Raised so far

Western Victoria mummas. Training together, mostly on the beautiful mount Noorat


Name Amount Message
Greenbanks Farms $100 Good on you Luce and always remember how funny Rama was! X
Rob Wyld $100 Best of luck - hope the weather gods are good to you!
Fiona Hellier $25 Go Luce take your gumboots x Fudd
Kate and Jase Ritchie $220 Way to go! Stay warm and keep those feet dry! X
Fiona Devilee $280 Your commitment to JLF is wonderful Luce! Rama would be immensely proud of you. I hope you don’t get bogged or lost, Have fun!
Lucy Gubbins $675 Thank you to all that attended the Bold Jewellery fundraiser at Merrang. Sally has deposited her generous donation from the day and this is the amount for the lucky door prize an entry fee. Thank you to all concerned
Lucy Gubbins $532 Thanks to all that attended the movie fundraiser. It was a bit raunchy, but we loved it! Half of the funds went to R4R team and the other half to the Noorat Nannies.
BOLD Jewellery $1,222 Well done ladies x
jenny Roxburgh $200


Name Total
Lucy Gubbins $725
jenny Roxburgh $200