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I am doing this 80km (wait two marathons?) walk to raise funds and in the memory of Tracey Diamond.
Although I didn’t know Tracey well I attended her funeral and found out the following about her; she grew up streets away from me, went to the same primary school, got married the week I got married and has a daughter Harlow the same age as my daughter Charlotte.
The fact is that this disease could have taken any one of us, including me or my siblings.

I have seen the way Tracey was, and still is, adored by her family, work colleagues and friends and felt I should do something to assist in raising funds so hopefully a story like those of Tracey and Jodi Lee become less frequent.
Good luck to everyone doing the walk and for those who are not, please donate generously.


From Amount Message
Kendra watkins $20 congratulations Rob on supporting a very important event to raise much needed money
Kennedy & Co $50 Congrats on finishing and that you're still able to walk subsequently...
Kennedy & Co Foundation $200 All the best for the day Robert!
Paul Jorgensen $560
Kim Johnston $20 Good luck Rob!
Linda Ciampa $20 Happy hiking Robert.
Kennedy & Co $30 All the best!
Kennedy & Co $30 Good luck Robert!
David Burgon $30 Good luck champ
Dale Robertson $50 All the best Robert. Well done!
Kennedy &Co Foundation $85 Casual Day donations
Kathy Mazzachi $100
geoff and kathy spiby $50 go robbo
Baker Group $30 Good luck Robert, hope you raise lots of $$$s!
John Falzarano $200
Elijah Yap $30 Good Luck Robert
Andrew Russo $50
Vivienne France $25 wishing you all the best for the walk for a very worthy cause.
Amber Nobes $30 You go Robert! Keep up the good work x
Matthew $20 Well in mate
Marcamp Pty Ltd $150
Jenna Patching $20
Kae Martin $150 Enjoy the experience and thank you for raising awareness
gary & dianne mcdonough $50 good on you well done
JUAL Engineering $200
Mooreys Benevolent Foundation $20 Great effort mate!
Jayne Harris $50 Well done Robert, great cause x
Frank & Carole Taylor $20 Well done Rob
Fire Fabrication Services Pty Ltd $50 Well Done Rob.
Linda Nobes $50 I am proud of you Robert.
Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants $20
Dom Cosentino $200 Well done Robert. All of Kennedy & Co is behind you.
Gino Musolino $20 Well done Robert, great hat trick on weekend
Dr Rosemary Brooks $50 Best wishes Robert
Macquarie Private Wealth $100 Great work Rob - Rhino Harris would be proud!
Property Planning Australia $50
Macquarie Equities $100 2 marathons should be easy peasy for a man with your stamina! Good luck.
Kennedy & Co $100 Good Luck Robert
Kaye Furst $20
Kennedy & Co $20
Kathryn Presser $50 Well done Rob!! At Beach we are a huge supporter of the Jodi Lee foundation and have 2 ladies (Rachel and Edwina) walking in it as well!! So proud of you guys!!!
Robert Spiby $150 First Donation, Now who is next!