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My challenge at 50 was to climb a mountain. I went all the way to Africa to do just that.
Now that I’m about to turn 55 I think I have found the perfect challenge a little closer to home.
Keeping fit and staying healthy have always been important to me and my family but although this will reduce the risk of chronic disease sometimes even that is not enough.
I have experienced the ripple effect of losing the most amazing people to cancer.

Awareness of body changes and early detection is still the main way of saving lives.
Just 18 months ago my husband showed me a pea size lump just to the right of his right nipple. Who would have thought that a fit 50ish year old shearer would be diagnosed with breast cancer and have to have an immediate mastectomy?
By not having the ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude of many of us and seeking immediate treatment his prognosis is great.
I am looking forward to doing my bit to promote the Foundation’s message and hopefully add to the much needed funds.
I would hope that everyone who sponsors me will also take the time to do a test ... I sent mine today!


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