Raised so far

Jodi Lee was in her late 30’s just like me.
Jodi Lee had 2 young children, just like me.
Jodi Lee was living her life just like me.
Jodi Lee is no longer here, but I am.

Nobody should have to tell their 4 and 6 year old children they are dying.
Jodi Lee’s story has inspired us to do something to help make a difference.


From Amount Message
Gillian Stephenson $50 Well done!
Neil Atkinson $50 Don't forget that this donation has been made on trust. You will comply with the rules set by your colleagues. Best of luck.
saunaking $50
Eliza McFarlane $20 Have fun guys!
aunty disey murray $20 You go girlfriend! Oh and boyfriend xx
Kate & Kym Alldritt $50 You guys have done the work and will smash it!! Amazing effort xx
Karyna selfridge $10 go Cat and Dan
Samuel muehlberg $50 Good luck
Kristi Holt $50 You have hearts of gold... Hope it goes well!
nicole and matt dent $20 Can't wait to see Dan in the tutu! Good luck guys!
Liz May $20
Matt and Deb Ward $30 Dont forget the powerade and pies! Love your work. Xx
Alison Fawcett $15 Wishing you both all the very best! xx
Dave and Lisa Fleming $30 You guys rock, can't wait to see Dan is his tutu. Great cause to support.
Christopher Draper $20
Jodie Trowbridge $10 Cat rocks!
Janine Coster $11 You're effort is appreciated. Cheers Janine
dawn and nick styles $100 Best of luck to both of you. Nick wants his money back if Daniel doesn't make it!
Francoise Faller $20 All the best with your walk - enjoy! Francoise
Nic Leavey $50 Love what you are doing :) Close to our heart too. Lynette, Klaus, Nic and Paul
Willunga Cricket Club $10 I'm worried about Dan!! The best way to get Dan to the finish line is to get Cat to walk a bit ahead with the tutu on.
Sally & Pete Dunn $50
Bruce and Brigette Elliott $25 We would have given more not to see the tutu!
Donna & Kym Collins $100 Fantastic cause close to our hearts......well done!
Gary Reid $50
Mauro Cerro $50 Don't forget that this donation has been made on trust. You will comply with the rules set by your colleagues. Best of luck.
Harrison Prestwood $50
Enzo Zollo $50 Great cause...Well done.
Mandy Jenkin $20 Good on you guys! Hey Cat, I'm sure all the stair climbing at lunch will help you along the way :-)
Kell & Todd Steele $50 Great effort guys! I am sure you will do it easy x
GO $100 Great cause Cat & Dan. I really dounderstand.
Wayne&kay Hockham $100 4km/hr easy, dan doesnt need food. Cat doesnt need wine,goes guys,no food or drink required. could do it my sleep. Papa hockham
Iain & Stephanie Wood $50
Garry Davis $25 I support you both on a great cause. So happy legs on your walk. .... but Cat, me thinks you will be supporting Dan more afterwards!
Bernadette Eden $20 Go Cat! Hope your toe survives!
Wendy Cruse $20 Go guys!! You'll do her proud :-)
Andrew Finlay $50 Do the extra 20 km's to make it 100km.....