Raised so far

We have always wanted to hike parts of the Heysen Trail and thought this would be a great challenge and a good way to raise some money for a very worthy cause.


From Amount Message
Genevieve Finey $50 Goodluck xx
We're Back 2 Basics $2,200
Jane Williams $30 Goodluck Liz Kelly, Bern and Woo!
Alex Kelly $50 go Liz Kelly
Vicki Kitschke $50
Imelda Lynch $50 Fantastic! It should be a great walk. Any chance you know a farmer or two that you can pop in to for a cuppa if the going gets tough?
Jacqui Jones $40
Emma Grossman $20 Good on you Bern & Woo!!
Robyn Staker $50
Gabrielle kitschke $30 well done Bren and woo, great cause and what a great experience for you both
Ros Reichstein $100 Go Bern and Woo!!