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Bullseye $50 Are you training this year Andrew ? You got this
Scott Marlow $25 Go the fute
Lee Greenhalgh $20 The future is now
Brisbane Mortgage Broking - Joanne Nugent, Mortgage Choice $200 Good Luck Team FPE!!
Sue Barry $25
Tober Solito $40 You go girl.. x
Tober Solito $40 Well done gorgeous girl, I’m sure you’ll love every km. X
Vanessa Cotton $40
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $100
Andrew Russo $30
Nick & Amanda Dutton $100 Wishing you all the best. You are such an inspiration to so many people. We feel so lucky to have you as a friend. Stay strong and be safe. We are with you every step of the way xxx
David Truman $30 So proud of you, you are so strong. Don't let anything hold you back.
David Truman $30
Beryl Hunt $50 Walk on don’t look back
Phyllis Truman $30 Good luck stay strong
Beryl Hunt $20 Go Girl. Thought I donated $50 - only did $30. This fixes it ????
Lyn Barnett $40
Samii Schroeder $50 Well Done Tania ❤️
Jordan O’RILEY $5 Hope this helps!!!! If not I could have bought kfc instead... just kidding have fun kiddo
Beryl Hunt $30 Go Girl. Walk on - don’t look back ????
Tracy Daley $25 Good on you Jacki!!????
Jordan O’RILEY $50 Your going to smash it! I love you xxx
John and Wendy Bourne $100 Well done Craig and Jacki..we are so proud of you, raising awareness for the disease. Wes forever 56❤️
Kate stace $120 Lots of love Sista - with you every step of the way Xx ????
gary Bourne $120
Jade & Neil Perrau $50 We love you girl, good luck!!
Jade & Neil Perrau $50 We love you, good luck!
Natalie, Simon, Oscar & Charlotte Leonow $500 JLF is such a worthy cause. We will always by your side in all that you do. With brave wings she flys. Lots of love to you, Harlow, Chris, Brian, Kay, Jodie, Bill & Jazzie xxx
Angela Fletcher $40
Gail Martin $20 What an awesome thing to do Jacki. All the best xx
Kevin Tye $50 So proud of you
Kevin Tye $50 Have fun and enjoy ❤
Kylie Tye $50 Lets go smash
Petra Heeg $50 Your continued motivation to raise awareness of this hideous disease is very admirable and inspiring - Go Tania! xx
Deborah Fleeton $20
Phyllis Truman $30 Good luck and stay strong
Gordon Millar $50 Big week-end for you and your Daughter!!
Kent Nicolls $25
Tracey Graham $50 So proud of you guys. ❣
Tracey Graham $50 So proud of you guys. ❣
Ali Hammond $40 You are an inspiration....honoured to help support you and this foundation. ????????????
Emma Richards $20 So much love for you Tan, you’ll smash this trek! Love you ❤️
Mina Singh-slough $40
Ellen Lopez $25
FPE $50 Keep on trekking
Saxon Thomas $10
Linda Walker $50 Good luck pal xx
Linda Cheetham $50 Amazing Jac n Craig Wes will be with you the whole way Much love ❤
Adam Catford $100 Legend ????
Diane Fairey $50 Wes will be with you the whole way. Lots love always.
Cathy Ford $30 Good on you Jackie xx
Ando Prits $150 Proud of you guys - the And0prits xx
Logan Daniel $25
Jennifer Stevens-Hofer $25
Noel Annand $50
Tracey Graham $50 Love and support you both so very much. ????????
Carly Simpson $10
Kate Ulmer $50 You are an inspiration ❤️
Amy Perrault $30 So much love ❤️
Kent Nicolls $26 Woooo
Zane Brown $20 Good luck legends ❤️
Sonia and Jason Daniel $50 Such a fantastic thing you are doing. So proud of you and jacki.
Sonia and Jason Daniel $50 What a fantastic thing you and Craig are doing. So proud of you both ????????????
Jackson Quinell $10 Rip in ay
Rachel Leonow $20 Xxx
Greg BULLUSS $50 Good luck guys
Cooper Tilley $10 You guys are absolute legends hope all goes well
Janet Dawes $100 You can do this Andy, it's for a great charity too ????
FPE $25 Love you uncle wes❤️
Jennifer Burns $100 What a wonderful way to honour your brother's memory, Jacki. Wishing you and Craig strength for your trek, Jen and Pete xx
Zane Perrau $25 Let’s go! So proud of you both
Zane Perrau $25 Amazing work, can’t wait for you guys to smash this.
Di and Steve King $100 Fantastic guys! Cheering you both on xo
Di and Steve King $100 Go Team Jacki & Craig! Awesome thing to do xo
Lorne McClurg $200 Have fun!!!
Daniel Rankine $25 Go Future!
Lisa Singh $50 You’ve got this! x
Ashleigh Kennewell $50 Amazing!! Wes would be so proud! ❤️
Rebecca Worrall $15 ❤️❤️❤️ Thinking of you Casey and family x
Marc Williams $25 Go Future!
Jackie Staples $25 Love your strength and determination your an absolute star ❤️ Xx
SYNERGY CONSTRUCT $50 I know you’ll smash it! So proud ❤️
Anthony Williams $40 Awesome mate .. Good luck ????
Greg Bulluss $50 Go Butch!
Dylan Trenerry $50 Give it a red hot crack ❤️????????
Wayne Barclay $50 Good luck Tania, you’d better tie a rope to the FPE team so that you don’t lose any.
Emma Martin $20 For Trace ❤️❤️ And for all the amazing work you do to honour her. You know how proud you’d make her. Have fun! Xx
Jodey Houghton $20 What an inspiring woman you are ❤️
Angela Maglieri $40 Love you xx
Mimi Crowe $40 You are an inspiration!


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Tania Carey $1,495
Jacki Perrau $1,096
craig perrau $705
Kylie Tye $410
Sharna Tye $370