Raised of $15,000 Goal

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer after taking the test that comes through the post on that mid-life milestone birthday. What a gift! I was so grateful that a simple test gave me a diagnosis that I would otherwise have been completely unaware of. Like so many others, I had no symptoms whatsoever. I am passionate about the work of the Jodi Lee Foundation and it’s focus on raising awareness and prevention of bowel cancer. Simple things like knowing your family history, making healthy choices and testing can make all the difference, so let’s raise more funds to help them spread the word far and wide. I feel slightly intimidated by the 75km distance, but your welcome support is all the motivation that Robbo’s Ramblers need to meet the challenge. Let’s do this!


From Amount Message
Thomson Philanthropy $200 A long story Kate - these are the proceeds of a whisky challenge on our recent trip. Love from all your Lifecycle friends, D
David and Susan Greenaway $200 Kate, it is great to support you on this endeavour. Best wishes, David and Susan (Greenaway)
Jenny Rolf $30 Truly inspiring Kate, Ive read every post with tears in my eyes. Hope the blisters are not too bad. Sending you and Nick lots of love xxx
Karen Costanzo $110 Proud of you Kate what an amazing achievement to complete the trek x
Catherine Stephenson $25 Well done Kate, you’re amazing! Love Cath, Phil, Ella and Ben xxxx
Gaylene Dale $25
Anonymous $50 Tassie walk6800
Pam WOLF $50 Walking in Tassie
Anonymous $20
alice herbon $50 It is inspiring watching your journey - you can do it!
Tanakrit Daengdej $50
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $25 Amazing effort!!
Karen Brady $40 Thinking of you and your family, Kate. You are such an inspiration xx
Andy Phelan $50 Fantastic effort Kate!
Christine Zollo $50
Ketrah Parsonage $75 Kick cancer’s butt Kate!! Your strength and determination is amazing! and In Memory of a good friend Nick, taken too soon..
Louisa Brown $60 Amazing challenge to take on Kate and for a great cause. Good luck finishing and wishing you all the best, Louisa x
Natalie Gibbs $25 Travel well Kate! Your an inspiration x
Toni Spinks $60 Walking for you in Tassie
Melanie O'Brien $60
Mon Saunders Consulting $100 Kate, I have been so proud of the way you have embraced every challenge that this illness has thrown at you. Continue being you and showing us how to kick butt! Good luck this weekend.
Sumeena Keshow $50 with you all the way!
Thrive Marketing and Communications $50 Cheering you on in complete awe! You have always been and continue to be an incredible inspiration Kate. Go well! X
Anthony Koutoulis $100
Marisa Unerkov $50 Go Kate! You are amazing
Kimberley Kingsborough $50 Sore feet but brimming hearts. I hope it’s an incredible experience Kate xox
Suzie8 Smith $25 Go Kate, you're incredible ????
Joy Prior $50 Your never one to not take on any challenge in front of you - good luck to your feet! Always supporting you from my heart.
Yiota Pardoe $50 You have got this Kate! Your journey is so inspirational to many.⚘
Douglas Thomson $40
Genevieve Sanchez $25 You're amazing Kate x
Craig Barling $100
Ab Ab $200
Ab Ab $200
Ab Ab $200
Hayley Youels $50 Thinking of you Kate and wishing you all the best for the trek!!
Jacqui Patiniotis $60 Excited to be part of a great cause with such wonderful people! X
Performance Automobiles $120 Go Kate !
Janine Uhlman $50 All the best facing this challenge Kate!
Angela Rankine $60 Kate you are an inspiration. Thanks for shining a light on this terrible disease. The free screening is easy and inexpensive, yet so many people overlook this.
Kate Darian-Smith $120 Go, Kate!
Anonymous $60
Ann Kile $50 A health issue that hits close to home for me Kate as both my parents were treated for bowel cancer. You are fighting a great fight on all levels. x
Anna Raff $50 Well done Kate with all of the training and getting there. Now you just have to enjoy the walk.
Ireneinc Planning $500
Anonymous $120 All the very best for this Kate! Jane
Anita Clements $60
Terese Fiedler $60 Thinking of everyone on their trek!
Rick Inglis $50 Go Kate, and enjoy the scenery!!
Erin Mahoney $40 Pound that pavement!
Enter an organization $80 You are such an inspiration Kate! Best of luck with the walk - and fingers crossed for a beautiful Barossa weekend.
Sarah Pestrucci $25 You've got this Kate! Sending you lots of love and support.
Lee Whiteley $120 Supporting a great cause and a great person. Hope the 75km is all flat Kate!
David and Jenny Brown $180 At least you won't have to trek across Three Continents, Cloggsie
Sanja Profirovic $100 Your strength is amazing, Kate. You've got this!
Anne Lloyd-Jones $40 Best of luck Kate! Will be thinking of you and sending strength.
CLC Advisory Pty Ltd $150 Good luck Kate! You've got this x
Matt Prosser $75 Kate Go for it, you are so inspiring! Sending lots of love to you. Cheryl x & Matt x
Tiffanae Andrewartha $100 You rock!! Love you xx
Jules and Ian Richards $100 Dear Kate, you are an inspiration and such a beautiful soul. Go gently on the trek and look after yourself. Cheering for you all, love Jules and Ian xx
Wendy Cranefield $50 Go Kate, what an absolute inspiration, journeying to provide support for others. May you have the strength, support to smash this, as you take each step knowing you are raising money for others, and raising awareness too for bowel cancer. What we see is you making every moment count! Take Care, walking, knowing you are bringing light to others. Loads of love The Cranefields x
Tania Warren $100 Best of luck Kate with your amazing challenge. You are an inspiration.
Ian Barton $180 Get Nick to give you a piggy back when it gets tough - by my reckoning that is about 15 km in!! Very best of British! Lots of love Ian
Anonymous $100 Even though I have never met you personally Kate, our sons used to be at School together so that is enough connection for me. Best Wishes for your Walk. You are truly inspirational. Hope to meet one day soon. Kind Regards Judy and James
46 - 55 $50 Good luck Kate!
Louise Clark $40 Good luck Kate :)
Amanda Bennett $50 Good luck
Debra Jones $50
Michaela Lightfoot $40 Best of luck with your walk Kate!
Jane Richards $40
University of Tasmania $100 I just hope your shoes are comfortable :) Walk Strong!
Anna Beattie $40 You've got this - wishing you and Son all the very best!
Liz Doolin $50
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $200 Good Luck Kate!
Emily Drewniak $50 Go Kate! You got this!
Peter Brown $100 Thinking of you Kate. Your energy is unstoppable!
Lorna Gibbs $20 You're amazing Kate. Good luck with the walk xx
Allie Howard $40 You are an inspiration Kate. One foot in front of the other and you’ll complete this journey no doubt with the same spirit as the previous paths you’ve already travelled. Best wishes, Allie
Becky Harris $10 Kate You are inspirational x
Tonja Goddard $40 Walk strong
Fiona Brady $40 Well done, Kate. So inspirational!
Susanne Henry $100 Sent with love and hugs xo
Adelaide Marshall $40 It was lovely meeting you and doing the last leg of the walk to Roslyn with you and Esther last Sunday.
Anonymous $50
Ashley Gabriel $50 A brilliant cause and challenge you are undertaking. A true inspiration! Love the Gabriel family x
Theresa Lamitie $280 Dear Kate, Simply typing your name calls up your incredible smile and infectious laugh, which we miss very much, and will no doubt serve you well on your 74km hike. Thank you for doing this trek to raise awareness and resources. You are an awesome fundraiser and an incredible human. We hope you come away with great stories and no blisters. We will come to Australia to see you as soon as we can. Love, Teri and Dave
Anthea Bowler $50 Kate, you always respond to challenges with grit, determination and humour. Your positivity and leadership is inspirational. Enjoy the training as you explore the beauty around you. Anthea xxx
Patricia Allison $20 You can do this wonder woman ????
Anonymous $100 Kate, you've cycled the UK from top to bottom (or was it bottom to top?) on a heavy bike with borrowed clothes, this might just be a doodle. Francine & Martin
Frankie Ashton $150
Kate Kain $100 You truly are an incredibly brave person! Really admire your resilience and determination! Good luck gorgeous girl and the ramblers! Love john and kate kain
Susan Logan $120 Go girl! Such an inspiration in all ways. Love you.
Ursula Callaghan $30 Kate, I am so so sorry to hear that your cancer has made a home with you. I see your posts of your family adventures and am always inspired by your love of life and how you all grasp it with two hands. You are inspirational in regular life as well as in this battle. I read your post with disbelief having thought how well you look and how beautiful with your short hair. Good luck with your walk. I will never complain about having a blister again thinking about you walking through that pain. You go girl. Sending lots of love to you. Ursula xxx
Anonymous $150 Dear Kate, You are a champ! So sorry we can’t do the walk with you . Have fun and keep walking! . Xx Daiva and Damien
Mac and Nicola Macdonald $30 What an amazing challenge for an amazing woman! Go for it Kate. Xx
Anonymous $20 Gutsy move Kate and good on you! Cheers Breda
Janet Spry $25 Kate, you are amazing.
Michael Sirko $25 Great stuff Kate. I wish I could give more.
Nequi Jaffer $120 Kate, you've already raised my awareness and that of many others who care deeply about you. Good luck with the trek -- as always, I know you'll be a star.
Sam Clark $180 From my parents and my mother in law and in memory of Brian as well as supporting you x
Jen Murnaghan $50 You are an inspiration Kate! You really do epitomise the saying “Carpe Diem” x
Al McDougall $60 Best of luck Kate - with your resilience and positive mindset you will do 75km with ease!!
Teresa Steele $50 Kate, you are amazing and inspiring! Good luck with the trek! With love to you Nic and boys! Xx
Suzanne Hodgson $50 You are, always have been, and always will be, amazing. Good luck with the challenge! X
Kelly Taylor $100 Kate you are such an inspiration! Your "can do" attitude shines through in everything you do. Wishing you lots of luck, I'm sure you'll smash it. Love from Kelly, David, Maddie & James xxx
Richard Smith $100 Go for it Kate! We’re full of admiration, and with you (in spirit!) every step of the way. With much love from Richard, Mary and all our family
Fran Pennant $100 Dearest Kate You’re a legend! If only the Lorne St girls could fly out and hike alongside you! Sending all our love from the UK! Franny xxxx
Ruth Dancer $90 Kate, I’m in awe, you’re an inspiration. Take it steady. x
Jess Toogood $40 ❤️❤️
Liz Campbell $100 You are a such an inspiration Kate x
Andrea McKinnon-Matthews $100 Your energy and positive approach to life is truly inspirational. Much love to you and yours ❤
Sylvia Hillier $50 Always smiling! Stay strong and safe with your crew. Very inspiring as usual. Love the Hilliets
Redpoint PR $200 Hi Kate. Best of luck with your fundraising and challenge and hopefully we will get a chance to meet up soon. Simon
Steve Ross $120 You’ve got this, one step at a time! Get it done!!
Jacqui Jenkins $100 Stay strong
Georgie Upton $100 Such a brave lady living life to the fullest! Thinking of you Kate, Nic and boys x
James Punshon $50 All the best Kate. Always thinking of you, Nick and the boys.
Elspeth Gilfillan $90
Renee Monaghan $120 Love you dearly x
Edward del Monte $280 Unstoppable courage as always Kate. You are inspiring as always pushing the limits to help others. Here is to you smashing your goal. Sending you huge amounts of positive energy, love and hugs x
Rebecca Foster $100 Courage under fire, as ever, Kate. What a privilege to contribute x
Sarah & John Lindsay $50 Sending lots of love to you Kate XX
Anonymous $300 We love you Kate! Love from the Neohs
Simon Pennington $120 In awe of you Kate, best of luck and best best wishes. This walk looks beautiful
Nicola Banks $40 Sending you the biggest hugs , you are all in our thoughts . Lots of love Nic ????
Miranda Starke $100 You’re truly inspiring Kate!
ROSLYN 1823 $200 Childhood memories and guinea pigs: something to ponder on when the trek gets harder. I will be thinking of you, Esther
Kay Fyfe $120 Dear Kate Glad to hear you have a dedicated team around you to walk this distance & a nice supply of comfy shoes. You are a wonderfully strong person and an inspiration to this excellent charity. Sending positive thoughts & prayers of support. There is sure to be a gin distillery on this walk for medicinal purposes? x x
David Ouchterlonie $25 You'll smash it!!
Wasim Chaudry $40 What an inspiration you are! You got this x
Helen Orman $120 .Good luck Kate!
Joy Vogt $25 Very inspirational Kate! Good luck for your challenge and look forward to updates. Take care Joy x
Elisabeth Bultitude $40 Thinking of you Kate, so brave. Load yourself with blister pads. Good luck, love Nigel and Elisabeth
Anonymous $100
Helen ODonnell $40 Go Kate!
Corne’ Le Grange $50 You are an inspiration Kate!!!♥️Living and enjoying every moment life has to offer. You and your family touched our lives in so many ways in the short time we’ve known you. We feel Blessed!!!♥️????????????xx
Mary Mcarthur $120 One step at a time. Good luck!
Robert Fleming $50 Sending much love and best wishes for your trek.
Marina Chebotenko $50 Sending lots of love, from Marina, Danny and Vitaliy
Hannah Bone $50 Love you Kate, all strength to you and enjoy the long walk!
Steve Wright $40 All the best and lots of love to a wonderful friend. Will be right there cheering you on and as in Lifecycle challenges I know you will cross the line. Xxxx
lbsa $120 We love you Kate !!!!!
Elaine Ehmann $50 Great job Kate x Elaine
Amanda Wynne-jones $40 You are an inspiration ! Keep fighting xx
Sarah Bell $500
Kim Harvey $100 You are such an inspiration Kate ❤️ All the best with the walk - we’ll be cheering you on from Adelaide! Love, Kim and Paul xx
Patricia Hattingh $120 Sending love
Corné Arnold $50 With lots of love from Peet, Corné, Carl & Ivan. We will be cheering you on Kate!
Kerrie-Anne Stone $50 Hi Kate, sending some love, motivation and positive vibes your way! If I was close by, I’d do this with you, instead when I run my trail next time here on the coast I’ll be thinking of you. This cancer is unfair and shitty but stay strong as I know you will xxx
Ann Badger $120 Dear Kate Inspirational! Philanthropy is a great enabler and a small way in which we can support you and others. Every step of your walk will be supported by family and friends. Love Ann Badger
Catriona Neil-Dwyer $50 With lots of love, Tin, Leo and Abbie x
Amy Johnson $100 You continue to inspire and amaze me Kate with your strength, courage and positivity! Sending love, I’m sure you’ll get through the trek better than most with your fighting spirit! Amy xx
Naomi Davidson $50 Love from all the Davidson’s!! Xx
Victoria Collinge $50 Go Kate! Sending love and support for this epic trek. Xxx
Danielle Klein Photography $50 Dear Kate, I have no doubt you will rock this Trek, with or without blisters! Loved our time working together a couple of years back, Tassie is so lucky to have you. Much love, Dani xxx
Amber Forrest $50 Love you Kate. I hope that you enjoy every step as much as we enjoy you and your beautiful heart. Thank you for being in our world. We will be cheering you on.Always, Amber, Dik, Flo and Alice xx
Helen Moore $50 Dear Kate Good luck for the walk and on raising awareness for such a good cause. You are such a positive and inspirational person and I so admire your attitude. Sending lots of love (and virtual bandaids for blisters!) Take Care. Helen
David and Emma Robinson $280 Sending you all our love
Kirsty MacDonald $500 Sending love and admiration