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I first learnt about the Jodi Lee Foundation and Jodi's story at a presentation by Nick Lee at my workplace. Jodi lost her battle with bowel cancer at just 41. I was 41 at the time and from that moment on I've been inspired to take active steps towards leading a healthier life, exploring my own family history and I've been actively involved with the foundation.

Let's TREK SA to raise awareness of bowel cancer and inspire more people to; be healthy & active, explore their family history, act on symptoms, and to take a screening test.

Register at https://app.jodileefoundation.org.au/events/the-jlf-trek-sa-2020 and join Team Matty J.

The JLF Trek SA in 2020 is special as it's the 10th anniversary year of the foundation.

In 2020, it's forecasted that nearly 17,000 people will be diagnosed with bowel cancer. Tragically bowel cancer claims an Australian life every two hours. It's the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in Australia. The better news is that bowel cancer can be prevented if you are proactive about your health and screen regularly. If detected early, up to 90% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated.

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