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We want to help kick bowel cancer in the butt!

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Vicki Cox $207 Huge thanks to the team at The Physio Studio at Goodwood for their generous donation!
Melissa Arnold $150 Thank you to Dr Ganesh from Colorectal Surgery for his donation
Vicki Cox $30 Thanks to the anonymous donors from collection boxes at Colorectal Surgery
Anonymous $100 ;)
Elizabeth Paleologos $40 You are so amazing mel!! Truly an inspiration!!!
Riane Lourens $50 What a priviledge to tackle this challenge mum & daughter! So proud of you Mel, go get 'em!
Donna Hodgson $100 Good on ya Vicki!! You go girlfriend!!
vicki cox $20 thank you Lizzie Williams for your donation and support
vicki cox $33 thank you to marie and trevor, pat, and sharon for their combined donation
vicki cox $20 Thanks andrew cameron for your support
vicki cox $20 Thanks to doug and sue warren for their support
Abbie Staniford $40 You go girls!!! X
Chiara Reid $25 Sorry it’s taken me so long to donate, but better late than never. Doing a beautiful thing girls for a great cause..!
Amy Apold $25 You go girls! Good luck, I’ll be cheering you on xx
Hannah Bell $45 Love Hannah and Charlie xo
Rebekka Cameron $25 Superstars! xx
Anonymous $10 Thank you Pam Peacock for the donation!
Elizabeth Rennison $40 Woo go ladies!
Melissa Arnold $20 Thank you to Julian Ciesluk for his support
Melissa Arnold $50 Thank you to Elizabeth Mazzei for her support
Karen Fanto $50 Well done ladies! Have a great time!
Nicolle Wait $20 Enjoy the trek girls
Nicolle Wait $20 Enjoy the trek girls
Julie Howarth $40 Great cause, well done ladies. x
vicki cox $275 We wish to acknowledge Colorectal Surgery for their generous support in contributing to our registration fees, with sincere thanks!


Name Total
Melissa Arnold $145
vicki cox $100