Raised so far

After talking with Nick Lee we were very inspired to get Perks involved and support this great foundation. We were very touched by both Nick and Hugo's story and really wanted to get involved and help out in any way we could.


Name Amount Message
The Lang Foundation $500
Anna Nolan $20 Well done Bruce!
Brown & Associates Commercial Lawyers $100
Anonymous $50
David Bailey $40
Burnside Physiotherapy $50 Go Bruce, what a great cause.
Burnside Physiotherapy $50 Good on you Mark
Melanie Chaplin $120 Good on you Catlin, love the Chaps xx
Gavin Upiter $50 I want to hear you story and hope its as eventful as NY marathon! Well done!
Majella Jovanovich $50 Well done, Chloe.
Wayne Jeffries $25 Bit late but well done.
Linh Bui $50
Bronwyn Newman $50 Great work Bruster! Love Bron and Greg xx
Jon Sheldrick $50 Great stuff
Christopher McSporran $100 Good work Rooster
Sonia Kolpak $20 Wishing you a successful trek and hope the blisters stay away x
Mick Davidson $50 Hi Bruce, Good luck with trek, see you soon - Mick
Mary-Ann Royle $40 Congrats Eddie Bell
Conny Wilson $40 Go well Pat.
Greg Perks $250 Great thing to do Mark Very worthwhile charity.
TAL Life Ltd $500 Amazing effort Eddie. From the team at TAL
Kate Robertson $100 Well done Jo. Now go rest those legs! From Kate and Nic xx
Jamie Punshon $25 Just remember Jo, one foot in front of the other and the slogan “I’m not dead yet”.
Jess Midson $50 :) :) Goodluck!!!!
We mn Lahore Rd Phsio $40 Good on you and good luck Fiona!! Such a great cause Kirst x
Alicia Kroschel $100 I'm so glad you are doing this!! :)
Susan Clements $50 Your a legend my friend Bruce!!
Em and Brendan Daw $20 Go Bruce x
Simone Larwood $40 Well done Pat!
Anonymous $50
D & M Kakogianis $50 Good on you Stefan xx
ortc Clothing Co. $150 Good on ya cob. Great effort.
Anonymous $25 Very best of luck Tyson !
Samantha Cary $5
Susan Jones $20 Proud of you, from Ma-in-Law x
Napier Blakeley $100 Good work Pat.
United Chemists $200 Well done Pat
John Heinrich $40 Go Pat!! Hope you don’t get too many blisters!
Tim Sanders $40
Ryan Whitaker $50 Love you both x
Charlie Barker $25 Go Uncle Hen!
Carolyn Dixon $40 Good luck chloe
Lee Virgin $120 Go for it Pat!!
Henrik Valentin $250 you are a champ!
Jarrad Corletto $20 Great stuff brother!!
P Saint & Co $250 Good Luck Patty!!
Honeyweb $50
George Karam $150
Jennifer Montefiore $50
Kate Hele $40
Anonymous $40 Go Bruce
Cathy Hubbard $50 You go girl!
Sue Pak $40 Fantastic cause - all the best for the walk.
Cathy Love $2,500 Great work pat Best wishes
Alex Marateo $10 Good stuff little fella
Drummond Golf $500 Good luck mate...!!!!
Josie Hannan $50 All the best x
Amanda Stott $50 Great cause. Good luck and enjoy it xx
Kate Clarke $30 Good luck! Xo
Chloe Grosse $50 Good Luck Sarah! Such a good cause! X
Claudia Viale $30 Wishing you all the best.
Anonymous $50 You’ve got this Sarah!
David Francis $40
bendigo Bank $50 All the best Bruce
BRI Ferrier SA $250 Good luck Bruce
Jon Clarke $120 Good luck with a great cause
1970 $200 Good luck mate !
Alexis Lebedew $50 I feel it would be more prudent to donate money NOT to do it.
Zerella Fresh $280 Go hard Pat, Enjoy Cheers Mark&Fi
Peks Wealth Management Pty Ltd $10 Great work Sarah!!
Stephen Boddington $50
PPI Funds Management $200 Good luck Pat
Finlaysons Lawyers $120 Good luck Pat. All the best, Finlaysons Lawyers
Jim Moularadellis $200
Joggers World $100 Hey Pat!! Wishing you all the best and no doubt those Asics shoes will get you to the end in complete comfort. Great charity and good luck. On behalf of Gia, Tom, Jack, Abby, and Josh.
Mr $40 Hey Pat. Good luck mate. I know you can do it. Catch up with you in August
Rick Basheer $50
Anonymous $40
Anonymous $145
Anonymous $280 All the best Pat ! Warmest regards David Lewis
Skip Lipman $100
Mr. $75
Neige Pty Ltd $100
Pridal Services $25 Great cause mate:) Well done
John Marshall $50 COYG! Good luck and go hard. Full gas all the way matey!
Zimmcom $100 Good Luck!
Gemma Robertson $20 GOOD LUCK xx
1962 $40 Just because you are a very cool guy and it is a good cause x
Stuart Long $25 Good Luck mate.
Straight Smile Centre $100 Good luck Bruce. I am looking forward to the post event report:)
1969 $100 Go Paddy go from your biggest supporters at home base xx
Sonia Ferrari $50 Have fun!
Anonymous $100 Best of luck Bruce. From the team at The International Spine Centre
bzPay $120
George Georges $100 Good luck Bruce! Great cause.
Jackie Bessell $50 Go Bruce!
David Montebello $40 All the best for the walk Bruce. Good work being involved!
David Hargreaves $50 All the best mate, enjoy your walk!
Taylor Lindner $25 GOOD LUCK
Jessica Combe $50 Go Belinda! We’re so proud of you! Xx Jessie & Adam
Mrs $50 Good luck
Tony combe $50 Go Belinda! You can do it!
Toni Vozzo $50 Great cause!
Soriano Constructions $50 Good Luck - 80Km wow! Great Cause mate!
Ben Dahmke $25
Kristy Smyth $10
DDMI Consulting Pty Ltd $50 Good luck and best wishes - a great cause
Mason Gray Strange $100 Go you “LOUD” Pom
Jan Jackson $25 Good luck with the walk Bruce thank you for your great contribution to this cause.
George Capozzi $25 Good luck Stickie! Well done mate.
Toop&Toop $25
Angela Debenham $40 Don’t trip
ExpertsDirect $100 GO BRUCE!
Favourite SisterInLaw $20 Nice work Old Man! Keep it going!
Charlotte Debenham $25 RUN SLUT RUN
Moira Armstrong $50 Good luck Uncle Brucie, have fun, make sure you take some blister plasters!!! The Devon Gang! xxxxxx
SF & CL Best $25 Good luck Chloe
Prospect Conveyancing $50 Proud of you!
Jessica Zhang $10
Perks Wealth Management $10
Tea Tree gully golf club $100 Wishing u a pain free 80k walk
Tea Tree gully golf club $230 Good luck Georga from the boys @ Tea Tree Gully G.C
Maria Cavallo $50 Well done Bruce!
Christine Kikianis $25 Good luck stef,
Natasha Hallett $50
Deanne Tonkin $25
Connie Macri $25 You go girl!!
Geoff Atkinson $10 Great stuff Bruce both with the tipping and the fundraising/trek. I hope you're doing the 80km. Go Gunners in Baku
Rhiana Bretlen $20 Go Brit!! X
Michael Fotheringham $50
Amy Mills $20
James McGuffog $50 You will earn every cent this weekend!
Carol Lindner $50 Good luck Chloe, Love the Lindner girls xx
Tinashe Kamangira $500 All the best Bruce!!
Dragana Trbovic $20
Lauryn Barrie $50 Good luck Paddle! Can't wait to hear about your sock strategy
Perks $20 Go Bel!
Stephen Branch $10 Well done, Bruce. On the trek and the tipping comp. :)
Jesyka Tually $20 Good luck Bel!
Carmen Webber $45 Good luck Sarah! Love Mum, Nan & Gramps
Mark Trewartha $25 Good effort Stick. Well done mate!
Chassis Tech & Suspension $100 Take it one step at a time
ZebraVet $500 Go Team Perks! From Team ZebraVet! xoxo
Phil Webster $10 Good Luck Bruce EPL
Marie Cox $50 Good luck Belinda, have fun!! Xx
Chris tselentis $10 Best of luck to the EPL tipping champ from Chris T
Anonymous $40
Jonathan Howarth $100 Good luck Bruce!
Anonymous $95 I agree ....... Bruce you are an unbelievable legend ....... the Pink Flamingo will be flying high!!!
Anonymous $75 Bruce ..... you are an absolute legend!
Anonymous $56 Last minute best wishes from me and friends BE
Paul Griffin $100 Are you absolutely sure about this ?
One Path $450 From One Path
Tony Bongiorno $120
Westpac $10 Good luck Bruce!
Rhys Chapman $50 All the best Bruce - bowl cancer has been in my family for generations so I hope your cause is a step closer to the cure.
Jane Zadow $20 Hi Bruce Good to hear from you and to support a worthy cause. Hope that the weather is kind for you on the trek! Cheers Jane
Anonymous $20
Anthony Sexton $50
David Walters $120 Best of luck Rodders
James Moses $25 Good luck Bruce
Kathryn Watson $50
Anonymous $25 Best of Luck Bruce, seems that you have done the required training. Regards Craig
Joel (Belinda) Butler $10 i bet you $10 that you can beat the whole course in 3 hours. Good Luck Mum!! =)
Lisa Gianquitto $50 Well done B's !!! Enjoy your trekkin.... ❤ Love from the Gianquitto's xx
SeaLink Travel Group $100 Great cause Bruce. Enjoy the walk.
Joan Roper $40 God Bless
Kristy Martin $50 Go Stevie! It’s a great experience, smash it and try & forget the blisters!!
Steph Hamra $50 Good luck Brucey! Xox
Peter Britten-Jones $40
lyn wells $25 Good on you Tyson and a very happy birthday
John Patton $50 Bruce, Hope it goes really well. Good on you. John P
Karen Wong $50 Fantastic job supporting a great cause...GO STEVE!
Jeremy Sloan $25 Well done Bruce!
Mrs $40
Tanya Parker $25 Great cause Bruce. All the best on your trek, at least the weather is looking ok.
Mr $20 Well done Bruce!
Rosey Batt & Associates $120 Great effort Mark!
Cardiff Capital $100 Go Rodders! Cheers Paul McCarthy
Mr $40
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $50
Meyer Family Meyer $100 Go Bruce !!
Gray Puksand Pty Ltd $450 Best Wishes.
CCC Financial Solutions $100 Good luck!
Dunartin Capital Finance $50 Well Done
Peter Rupp $50 All the best Bruce - great cause
peter chester $50 Great effort Bruce ....even better to double up on the second day .
Jacqui Dunn $25 Great Job!!
Adco Legal Pty Ltd $120 Good luck Bruce!
shane soutter $40 Go Bruce!
PinnacleHPC Accountants $50 Good luck with the trek Bruce. Well done on raising funds to support such a great cause.
INGRAM ROTHE MIDSON CONVEYANCERS $25 Good Luck - hope not too cold a weekend.
Luis Orgaz $25 Good Job mate only a small donation but I’m about to Sell a kidney to get into the final in Madrid.
KordaMentha $100 Great cause Bruce!
Kirk Cheesman $50
Peter Ormandy $50 Well done Bruce!
Anonymous $100 Well done Bruce - Good Luck!
N/A $50 Flamingo try to stay on two legs during the process
Jarrod Thorn $50 Well done Bruce....Next Challenge will have to be to run a marathon ;)
Michael SAMPSON $100
Jason Oster $50
Stuart Starr $25 I thought you might have aimed for 500 miles! You'll never walk alone.
Solitaire Automotive $100 Good Luck!
David Simmons $50 Good Luck Mark, great cause.
JOHN CORNWALL $50 Happy 30th birthday Tyson - what a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Good on you and see you at Normanville!!! Love A Carol and U John
Jodie Goodwin $20 Go Sars! You can soooo do this! Wish I was joining you! Happy trekking! Jodes XXXX
Glynde hotel $150
nicole runciman $10 Awesome Sarah...Hope ypu enjoy the experience!
Knight Frank Valuations $100
Paul Day $80 Way to go Jen!
Jenny Medcalf $80 Great job Jen!
Patty & Peter Kakogianis $50 Good Luck with the walk! we will be with you every step of the way.
Flynn fabrication Services $50 We’re thinking of you and are sending you our support on this endeavor .
Mrs $20 Good on you Chloe - good luck!!
Anonymous $500
Michael Nugent $100
Elizabeth Fricker $100
Tim Sarah $120
Anonymous $100
Ian Southwood $100
Michael Fricker $100 Just think of your trek to South America when you and Johnny were sitting on the side of a mountain exhausted and freezing your backsides off and how much easier this is!
Lainie Anderson $100 You're a star, Mark.
SeaLink $120 Great cause Mark. Enjoy the tranquility on the peninsula!
Perks $127
Michels Warren $120
Mansueto Legal $200 enjoy the walk Mark
James Sarah $120
Damon Hammond $50 Good luck Mark!
Michelle Fearne $20 Enjoy your stroll!
Rob Brookman $120 Good on you Mark!
Fiona Brady $25 Good job Jo x
Supercuts $50 Go Jo Jo!!
Perks $127 Onya
Cciasa $200
Sarah Hills $15 I will have my fingers crossed it is good weather for the walk Chloe
Perks $50 Fu*k Cancer!!! Good on you babe
Gayle Chesser $25 All the best Bel xo
Para Hills Bowling Club $200 All the best from the members of PHBC
Peter Barnes $100 Jolly good luck old cxxx* *chap
SYNERGY CONSTRUCT $250 This will be easier than what your your used to Steve! Good Luck from Craig & Mike - SYNERGY CONSTRUCT
Nicholas Denny-Dimitriou $30 Happy Birthday and thank you for doing this Trek!
Anonymous $80
Kevin Lowe $25 go Eddie , cheers Lowey
1966 $20 Well done Steve
Marcin Bal $100 Well done and proud of your commitment
Greg Sproule $80 Great Work
Will Thomas $50 The Walker :o
Perks $74 Perks Donation
Ella Treloar $20 Piece of cake for a man that runs marathons
Perks Wealth Management $15
Phil Mullen $10 Good luck Steve ... great cause!
Lucy Hatwell $50 Go Bella! I may not be doing the walk with you but I'm good at drinking the celebratory drinks afterwards with you xx
Contect Electrical $120 Well Done Mate
Hamba Antoniou $20
Nicki Kastrappis $50
Sue Dunn $200 Go Jen!
Amanda Sawtell $40 Smash it!!
Anonymous $20
Mr $20 I believe in you mate, catch up for a beer soon x
Anonymous $30
Michael Clarke $50
graeme cunningham $80 Happy trails Eddie
Jenna Lioulios $50 Good luck Stefan, you got this!
Tania Robertson $25
Max Burford $50 Onya Rabs
Jacqui Wagner $50 Good luck for the walk!
Amanda Redden $100 Good luck and enjoy the walk. X
Angus Bills $40 Great Cause ... Keep Walking
I Do Paws $80 Better start stretching your hammy!
Faye Gotzheim $30 Good luck and well done. What a wonderful achievement it will be!
Anonymous $100
Wendy Newson $20 Great way to celebrate your 30th birthday, Tyson! Well done! Blessings
Rob Burchell $50 Well done Eddie.
Jonathan Ward $50 one step, then the next Eddie
Lisa Robertson $25
Carolyn Roesler $40 Great cause and good on you ! Love to do myself
TD Power $110
Ali Sharman $10
Matt Benson $40 Go Si Si
Julie Slagter $30 Best wishes for all your walking :)
Katie Eatts $50 Great work Sarah
Chris Clemente $50 Good luck and all the best Stefan!
Alexia Lioulios $50 Good luck on your run
Simone Stewart $20 Good luck Bruce, you can do it.
Jane McCarthy $25 Walk on BD x
Wendy Ozols $50 Happy walking!
Aaron Mills $25
Scott Blackmore $20
Chris Zakhour $20
Anonymous $80 Wine wall donation
Perks $20 Wine Wall Donation
Anonymous $120
Daniella Zuppa $20 Wine Wall Donation
Mark Roderick $20 Wine Wall Donation
Sam Hicks $20 Wine Wall Donation
Andrew Camens $20 Wine Wall Donation
Anonymous $10
Hannah Wells $20 xxx
Bruce Debenham $50
Anonymous $20
Perks $25 All the best to the Perks Group for the treck
Georgina Hardy $50
Neil Oakes $50
Anonymous $340
Chloe Lange $20 Wine wall
Anonymous $25
Daniella $20
Anonymous $20
Perks $20 Wine Wall!
Anonymous $10
Perks $25
Adelaide carport & Verandahs $100 Bravo Nonno
Anonymous $10
Kerry Bosnich $25
Yurui Han $10
Perks $25
CK Lim $50 Good Luck!
Anonymous $50
Silvia Bortolan $10
Perks $25 Best of luck! :)
Teresa Whitford $10
PPS $25
Jono Rhodes $10 Aint no mountain high enough for Stefan
Chris Zakhour $10 Great cause!
Anonymous $40
Jono Rhodes $10 It's about the journey, not the destination
Perks Wealth Management $10
Trudy O'CONNOR $25 Well done Sarah, good luck!!! xx
Christelle Kakogianis $100
James McGuffog $50 You win
Perks Wealth Management $10 Good luck Simon!
Jillan Gehrig $20 Go Team Perks!
Bradley Cornish $20 Go team
Tom Kilgariff $10 Good Luck
Perks $20
Investserve Aust Pty Ltd $200 Good Luck Bella and All the Best!
Louis Gauvin $30 Great work DZ and GG
Hannah Wells $25
Anonymous $60
Sam Hicks $20 Great work DZ and Georga
Sam Hicks $20 Great work DZ and Georga
Perks $25 Go Sarah!!
Cecilia White $25 Go Team Perks!!
Cecilia White $25 Go Chloe!!!!
Georgia Rasera $30
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $50
Sharon Faehrmann $50 Go Tyson!
Akram Rasheed $25 Dad Proud!
Elaine Boyd $10 Go Brit!!
Elaine Boyd $10 Go Aunty zupps! Love from hamish!
Elaine Boyd $40 Well done Jenny!!
Wendy Hayes $30 Well done Tyson!
Perks $10
Griff Farley $20
Michelle Thomas $100 Good luck
Jackson Davey $10
Company $10
Perks $20
Neil Briggs $75 Good Luck Simon!
Jeff Bond $30 Good luck Fiona. Wonderful cause. xx
Dennis Bottin $10
Catherine Videon $100
Colin Hannaford $40 A stroll in the park for you !!
Max Lawrance $10
Perks $250 Good luck Simon.
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $50 Happy trails
Elizabeth Tyson $40 All the best Fazz! Pack the band aids....Lib x
Anonymous $500
Bill Spurr $120
Matthew Fahey $50 Go Team Perks!!!
Damon Hammond $100
Josephine Cooper $120 Best of luck, Simon. Well done!
Lachy Riley $10
Ms $10
Lee Jurga $20
Miranda Moyle $40
Steve Martin $10
Nicolas Croft $25 Enjoy your walk
Angus Parkinson $25
Mr $20 Good luck everyone!
Jason Russo $25
The Lang Foundation $5,000
neville smith $100 good luck mate
Barossa Valley Chocolate Company $1,560 Good luck to Team Perks from everyone at Barossa Valley Chocolate Company!
Anthony Milton $15
John Kavanagh $50 Good luck Simon
Assunta Canova $20 Good luck Daniella!
Company $20 Well done!
Ben Potter $50 Well done mate
Perks $25 Good luck to all of you! I know you'll smash it! Patty
Elite Agencies (SA) Pty Ltd $40 Great effort Jeffrey!
Kit Legal Pty Ltd $200 All the best for this great cause Simon!
Mirella Canova $20 Good luck!
Perks $40 Go Perks!
Deb & Jeff Jeanes $160 Good on you Tyson. Great to see you taking on this challenge. A very impressive way to spend your 30th. Enjoy the training and best wishes. Love Mum & Dad.
Mark Hall $100 Great cause well done
Peter & Kathy Clark $30 Well done Georgina. Good luck. A very worthwhile cause. Xxx
Anonymous $50 Best wishes, Tyson
Anonymous $50 Hope you have an injury free trek and the weather is perfect for it. Love Mum
Anonymous $10
Belinda Gilchrist $25
Scott Blackmore $25
Jodie Goodwin $20 Go Perks Team! Enjoy the ride! You can smash this!!!! Jodes XXXX
Perks $50
Elizabeth Elliot $50 Good luck team!
Tamsyn Voyzey $25 Yay Tracy! Good luck!
Gary Lindholm $20 All the best Chloe
Ann & Geoff Hardy $50 Good on you George.
Anonymous $50 Great job George!
Nick Connelly $50 Well done Sarah, good luck with the trek!
Mum and Dad $100 Go Chloe!
Caterina Romano $20
Rocco Romano $25
Tyson Smith $25
Mr $40
Josie Somerville $25 Keep up the good work Sarah, I’m sure all your hard work will pay off!! You got this! Xx
Adrienne Stott $100 Goodluck from Mum & Dad
Rosemary & Trevor Evans $50 Very proud of you Sarah
Maureen Sproule $100 Great Work Sarah
Denise Hobbs $40 Happy Walking Chloe...doing it for a great cause xx Hobbs Crew
Anonymous $300 Good luck Nick
Anonymous $500 Good luck Mark
Anonymous $500
Anonymous $50 Good luck for the trek Chloe! Love Nanna and Pop
Belinda Butler $50 You've got this Belinda ! Mum and Dad xo
Sandy Richter $25 Well done and good luck xxx
Marieta Kennedy $25 Good Luck Sarah! Love Nanna
Peter Webber $50
www.nuago.com.au $500 What a great cause Bel! hope you have a great time!
Kathryn Bowden $40 Wooo hoooo, Sarah!!!! I know that you will SMASH this for such an amazing cause xxxx
Sarah McCarthy $25 Goodluck Eddie! Go for Gold!
Helene Van Ruth $100 Good on you Fiona x
Meredith Reardon $50 Great effort Sarah
David Ozols $80
Kendall Armstrong $25 Ypu go girl
GRA $25
Anonymous $20 Best wishes Chloe, a very worthy cause.
Anonymous $50 Good luck on the hike - all for a good cause.
Peter Evans $20 You go sister
Deb Zimmermann $25 Great work Sarah
Deb Zimmermann $25 Great work Sarah
Metropolitan FRESH Unley $40
Claire Iremonger $20 Good luck with the walk Sarah.
John ONeill $50 Good luck Jo
Sarah Smelt $25
Ryan & Bec Bailey $100 Go Bridgy!
Gianni Canova $40 Good Work Cuz, well done.
Rebecca and David $15 All the best!. PS get a profile pic!
Rebecca and David $25 Happy 30th birthday. Love from Bec and Dave
Kati and Dylan Iannella and Webster $10 Proud of you
Kati and Dylan Iannella and Webster $10 Proud of you
Mike and Sandy Iannella $100 Proud of you, you can do it
Mike and Sandy Iannella $100 Proud of you, you can do it
Andrew Craig $180 Happy 30th
Kim Bigg $50
Ryan Whitaker $25 Go Hannah!!! The best red head of all time <3
Alison McCole $100 A great cause Faz. Well done! Ali and Eamonn x
Amy Mills $40
Louise King $50
Vince Tripodi $100 Go Britney !
Z7 Corp $50
Mark borg $50 Run Eddie Run
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $100 Best of luck Chloe.
Matthew Petersen $50 Good luck G!
Matthew Petersen $50 Great work and good luck DZ!
Michael Amey $200
Vanessa Work $25 Very proud of the effort you’re putting into this cause x
Tyson Smith $25
Tyson Smith $25
Mick Daly $80 Having survived BC for over 30 years I would like to do the walk myself - however out sourcing on this occasion at just $1 per km sounds a good idea....and excellent value
Todd Roberts $50 Well done mate - a great cause !
Nathan Evison $50
Halifax Financial Services $25 Good luck
catherine may $100 good on you fiona. very proud as such a worthy cause!(mick being a bowel cancer survivor so dear to our hearts) i bet you'll run it!!!
Anonymous $50 Enjoy the challenge Chloe. You are a champion. Nanna and Pa L xx
Dimitri Halikos $50
Aaron Mills $25
Stacey Ashenden $25
Alexa Amey $50
Jason Brown $25
Britney Mills $25
Ben Briggs $40
Nick Grieve $200
Eddie Bell $50
Janelle Haring $40 Good luck and take plenty of sunblock!!
Talia McIntosh $30 Good luck Chloe! Love that you’re supporting a great cause in a positive way xx
Mikayla McIntosh $40 Good luck Chloe!
Liam Klenner $26 consider this ur bday present, also i wanted my donation to beat caitlin’s xx
Hayley Tothill $25 Great work Georga and Perks Team!
Hayley Tothill $25 Great work Daniella and Perks Team!
Anonymous $50
Miss $25 All the best for the walk!
Mr $100
Aaron Jenkin $20
Sarah Bonney $40 Great stuff!
Andrew Mitchard $25
Alexa Amey $25 goodluck!
Sarah Webber $50
Tanya Gates $50 Very proud of you sweetheart.
Cristina Romano $10 goodluck
Ted Zuppa $50 Good luck Daniella.
Antonietta Mercurio $50 Good luck Daniella
Barbara Romano $10 Well done!
Don Rotolo $20 Goodluck!
Sarah Sproule $50
Henry Stevens $100
Caitlin Dixon $25 Go girl xxx
Anonymous $50
Andrea Gedei $100 Go George you can go it !! Love Mum Xxxxx
Katrina Goodwin $120 Go Team Perks!!! Love you guys. Good luck!
Patricia Thyer $30 All the best for the trek Steve
Carmel Martin $100
Michael Zuppa $25 Good luck Sis!
Angela & Mario Zuppa $110 Well done! We’re so proud!
Jenny Dunn $50
Anonymous $100
Tracy Bonney $100
Chloe Lange $50


Name Total
Pat Hodby $6,620
Bruce Debenham $6,255
Mark Roderick $4,130
Eddie Bell $1,715
Simon Hele $1,560