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Doing our bit to raise awareness and funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation.

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Name Amount Message
Rob Calaby $275 Good job Emma
Michelle Jaeschle $40 Enjoy your walk Diesy, you are a super star xx
Gabrielle Jones $40 Good luck team.
Erica & Trev Calaby $100 Congratulations Robbie & Diesy and the team. Great effort again. Enjoy the walk.
Anonymous $20 Weldone Calaby your a legend
Katie Liebelt $25 Good luck Mel - great cause x
Elyssa Aucote $30
Melissa Smith $40
Michelle & Colin Edmondson $160 Thanks for the wood, walking and fundraising!
Rob Calaby $381 Thanks for joining us at the Spring Gully Classic
Rob Calaby $275 Thanks everyone for joining us at the Spring Gully Classic
Rob Calaby $180 Thanks Everyone that joined us for the Spring Gully Classic
Mellissa Helbig $60 Mel and Phoebes walking fee.
Mark Menadue $25 Go you good thing!!!
Alanna Marlow $120 Keep up the good work Mel!
Marg Coles $60
Rob Calaby $60 See you on Sunday for the Spring Classic Rob & Pauline Calaby
Diesy ODriscoll $30
Genna Chapman $30 Good Luck Em, Diesy, Rob and Mel!!
Trish Byerlee $30 Good luck Mel
Emily Gill $5
Michelle & Colin Edmondson $100 Thanks for walking again this year - great effort!
Sami’s Bra styling $30 Don’t forget to change your socks! Lol. You’re gonna nail it! xx
Helen Zanette $320
Emily Gill $25 Good luck Mel. You will do well.


Name Total
Mel Helbig $1,055
Rob Calaby $620
Diesy O'Driscoll $580
Emma Faint $501