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We are taking part to challenge our middle aged bodies and our willingness to push some boundaries. Prevention, awareness and fundraising for a great cause inspired by someone great in our local community.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Tony Young $50
Bronwyn Newman $50 Great work Tommy! Love Lyally, Bron and Ajay xx
Michele Liddy $40 A great achievement Andrew, and for a great cause.
James O'Loughlin $100 Better late than never!!!!
Mic Webster $100 Great work hot stuff
Dr Enzo Ricci $120 Good luck Anth! Well done - Brilliant cause.
Sarah Beresford $30 Go hard AB!
Nicholas Dunstan $50 Go Patty!
Peter Lyall $50 Good luck Tim!
Peter Lyall $50
Peter Lyall $100 Good luck Anth!
Melinda Hubbard $40 Best of luck and happy walking!
Andrew Wallace $100 Good luck mate. This cause is close to me - very worthy.
Penelope Kari $50 Happy Walking!
Michael Grech $25 Good luck AB! It's only pain.
Grace Heffernan $30 Good luck xxx
Rachael Murphy $25 Good luck
Anonymous $25 It is a great cause - good luck!
Anonymous $80
Thomas Ruddy $25 Good luck AB
Anonymous $250
Sally Tregenza $150 Walk hard! Enjoy the time away from family duties
Sarah & Dom Walsh $120 Good luck ABB, great cause too xx
Peter Britten-Jones $40
Marianne Christopoulos $20 Good luck!!
Anonymous $40 go son!
Clare Murphy $280 It’s a great cause - hoping for fine weather and no injuries!!
Judy Kay $100 Go brother brother! Look forward to hearing about it after the big event. J xo
Richard Ward $100 Give Kev and I a call if you need help on the run home !!!
1967 $50
kevin whitford $200
Tracey Moulds $50 good luck, great effort
Rachel Whitford $100 Hope you enjoy the walk...maybe this will inspire you to take up marathon running!
S and P Cox $50 Well done and good luck, Simon and Penny
Fiona Ingram $40 Safe travels to you and all the boys. Wonderful cause.
Sam Doyle $40 Good work Anth !
Family Daw $20
Hotty & Tash Hancock $100
Anonymous $200 Love your work Anthony, well done, good cause my friend.
Leydon Family $100 Just think how good that cold beer will taste when you finish - Go Anth!
Jim King $100 Good luck
Tom Davies $50
Tom Davies $50
Jack Davies $100 Wishing you a lot more success than the Demons have had this year.
Caroline Davies $100 Hope you have fun
Glyn Davies $100 Good luck!
Glyn Davies $100 Good luck!
John Kain $100
Kerry Higgins $30 Great cause! Good luck.
Anonymous $25
Miss $10 Go Sam!
Jessica Jenkins $50
Lang Foundation $250 Looking forward to seeing you on the track! Happy walking
Helga Baxter $50 Happy Trekking Sam!
Ian Helmore $40 Enjoy the trek!
Peter & Pauline Wallace $50 Go Tommy Crow Go!
Crosby Dalwood $20 A cause close to my heart after loosing my dear friend in November to Colon Cancer at the young age of 36.
Crosby Dalwood $50 Great work for a worthy cause Sam!
Nicole Devlin $50 What a wonderful cause Tom. You will smash the trek. Love the Devlin’s xx
Paul and Jenny Sexton $100
Tom Sexton $50
Patrick Davies $100
Anthony Davies $50


Name Total
Anthony Davies $1,650
Tom Sexton $650
Patrick Davies $550
Tim Heffernan $550