Good on you for raising awareness.
Sherry Anderson $40
Morgan & Kaelee Hooper $100 You've been putting in the groundwork so we have no doubt you'll smash this challenge ahead! Hope you have some fun along the way! xx
insuranceBASE $300 Go girls great effort for a great cause xxx
Nicola Heathcote $50 All the best girls!!! Amazing effort xx
VLCK Trading Limited $500 Good job Kara.
Nikola Mitchell $50 Good on ya girls! Very inspirational xxxx
Special K's $1,000