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One of our team members has lost family to bowel cancer and so we would like to contribute towards the early detection & prevention of bowel cancer.

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paul flavel $50 Well done team.
Elizabeth Jolbert $40 Go team!
WEI MOU $60 Hi Ian, I hope your team will do well!
WEI MOU $60 Hi Ian, I hope your team will do well!
personal $40 Keep the spirit for good Ian!
Vinay Dixit $120 Go Stickman! Brings back fond memories of Oxfam! We will be rooting for you! Best, Anju & Vinay
Alice Adamson $200
Anonymous $120 Enjoy the walk
Peter and Wendy Clogg $50 Best of luck, have a great weekend. Thankyou Peter and Wendy Clogg
Tim Newbery $50 Well done Ian Good Cause I hope the weather is kind to you
Liam and Ryan Underwood $100 Go Nan! Thankyou for supporting such a great cause, see you at the finish line...
Ralph Faggotter $120
Lee Brown $40 You go girl !
Meredith Knowler $80 80kms will be just a stroll in the park for you Dad! Have a great time doing the event with friends.
Anonymous $80
JKTP $50
Susan McCormick $100 Go team!
Angela Keam $50
David Knowler $150
SA $120 Such a worthwhile cause to support.. walk well.
Mandy Twelftree $50 All the best for the wall
Gary Lines $100 Well done, Ian, great cause. I hope you are lucky with the weather.
Mr. $120
Pip Knowler $150 Wooohooo! What a great cause to support, good luck everyone!
Alexandrea Cannon $50 Good luck and well done for supporting such a valuable cause. Hope it all goes well.


Name Total
Ian Faggotter $1,880
Leonie Underwood $830
Donna Webb $830
David Knowler $780