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We are a mother, sister, partner, aunties & cousins walking 80kms over 2 days to raise much needed funds to rasie awareness and help in the prevention of Bowel Cancer and for those Bowel Cancer sufferers diagnoised with the BRAF mutation; a CURE!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
SA Power Networks Employee Foundation $3,000
Rita Windle $75 Rita and Friends
Robyn Taylor $50
SA Power Networks Employee Foundation $6,800
City of Adelaide $100
Seb Grose $30 Awesome effort Paula!!!
Philip Chrysostomou $25 claaaaaaaaaaaamtastic
CoA CoA $360
Anonymous $50
James Clarke $50 Great work team!
Anonymous $2,000 To all those who have suffered and to all those who support them.
Chrissy Higham $120 So proud of you all
Liz Hislop $50 Amazing effort Paula and family!
Alice Buss $50 So inspired by you beautiful, strong, amazing women!! Luke would be so proud of his girls ❤️ All my love, Ali xx
Javi Moreno $100 Love you!
Jenni Carr $50 Great effort for an important cause. ⭐️
Bec Rutschack $25 Go Paula! Hope you don't need those plastic bags!
Daniel Bennett $50 Congrats on smashing your goal and good luck with the walk xx
Liz Noble $80 Good luck Rhiannon, thinking of you. Love Dave, Liz & Family xx
Victoria Waddell $50 Go girls xxx
toby sowton $40
Helen Dand $25 Good luck girls! We are there with you in spirit! Hxx
Elaine Leung $50 All the best. Wish I was with you! xo
Daniel Bell $155
Alison Wood $264 From all of our amazing friends - Ballads and Bands Fundraising Night... with love.
Jesse Francis $50
James Hamilton $50 Great work guys!!
Anna Jackson $40 Great work, Ali and team! Hope you find the JLF trek inspiring. We are happy to support this important cause. Good luck! Anna & family xoxo
N/a $40 Go Paula and the other girls
Armstrong Wines $100 I’m sure it will be a walk to remember Margot!! Have fun with your incredible supportive family. Well done to all of you ❤️
Olivia Moore $25
Barbara Page $250 You are all amazing wild women. I Love you all and thinking of Luke barb
Abby Mortimer $30
Tanya Withers $40 You are inspiring Wild Women! Thanks for your focus and all power to you for your mammoth walk ahead xx
Nicholas Perilli $25 You go girls!
Dora Heyzer $50 All the best Paula Leske & fellow wild women - great effort to support this important cause
Shirley McDonald $20 God bless and love always from Shirley and Jack xx
Luke Noble $50 Lots of love from Luke and Sunny xx
Christie & Ash Campbell $50 ♥️
Caroline Scappatura $50 All the best Rhi! xx
Emma and Josh Frank $30
Cathy Trinder $50 Walking with you xx
Anonymous $10
Charlotte Newsome $20 Good luck on your trek!
Anonymous $50
Matt Pearce $500 Well done team for a very worthy cause. Proud of you all!
Therese Bussell $25 Go Paula!
Dixie Sulda $50 Lots of love xxx
Jade Sendy $50 You got this Rhinee! So proud of you girls xxx
Annie MacDonald $50 Con - what else can I say but good luck! You guys will kick butt!
Robert Stewart $40 You go girls!
Emma Beckett $25 Good Luck Con x
Maddie and Todd Frew $50 Good luck!!
Diana Hielbig $50 Que linda y gran tarea !, Las voy estar acompanando!!
Christian Puccini $25 80km.....Great work!
Glen Brooks $40 Wow long walk. Good work Alison.
Luke and Sarah Page $120 So proud to call these beautiful women family! xx
Anonymous $50 Good work Con. All the best.
Toby Porter $50 Get those little legs moving Con !! Lots of love - Toby & Jo
Lincoln Ridley $50 Great work Con, enjoy the walk
Michelle starr $25 Well done Ali....hoping ang praying that a cancer free future is possible for our kids generation x
Melissa Probert $20 You are an inpsiration as always Ally x
Melissa Wiltshire $60 I know this cause is so close to your heart. Your nephew would be so proud of you all. Lots of love always.
Paula Norman $100 For you and for your beautiful nephew. You are proud of him and he would love you for everything you are doing xxxxxxx
Philip Jeffries $40 Good luck Con and team
Rebekah Prestwood $25 Good Luck Con and family
Toni Szarszewski $50 Good luck Con!
d'Arenberg $15 Wonderful cause, good luck girls <3
Amy Rowsell $50 Well done ladies xx
Tess McMaster $30 Good luck for the trek Rhi! x
Anonymous $10 Xxxx
Jakki Glen $10
Lauren Kelly $30 Rhi and family/team, Your strength and determination is something the boys and I admire and I only hope they share the same strength and passion you all do for raising awareness about a cause so close to your hearts and family. Love, Peter, Lauren, Jack and Heath XX
Vanessa Wright $30 Good work Rhi and good luck!! xx
Individual $120 Great initiative! We will be sending all the best energies for the race!!! Kisses!!!!
Kat, Damo & Bodhi Williamson $50 Goodluck Rhiza - we’re so proud of you xx
Denis Hegarty $10
Amy Norberts $20 Amazing work Rhi! Good luck on the trek x
Lizzy Sarris $25 Hi Rhiannon, Good luck on the trek. My husband had bowel cancer so this is very close to our hearts xx
Amanda Kluge $5 Xx
Jade & Reece Blaschek $40 Awareness and funding is key to beating bowel cancer, goodluck on your trek xXx
Matt Woodrow $40
Tracey Curl $25 All the best Rhiannon. Love Curls xx
Alecia Wood $40 Well done Rhi. Proud of you xx
Dee-Termination Fitness $50
Lindsey Mcewen $150 Ya ladies!! Go Con!
Debbie Clancey $25 Good luck with the walk. Too many people lost to this diseaese. X
Sandra Hielbig $100 Un abrazo desde Chile
Aleisha Byles $100
Jack Walton $50 Walk on wild women.
Ebony Betar-Young $30
Little Acre $100 Go Con! Smash it babe x
Danielle Noble $40 You ladies are so inspiring ❤️
Dr $100
Dr $100


Name Total
rhiannon noble $860
Paula Leske $785
Consuelo Moreno $750
Alison Wood $320
Ellen Leske $205