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I am planning to complete the 80km hike through the Copper Country over two days with my sister, Jan Connolly and good friend, Robyn Murphy.
We are hiking in Jodi Lee’s memory. Jodi was my niece, a gorgeous, vibrant caring women who left this world way too young and left behind two beautiful young children and Nick, a wonderful husband.
When I first decided to do the hike, it was because I thought it would be a fun experience to share with my sister and friend.
Then I thought that I would enjoy the challenge and believe me it is a challenge! ( 80kms in 2 days through mountains......a lot different to 40mins on my treadmill. I must be crazy!)

However, it’s nothing compared to the challenges faced by Jodi and the thousands of others who were struck down by this terrible disease, nor those challenges faced by loved ones, family and friends who had to watch and were left behind.
I want to make a difference, to help in even a small way. So a big part of doing this hike is to raise funds so that The Jodi Lee Foundation can continue programmes to raise awareness of bowel cancer, encourage early screening and show that early detection can save lives.
So please, donate now and contribute to the work of The Jodi Lee Foundation.................AND GO GET TESTED!!


From Amount Message
Marlene Wood $50 Go girl!
Gwyn & Neil Aitkenhead $100 Goooooooo Shaz, Jan & Robbie! Good on the three of you! Just one foot after the other, and.... keep smiling ! XXXX
kate graham $30 You go girl! Best of luck for a great cause :)
peter GOODO GOODING $150 Good on you shaz !! keep the dream alive !! you and robby will be thirsty when you get back !! i'll have chill bottle of wine for you both !!
John and Janine Gabens $100 A beautiful tribute by the most beautiful person we know. Namaste Sharyn.
Mark Jordan $50 Kick Arse !!! & have Fun (;
Carey Watkins $50 You'll blitz it Sharyn!!! Good on you!!!!
Jessica Connolly $150 HAHA SUCKER !!!
Kerran Oates $100 Have fun training Sharyn & Jan. Enjoy the challenge and two days of fun!