Raised so far

I'm taking part in The SA Hiking Challenge in memory of my friend Robyn Gerney who recently passed away from cancer.
I've always wanted to walk some of the Heysen Trail and feel honoured to do it for such a great Foundation and dedicate it to Robyn's memory.

I do my best to live by my high school motto "Carpe Diem" and this is a great way of doing it.
Life is precious and precarious and we should live each day to the fullest.


From Amount Message
Kevin & Vanessa Goult & Campbell $20 Well done Floss!
Kram and Livs Rooney $20 Awesome cause Floss, well done! Sorry this is a bit late.
Victoria Sandison $20 WellDone Flossy !! Great Cause
David Smith $50 Go for it.
Cathy Mueller $50 Well done Floss. Xxxx
Michelle Harper $25 Go Floss!
Kathryn Allen $25
The Just Group $50 Go Flossy. My wonderful husband Marty has stage 4 bowel cancer now in his liver & lung. Early diagnosis is the answer. Good luck.
Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety $200 That's right Flossy, seize the day! Enjoy the stroll!
Jane Okpala $500 Good luck!
Export Access $50 i don't know you well Fiona, but I am enjoying seeing what you are all about, life, passion, Khama.. Very cool... Good luck with the hike!
Deb Henschke $50
Annette & John Burkett $50
Michelle Kuss $25 Hope you enjoy the event and I wish you no blisters :)
Nadja Osterstock $20 Good on you Flossy! Is Fergus helping? ;)
Kelly Harding $20 Good luck Fiona.
Wilson Real Estate $200 Go Floffa! Great Cause.
Ron and Barbara Ferguson $20 Way to go Floss
Colleen Gray $50 Well done Floss. Robsy will be with you all the way.
Gregory Roberts $50
Vince Davey $20 Hi Fiona, good luck with the walk, glad i can help in some small way. Cheers
Trading Faces $50 Go Floss! We should be able to pass at least some of the time covering the last 30 years! Can't wait to see you. x