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Welcome to Team Lenmacs - Shell Cleve!

Our team is named after two iconic former businesses in Cleve, Eyre Peninsula, which were run by some very special people who are sadly missed.

Diann DuBois ran the Shell servo in Cleve for many years with husband Peter. She was our loving mum, a beloved 'Nanny' to our kids, and a friend to many. She died of bowel cancer in early 2017, aged 66.

From team member Wayne Marshall: My sister and I lost both parents too early - our mother at 54 and father at 70 to bowel related cancer. My wife crossed the 26km finish line in 2019 supporting her friend and I promised myself I would join next time in honour of my own parents.

Thank you for checking out our team. Remember, bowel cancer can affect anyone and an early diagnosis could save your life. Take the test! A bit of sh*t now could save you a lot of sh*t later.

Recent Donations

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Karla Syme $100 We'll be cheering for you! Love that we continue to share precious memories with Di through you gals ???? Have a blast xxx Love Karla, Matt & Tilka (& the big kids)
Brooke DuBois $26 From Jen Bell - UK
Kathy & Bean Turnbull $100 Go Brooke!
Ron Hoenig $40 Brooke Dubois Rocks!!
David Turnbull $50 Go Brooke you good thing
Open Trails Australia $40 Trek well people. xxx
John and Louise Clements $30 Go for it Brooke!!
John Clements $30 Go for it Megan!
Charlene Warrington $50
Karen Crosby $40
Joel Barbala $20 All the best Megan. Big hugs from Joel and I. Xx
Tayla Harris $25 Go guys! Xx
Eyre Fuels $50 Every step can make a difference....
Danielle Crettenden $25 ❤️
Merryn Hodges $120
Jade Scott $40 Love your work troopers!
Gemma Obrien $25 Thanks for raising awareness, excellent cause xx
Tomney Daven $25 ❤️
Katie Mahar $15 You can do this girls!!! Go Brooke-ster!!!! Such a lovely cause and I wish u all the best. Lots of love xxx
Jess Sheridan $15 Go Brooke xxx
Alex Sampson $50
Sam Schultz $50
Marion Kraehe $50 Thank you for making a difference! Good luck and you go girt ????
Meredith DuBois $25 You go girl xx
Meredith DuBois $25 You’ve got this Brooke xx
Jace Rodda $30
Robyn Wohling $100
Ali Ward $50 All the best x
Elpitha Sougleris $20 Well done Brooke
Dale Ramsey $50 Great work team. ❤️❤️


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Brooke DuBois $380
Megan DuBois $165