Raised so far

Annabel, Abby, Edwina, Sophie, Brooke, Jo, Michelle, Sarsha, Alice, Sarah, Jane, Phoebe and Meagan have come together to raise money and awareness for this great cause.
The 80kms will be tough, but it’s nothing compared to the challenge faced by people with bowel cancer.
A few of us have personal connections to the disease, and together we are committed to getting behind The Jodi Lee Foundation to support the work it does raising awareness of bowel cancer nationally, and encouraging people to screen for early detection.

We're looking forward to the hike and having some fun along the way.


From Amount Message
Laura & Tom Davidson $35 Bowel Cancer Tests
Savannah Farm $20 Well done Girls. Sorry this is SO late. I'm hoping you've all recovered by now. Great job x
Macquarie Group Foundation $100
Renay Walter $30 Go Sarsha! You're an inspiration
Commuserv $100 Good cause and a great challenge Abi xxx
- $50 well played Tols
Euromina Holdings $50 Awesome effort ladies!!
Purdie Bowden $50 Go Abs and team xox
Jed & Kerry Sutter $50 Congratulations on a great effort, very proud of you all!
Kate & Thyne Mcgregor $300
The Browns $200 Thank you for an amazing walk. So well organised. We have had a blast.
Jumbuck $300 What an amazing walk on completing - so beautifully organised - thank you to everyone especially the helpers who gave up there time and provided beautiful food and a happy face. Many thanks - a wonderful experience
Josh Bowden $50 Happy hiking!
Rebecca Morse $50 Great job Abby and girls xx
Simon and Narelle Tolley $50
Havelock Wine Co $70
Simon and Penny Drew $100 Wishing you all a fabulous hike for a wonderful cause. Fingers crossed the weather is kind!
Tig & Geoff White $100 Good luck to Laura and all the team.
Mary and Kevin Fahey $100 Go Auntie Jo!
Jess Tiver $15 Go Jo and friends! What a difference you will make.
Will and George Duncan $50 Goodluck Girls! X
Rose Chiropractic $100 Super Effort Girls! Happy walking. Bec & Christo x
Jane Thring $50 Good luck girls! Go Al! xx
MacKenzie Homes & Commercial pty ltd $100 Good luck to Laura Davidson and all your team. I am donating this in memory of my dearest friend Joanne Knight who died in 2001 of bowel cancel at the age of 39 leaving behind two small sons.
Danielle Boulton $50
jennifer centenera $50 Go Abbalicious! Xxx love u Jenn and paul x
Lachie & Anna Bishop $100 Good luck ladies, such a great cause
Clare Cocktail Party $6,619
Clare Cocktail Party $750
Angela Ruddenklau $100
Julia and James Clarke $100
Yasmin Milkward $20 Good luck! Great cause!
elizapiro.com $20 Go Alpal go Team.
Emma, Richard, Tom and Skye McFarlane $50 Good luck girls!!
Jane Jeffrey $180 Thanks for the wood.
Sarsha Harvey $2,025 Fundraising money from Fifty Shades Movie Night and Raffles which I ran.
The Appila Girls $20
Annie and Frank Ackland-Prpic $200
Caroline sandow $50
Sara Clark $30
Sharyn Roberts $40
Zenon Herzberg $200 Good luck and safe travelling Z.
Ellie Stacey $50
Jono and Jude Tolley $100 Go Al Pal! x
Jane Binks $100 Go girls! what a great cause
Angela Findlay $100 Good Luck Alice xx Pangie
Kate Beerworth $40 Good luck Sarah xxx
Jill & Ron Piggott $100 Good luck Jo and girls. What a great cause!
Julie Downer $100 Well done Alice,just take lots of band aids!
Adelaide Kidman $100
Harrison & Lucas Williams $20
Al and Andy Hay $100 Good luck Alpal
Sarah & Tom Pledge $50 Good luck Laws & Al!
Sarah & Matt Rodwell $50 Great job girls.
Jim Tolley $40
Jim Tolley $40
Clare Jonas $20 Good luck Jo & team!
Lucy Commis $80 Buen Camino!!
Macquarie Private Wealth $100 Great work Al and Everyone. Have fun and well done. The Stocks
Emma Willis $50 Go girls! xx
Melanie & David Michael $50
N Bagot $100 Go girls! Hope you enjoy the hike and wishing you sunny weather for it!
Ali Phillips $50 A wonderful charity - well done Al and the rest of your girls for getting behind such a worthy cause! Best of luck for the hike. x The Phillips Family x
Jo Spinks $50 All the best ladies - stay warm and dry.
Christina Ursini $40 Congratulations for hiking for a very significant cause. Have fun and enjoy. X
Donna Kelly $100 Good luck ladies! Such an awesome cause! Hope it all goes fabulously!! x
Kate Shirley $50 Well done Sarah! We'll be thinking of you. Love the Shirley's x
Helen Beard $50 Go Edwina, Go Collinsville Collective
The Appila Girls $3,045
Niel and Valmai George $50
Brooke Stockman $60 Hornsdale donation
Matt Pammenter $300 Hornsdale donation
Anna Daly $175
George Millington $350 Hornsdale donation
Bob & Jenni-Lee Case $420 Hornsdale Donation
$150 Hornsdale (Jamestown) donation.
Madigan Advisory $100 Good luck Sophie.
Remarkable View Wines $150 Go girls a wonderful cause I know I have been through some tough years when my 35 year old daughter had it and she has just had her 5 years all clear. We are over the moon.
Kikkert Consulting Pty Ltd $200 Good Luck Edwina from Karen and John
Jamestown Trading Table $772 Trading Table at Jamestown. Well done, excellent effort and amazing support from the community. Thank you.
Rob and Susan Hunt $200 Go girls, enjoy the walk...such a great cause. Xx
Valentine's Party $14,595
Annabel Wilkins $50
Mina Caruso $50 Great cause best of luck, I lost my Dad to bowel cancer I think you all wonderful.
Valentine's Party $581
Abby Bowden $50
Laura & Tom Davidson $120 Sorry we can't make the party, I am sure it will be a very successful night! All the best xx
Ben and Zoe Harrison $100 Hope the walk goes well, we are so disappointed we can't get to the party!
Nick and Brigid Emmett $120 Good luck
The Flinders Rest Hotel $100 Collection of funds from patrons at The Flinders Rest Hotel, Warnertown. Good Luck girls! Lee, Kendall & The team at The Flinders Rest
Flea $50
Flea $100
N Bagot $50 Good luck and hope this helps you reach your target.
Collinsville Co... $480 Many, many thanks to all the Mid North women who attended the Cappeedee Birdcage Melbourne Cup Lunch and for very kindly supporting the Collinsville Collective and the Jodi Lee Foundation.