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The ‘Bowel Chicka Wow Wow’s’ have recruited some new faces and return again to support a Foundation that we are passionate about.
Last year’s walk was an enormous challenge, but nothing compared with the challenges that people affected with bowel cancer face.
It is a wonderful opportunity for us to not only raise money but raise awareness about the disease.
This year we’ll walk with more determination …….Unfortunately the reason for walking is now a little closer to home.

Two months ago, Josie’s husband, Tony was diagnosed with bowel cancel. Through increased awareness the disease was detected early. He has since had surgery and is hopefully on the road to recovery.
Life is too short and too precious…….we pledge to live our lives without regret …..and walking 80kms alongside friends is part of this journey.
Amy England, Kathy Thompson-Mills, Katie Holds, Jane Mehaffey, Alison Vickers and Josie DeCorso


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