Raised so far

Team HappySeekers are back again! Looking forward to another great year trekking with JLF :)


Name Amount Message
Robert Bird Group $50 Well done James! A very worthwhile cause.
Anonymous $500
Jarrod Braley $40
Keti Petrovski $20
Brett Fennell $100 You GO Dino!!
Tom Rasera $20 Nice Work Nik, enjoy your walk mate
Jacinta Paternoster $50
Steven Condina $50 Great work Daniel, well done in completing the walk
SDA $50 Well Done mate!! Looked like a nice scenic stroll.
Michael Kilmartin $20 Great cause and great effort!
Brent Pergallini $50 Nice work Greaver and Team!!!!!
Nic Kerber $50 great work Greavesy
Andrew Shinnick $50
Ethan Moore $25 Well done Adam!
Stephen Knight $120
Anonymous $50 A great cause!
Anonymous $20 Congratulations Dino, amazing effort
Anonymous $40 Inspiring. Love and light. Xx
Cornershop Design Pty Ltd $40 Congrats team. Amazing effort and noble cause.
S & T Wareing Painting & Decorating $100
Ali Pollard $40 Awesome work Sarah, well done x
Andrea Heading $40 Good on you gorgeous one. Such a wonderful cause.
Future Urban $500 All the best Anna. Hope it isn’t too cold :)
Patricia Forbes $50 Well done James!
Tracy Morgan $50
Leyton Property $250 Well done Anna, cracking effort
Leyton Property $250 Well done Sarah, cracking effort !
Anonymous $80 ❤️
Anonymous $25 My 37 yo brother in law passed away 2 weeks ago from this horrible illness. Well done Sarah, you are an inspiration. I’ll join you next time. RT X
Ian and Margie Kesby $25 Good luck Dino!
Kathy Rigney $100 Go James. Keep trekking.
Form 700 Pty Ltd $7,000 Congratulations for participating in raising funds for such a worthy cause. Wasyl Rosati and all your friends at Form 700!
Form 700 Pty Ltd $3,500 Congratulations in your support of this wonderful cause. From Wasyl Rosati & all your friends at Form 700!
Hassell $100
Travis Swigart $120 Good work!
Anonymous $50 I miss you SO much - from your No. 1 Labourer!
Hannah Price $25 Go Dino!! Amazing work!!
Cammisa markel $280 You go girl!!! We love you - such a good cause!
Trinity Norton $50 Well Done Louisa! A great cause. Good luck on your walk x
Tim McMahon $50 Well done George
Tim McMahon $50 Well done Anna
Sean Carrick $50 Smash it mate!
Alanna Maurin $25 Getting in at the last minute. Awesome work for a great cause! Well done woman xx
Charlie Sims $50 Great cause - good luck Louisa!
Anonymous $100
Anne Rayner $100 Good luck Louisa! Great cause x
Tony Rosato $50
mark amos $25
Nick Fuss $50 Well done Nik
Harrold & Kite $280 Good luck Anna! Wishing you all the best! The team at Harrold & Kite
Jessica Westthorp $25 Happy walking, hope the blisters don’t get you! Xo
Hillier Farms Pty Ltd $120 Go Sarah! Well done.
Anonymous $50 Happy to support this worthy cause!
Barossa Cheese $100 Super star xx
UNIQ STONE $50 Well done Nik, wishing you every success.
Lucid Consulting Australia $40
Cox $40 All the best. You can do it!
MacGregor Architecture $50 Good Luck Nik ! great cause
Syd & Jan Bourke $50 Go Team James!!
Darren Robinson $100 Go Hard mate!
MGClean $50 Good luck Nik
Kym Roesler $40 Can’t wait for the live Insta story of you swearing your way to the finish line haha. Love your work Kirkwood!
At Home Interiors $200 Good on you Sarah! Such a big adventure and the most worthwhile cause. Remembering my late Grandmother and her sister ????
Tania Trepa $50 Anna, trek like the wind! I hope it goes amazingly well.
Gill and Frank Coghill $20 All the best Anna and George.
Samuel Williams $50 Great work Louisa, Hopefully the weather clears up. I have been trying to get on board this trek for a while, hopefully next year. Regards,
Megan Coghill $25 Good luck Anna and George!
Anonymous $1,000 Good luck Henry!
Anonymous $40 Such an amazing woman, doing inspiring things. Rock it, Sarah!
Phillip Bohill $25 Good luck James!
Katnich Dodd $50 Well done Dino. Good luck
Daniel Moore $40 Good luck mate!
Lee Pappageorgiou $50 All the best mate!
Jason McLennan $40 Go Sarah!
City Motor Group $280 Go well Louisa! As I know you will.
Kyle Hourigan $50
Sara Threadgold $50 Gooooo Dinoooooo!
Shannon Wark $50 Yahoo! Good luck - I’m glad it’s you walking and not me.
Das Studio $850 Good luck Dino and team! I have the paramedic on speed dial!
Commercial & General $100 Good luck!!!!! Amazing effort.
Built Pty Ltd $50 Have a great time mate - this donation does not extend to foot rubs after :)
Julia Gentile $50 Good luck!
Envy Electrical and Automation $120 Great cause! All the best Nik
Matt Cuppleditch $25 Good luck mate!
Urban Habitats $120 May the skies be clear and the body be sound
Justin Buckley $100
Proske Architects $120 More walk, less talk !
PT Design Pty Ltd $100 Happy Trekking
Marina Paul $120 Good on you Lizi! I hope it’s a great experience ❤️
ME STEEL REINFORCING PTY LTD $250 All the best Henry.
SRG Global Facades Australia Pty Ltd $1,000 All the best from SRG Global. Great cause.
Trevor Todd $50 Good luck mate - better pack the thermal undies this weekend!
Pat Callisto $50 Good luck Adam - hope my tips helped!
Edwarf Ramsey $40 Go and done get it girl!!
Jordan Pinto $40 Go Dino!!!!
Peter Kingston $100 Chris, Have fun and remember that when the body starts to get really soar just "Embrace The Suck". Cheers Peter
Eden Comfort Conditioning $150 Love your work Dino!
Adam & Melanie Greaves $500
LUCID CONSULTING AUSTRALIA $500 go Happy Seeker team, looking forward to an enjoyable couple of days
Catharine Fletcher $120 Keep up the good walk/work
Vashti and Jared Lund $20 ????????
D Squared Consulting Pty Ltd $100 good luck! take one Everest at a time.....
Siobhan Pearson $50 Great stuff Daniel
Sensum Group $25 Go Daniel & team!!
Solstice Media $50 You mad unit Dino!
Victoria Akkermans $50 All the best Daniel!
Jukebox Dynamite $20 Go Daniel! Great cause, good luck to you mate! Don't lose a toenail!
Emma Schmutzer $50 Good luck Daniel!
Aaron Weakley $50 Amazing effort Daniel! I lost a sister to Bowel Cancer so thank you personally for making this meaningful contribution.
Rupert Piccoli $25
Monica Cianca $50 All the best Dino! What a wonderful challenge... Best wishes Monica
KWP! $50 You'll eat these Ks for breakfast Dino. Good on you for getting involved!!
Jonathan Chai $75 Go Go Go!
Rachel Pargeter $50 Go get 'em Boss
Nicolette Di Lernia $100
Jemima Ninnes $25
Robert Bird Group $40 Good luck James!
Catherine Parkinson $50 Good cause James- thinking of you and hope all goes well. Good luck love Bun and Loz
Jackie Su $100 Good on you Louisa. A fabulous cause.
B ADGE $300
Edible Blooms Pty Ltd $50 Good Luck Lou, you will ace it!
Hayley Green $100 You've got this!!!!!
WellCity Adelaide $25
DACS PTY LTD $50 Great cause close to my family.
Garry Nash $25 Well done Adam and best wishes for the trek
Anonymous $100 Good luck with the walk I hope you get good weather!
Structural Systems PTY LTD $500 Great Cause.... Guts it out!!
Das Studio $50 Smash it Dino!
URPS $50
Anonymous $120 Don’t forget to PDP. (Pound Dat Pavement) ???? ????
Dimco Building P/L $50 Are you sure you can do that in 2 days? I'd need a week! Good luck mate.
Chad Heinrich $50 Absolutely massive challenge mate! All the best from Mez, Jack, Ellie and I
Paul Cahill $40
joanna paul $50 good luck lizi mou xxx
Nina Switajewski $50
Escapod Pty Ltd $120 Slow and steady wins the race, mate! All the best on the epic trek.
Mitchell & Cheesman Pty Ltd $250 Well Done
Mitchell & Cheesman Pty Ltd $250 Well Done
Sean Whelan $50 Hey Dino, Good luck and enjoy! Sean
Nick Strongman $120 Great work!
Anonymous $25
Sam & Hayley Green $100 Go Dino!
Das Studio $25 Good luck!
Sarah Thompson $50 Go Gino!!! If only I could put a meme in here for further encouragement!
Luke Crouch $50
Michael Haydon $25 Great stuff Louisa, hope you and the rest of the Happy Seekers team enjoy the trek.
Bogdan Duszynski $25 Hope you had a great experience Adam. Great Cause !
Ian Crawley $50
Tracey Harper $25 Good luck Louisa - not that you need it with your athletic ability and discipline xx
DCM Services $280 Good Luck Chris
David Focareta $25 good luck in walk
Nick Argyros $25 Nice one mate.
Eos by Skycity Adelaide $50 Fantastic cause Scott - my dad survived bowel cancer so this is very close to home. Well done and good luck with the trek! Jodi
Commercial & General $50 Great cause Louisa. Good luck with the blisters!
Alyson Byrne $100 Hi Lou, wishing you a fantastic trek and high 5's from Al, Tass, George and Paddy
Headstart $100 Good luck Louisa.
Tony Siebert $100 Great work Adam. Enjoy the experience.
Broadway Property $100 Well done Adam, good luck for the trek and its a great cause.
Commercial and General Construction $25 Great cause Louisa. Good luck. Stretch lots ;) Zoe Steele
IA Design $100 Great work Greavey! Be sure to pack thick socks :)
Hugo Murray $69 Good luck mate!!
Tandem Building Group $50
Lisa Davis $100 Go Lou, wish i was walking with you , Great cause !!
william hamilton $100
Leo Karadimitris $50
Betty Roussos $50
Rebecca Lawson-Cooke $120 Proud of you! Enjoy the walk. Xxx
FDC $280 Break into a jog if you're doing it easy. Good luck from FDC
Sansovini Financial Services $50 Happy Trekking!!
R A Jordan Pty Ltd $500 Hi Chris, Good luck with the worthy cause. Not to late for some light training to help prepare you. Best Regards, Dale.
Hindmarsh Plumbing $500 All the best Chris. Fantastic cause. Well done from all of us at HP.
Steve McGrath $250 Hats off to you guys, sensational effort. Hopefully not too many aches and pains after the event. Good Luck from Steve and the team at CPC.
Walter Brooke & Associates Pty Ltd $100 Happy to support such a worthy cause. Best of Luck from Walter Brooke
Sheriden Andrew-Hannon $50 Good work Miss K! ???? xx
Walter Brooke & Associates Pty Ltd $100 Happy to support such a worthy cause. All the best from the Walter Brooke Team.
BCA Concepts $50 Good luck mate!
Aurecon $25 Great work mate. Keep it up.
Fusco Constructions $100 Great cause, good luck from the Fusco team
Geoff McNeill $120 Good on you James, I wish you and yourteam all the very best. This is a great cause and close to my heart too having lost dad to bowel cancer in September last year. Take care and Keep safe!
Lyall Jackson $25 Well done Daniel!
tony simile $10
Jason Beutel $150 Go James!
Scott Brumfield $50
Renata Gebara $25 Good luck Dino! You'll smash it!!
Rider Levett Bucknall $100 Make sure you wear your Puss in Boots boots!
Rider Levett Bucknall $100 Make sure you come back!
tony simile $10
Anonymous $25
Bonar Bucalina $50 Good luck James!
MRS Property $100 great work Scott, enjoy
Anonymous $100
Ailis Cooke $25 We can swap trekking stories in the office on Monday. ????????????????‍♀️
Belinda Galvin $120 So proud of you James ???? love your family in ireland
David Christian $200 Good cause, have fun trekking.
Peter Martin $100 Great cause James! Best of luck on the walk.
Monica Deane-Butcher $40 I am donating even though I was cut off from the picture ????. Good luck amor, we love you and very proud of you! Go team!
Eli Lindner $50
Jack Andrews $30
Jo Deane-Butcher $280 Good on you James. You're fit and strong ! I'm proud of you. X Love Mum X
Robert Bird Group $25 Good luck with the trek - I hope there's a glass of Barossa's finest on offer when you're done.
Caryn van Niekerk $50 Great work James! That is a massive trek and well worth the journey. Caryn
Edwin Wong $40 Go James Go!
Orchard Range $50 Great Work mate! Sound like something I'd love to get into next year. Chat soon.
Jose Samuel SolorzanoRivas $10
Anonymous $500 Mark said at what point do we meet you with Oxygen and donuts! Seriously though, great commitment and cause, hope you go well.
Anthony Pemberton $25 Good on you Dave. Best of luck!
Adelaidetilingco $120
Jeremy Stevenson $150 Great cause. All the best for the trek.
Sarah Anderson $25 Good luck Lizi!!
Elspeth Cooper $100 All the best Nik, cheers Elspeth
Thomas EARLS $40
Palmiro Romeo $100
Cathy Burt $25 Good luck Dino! x
Anna Rich $100 Go sister! Love us lot
Adam Hannon $280 Donation for self motivation!
Isaiah Grieger $25 Go get em dino.
Kristy McMillan $50 Crush it DJ!
THOMSON ROSSI $120 All the best from the Thomson Rossi team
Cook Building $100 Goodluck Dino!
Cook Building $100 Goodluck DJ!
Foodbank SA $50 Best wishes David
Anonymous $122 If you ran it, you’d get back to the family quicker..
Tom McLean $150 xxx
Sarah Westmoreland $25 74km...amazing!! Good luck with the hobble the next day!
Nicole Bosnjak $40 Good luck Chris!!! Hopefully you survive :)
Julia Vernon $55 !!!! Way to go Sar, epic walk.
Australian fire services $150 Great cause. good luck from all at AFS.
Gawler Custom Specialist Joinery $100 All the best for the trek and the fund raising
Holman Hodge $500 Anna and George, we are behind you and your trekking team 100%. After what Anna has already overcome we have no doubts that your team will knock it out of the park. May the weather be good, the terrain flat and the company excellent. Happy trails, the team at Holman Hodge.
ALUCO $280 All the best Chris.
RLB $40 Hi Chris Best wishes for the trek Strong work Andrew
SOUTH PACIFIC ALUMINUM WINDOWS PTY LTD $100 Good Luck Nik - from the team at South Pacific
Saccardo Constructions (SA) PL $500 You are going to feel it on day 3. Hope you have good weather. Tip: last time I did anything this extreme I had a backpack full of Red Bull.
Louisa McClurg $500
Built $500 George / Anna, Great effort pulling this team together this year. Built ae proud to sponsor and have two people included in the Happy Seekers Team. Chris
TG Excavations & Unique Pools $100 I know you can do it Nik Easy one for you ????????????
Brett Fennell $100
Mykra Pty Ltd $300 Well done Anna - fantastic milestone and your continued dedication to this event truly reflects what a great person you are and what you are about.. all the best.
Tonia Mudie $75 Good on you all -enjoy the stroll!! Ill join you one day
Nick Fletcher $120 Go Sar. That is one big darn walk. Hope the training is going well. Cheers, Nick
Mark Stante $100 Great cause, good luck George
Blight Rayner Architecture $200 Supporting you all the way! Great Cause and Effort!
Build Theory $100 Well done mate, good luck
Sue Pentelow $50 Good on you Nik. Hopefully the weather will treat you kindly.
kerry Paul $25 Good on ya Liz
Anonymous $25 Well done Lizi, so proud of you ❤️
Strokes of Perfection P/L $100
Sanita Grover $50
Mark Ringwood $50 Make sure that Achilles has been strengthened & warmed-up before you head off
Anonymous $100
Nik Roussos $100
Place Project Management $50 $50 back at you for a return piggy bag! Good stuff mate!
Marika Elias $25 Bravo lizi well done ???????? you will smash it ????????
Bozena and Marek Jaworek $100 Amazing Anna and George. Enjoy yet another long walking adventure.xxoo
Charter Hall $50 All the best for the Big Walk George and Anna!
Adrian Harrington $50 Good luck George and Anna. Enjoy the walk.
Michael Heath $25 ????
Paul Suter $50
Conrad Newman $50 Good on you Dino! Cheers Conrad
The Ranch $100 Thankyou Dino for looking after the whole world (Baggins) Go Dino! (Blakey) Kick Dino! x
Betty Roussos $50
Roger & Sue HORSTMANN $50 Go Dino!!
Edwina Stevenson $25 Go Lizi! You will smash this x
Jennifer Ritossa $25 All the best for your trek, Lizi xx
Kate O'Reilly $25
Kerry McGorman $25 All the best! Xx
Meg Henderson $25 Awesome stuff Roussos!! Xx
Anonymous $25 All the best, guys!!
Lewis Coulls $25 Great initiative - good luck!
Lizi Roussos $100
Stephen Lendrum $50
Victor Gaspar $100 Great Cause!
Rino Carpinelli $120
David Tiller $25 Good luck George
Peter Tulla $250 Enjoy
Built $200
James Bowman $200
Charter Hall $120 Well done George & Anna. Fantastic effort.
Jarryd Walsh $50 Good luck!
Anthony Marklund $50 Go HappySeekers!!
Michael Bidwell $50 Onya George!
Siren Design $100 Wishing the Happy Seekers team all the best for the 74km trek! A huge effort and very worthy cause. Warmest, Siren Design
RTW Communications $200 Great effort #teamroussos for an important cause!
Jordan Plumbing $300 Jordan Plumbing wishing you all the best Henry! Brilliant effort for a great cause, good luck.
AUSPT $500
Delta Group $1,000 Henry, May your legs carry you swiftly for this worthy cause. Cheers Delta Group
Australian fire services $280 Good luck from all of us @ AFS and congrats on supporting a great cause
Watson Fitzgerald & Associates Pty Ltd $250 Best of luck from the team at Watson Fitzgerald
Alison Taylor $120 Good luck
Chris Brice $25
Adam Watts $50 What a good looking red rooster!
Jacinta Paternoster $100 Onya Henry - great cause
Billing $50 Good on ya mate! A very worthy cause.
Melanie Meaney $50
Built Pty Ltd $50
Henry Meaney $50
Anonymous $280
Alison Pollard $25 Awesome work Sarah!!
Helen Edmonds $40 Wonderful cause, enjoy the experience
Judy Salvemini $20 Great cause Scott - well done!
Cathy Gardiner $25 You got this. I believe in you!
David Jolley $50 Will double it if you give me a piggy back all the way!
Future Urban $120 Enjoy the walk.
Jessamy Wood $100 Great cause, all the best Dino
Jordan Platis $50 Great milestone and great contribution. Enjoy the trek!
Mark Brownley $120 Pack blister packs ????
Tammy Cooper $40 Woo hoo!! You go team!!!! I love that you are doing this and am so happy to give my support. If there is any thing else I can do just shout out!!!
Peter Taylor $40 Go get em tiger ????????
Buildtec Group $500
Sarah Constructions $100 Well done Anna, sorry I could not join team Happy seeker this year.
Kate Fletcher $120 Go Sat! Walking for a great cause!
Sue Webb $25 You rock!
Alexandra Winwood $50 That’s a long walk! Great cause! Good Luck! X
MCCONNELL DOWELL CONSTRUCTORS (AUST) PTY LTD $100 Well done Anna, such an inspiration to us all xx
Sam Powell $90 Determined with everything you set your mind to!
Marnie Herbertson $100 Good on you love. Great cause. Call me!!! X
Kirsty Allison $50 Such a great cause to support Sarah. As challenging as it’ll be, I hope you really enjoy it.
Sue Kirkwood $120
Cook Building $200 Good luck everyone!
Brown Falconer $300 All the best Anna!
Leah Bagnell $40 Go Sarah, you amazing lady! ????
sarah kirkwood $100
David Tiller $25 Good Luck Adam
Danielle Doherty $50 Great cause, Adam!
Luke Faranda $50 Good luck mate!
DKWEST $50 Great work mate
Goliath Solar & Electrical $50 Love your work
Rosemary Hallam $25 Good luck Adam!
Elizabeth Armstrong $75 Good Luck Adam, love Liz and Grandma
Jacinta Tallarida $50 What a great cause - good luck!
Joshua Carosi $50 Enjoy the Serenity, Good Luck!
Ouwens Casserly Real Estate $100 Good Luck!
Jill Thomas $120 One foot infront of the other!
Deborah Stemberger $120 You go girl
Peter Sicari $25 Good luck
Yasasa Tennakoon $25 Good luck!
Ryan Peremiczko $50 Bravo G.
Lucid Consulting Australia $100
Heath Bayly $50 Outstanding work General
Melanie Greaves $50 You can do it!!
Kim Thomas $25 Good Luck Adam
Patricia Greaves $25
Walter Brooke & Associates Pty Ltd $250 Walter Brooke are proud to contribute to such a worthy cause. Best wishes for your trek!
Scott Bell $200
Sensum $30 Happy walking Daniel!
Simon McCarthy $25 Best of luck Daniel. You're doing a great thing!
Nick Strongman $150
Anonymous $50 Nice work Daniel. One small step...........
Pat McDonald $100 Great effort Daniel! Love your work!


Name Total
Chris Bate $11,000
Henry Meaney $8,775
Dino Vrynios $5,010
Anna Roussos $3,595
sarah kirkwood $2,430