The JLF Trek SA 2019
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Our goal is to help as many people as possible live their life to the fullest, by helping them lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We proudly coach people daily through challenging workouts to improve their cardiovascular health, physical health, and create healthy sustainable habits. We are taking on this challenge to help raise awareness and much needed funds. Please support us by donating and follow our journey through preparation, training, and throughout the event.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Hanna Beaven Psychology $50 Well done x
Alex Pounsett $25 Awesome work guys!!!
Anonymous $25 Better late than never, sorry! Well done you are amazing xx
Kay Burton $120 Go Mimi and the JLF team xx
Julie Schiller $25 Great cause Jay, 12 years since Bowel Cancer took my Mum❤ Xxjules Kings Beach❤ paternal ancestors
Weathersafe Shades $40
Kerry Thomas $50 So proud of you sis!
Patrick Prothe $25 Good luck Holly; what an amazing experience ahead!
Jackie Stapkes $25 Goooooo OT Fam
Anonymous $205 Raffle
Kate Heylen $25 Whilst I'll miss our Friday catch-up, it's for a great cause! Enjoy the serenity. Kate x
Vikki Fogarty $50 Good job Sarah, well done!
Tom Ormsby $50
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $25 Will be thinking of you enjoying the sunshine
Anonymous $40 Walk well beautiful team
Amanda Valenti $40 Good luck for the trek Jill - not that you’ll need it. Enjoy !
Gavin & Jody Mitchell $50 Go Kristie & Shaun! Gav & Jody
S & A Cross Pty Ltd $120
Helen Osborne $50
Lisa Kimber $50 What an Awsome thing to do Kristie, Gav and I wish you happy trekking
Alex Baker $25 Fantastic cause Miki, enjoy the hike. With love from us ❤️
Melanie Hansen $50
Susan Carter $30 Beautiful Jill, you are truly an inspirational women, who I’m blessed to have as a friend. Smash it babe ❤️
Michelle Roberts-Thomson $120 Best of luck Jill and team!!!! Love the RTs xx
Andrew Beaven $120 Great cause; well done.
Frank Altamura $120 Well done Jill. Certainly a great cause.
Anonymous $120
Kate Davidson $100 Well done, such a great cause . Wish I was coming with you! X
Anonymous $50 You are an inspiration JJ...
Appleton Family $100 Amazing effort for a great cause! ❤
Amy Kat $25 Well done Mimi! Xx
Marie Ludlow $30 Great job Mimi!
Kate Joannou $30
U+Me=fit $250 From all the 4 hour training trekkers from Sat 4th and Sunday 5th May. Ali, Tina, Michael, Amanda, Venn, Ali, Penny, Leslie, Prue, Esther, Catherine, Me
Anonymous $25
Frank-Theresa Frangiosa $40 We had a wonderful afternoon on your training walk today Michelle. Good luck for the event
Andrew Treloar $50 Good luck Kristie!! Love Ted & Carren x
PeopleQ $75 You are a wonderful human Michelle, always doing something for others. Best of Luck, you will have an amazing time on the Hike. If I wasn't donating to Tania, would donate more, hope this helps you reach your target. Love Mel x
Kathleen Massey $50 You're either crazy or amazing, Mimi - probably both!
Julia Vernon $50 I support you
Sue Kirkwood $100
Kate Wood $25
Leah Cummings $25
Krystal Cummings $2
CareApp $25 Amazing team! Well done and thanks for organisation for such a great cause!
Rebekah Palmer $10 Wish I could do the trek with you.. next time though, count me in! (If you could pop my name down for some raffle tickets that would be great - thanks guys
orange theory $5 Raffle tickets
Kate Fletcher $50 Another great problem/ disease that needs lots of support!
Steve Jakubowicz $60
Sarah Kirkwood $50
Andy Tascione $50 All the best Michelle You are a beautiful person giving your time to this worthy cause Andy x
Frank & Theresa Frangiosa $20 Good luck with the trek guys❤️ Raffle tickets
Joshua Perugini $10 Raffle tickets - all the best for the hike!! :)
Jenny Dunn $10 Raffle tickets! Great job - see you at the trek. I’m doing the 80km with my firm!
Cameron SCOTT $10
Kristy Rossi $25 So proud to be part of this group
Marika Poland $100
Adam Catford $25
Maria Scarsella $50 Great Job Michelle, all the best for your walk
Mark Hewitson $50 Hope u raise lots of money Mish! My grandad died of bowel cancer so more than happy to contribute to a worthy cause! X
Michelle Mennillo $100
Jane Davies $50 Have fun!
Dave Crossley $10 Good stuff Denholms! I love the picture that goes so well with this cause. Banger!
Nick Dutton $25
Amanda Dutton $25
Lizzie Bhanderi $50
Anonymous $50
Outside ideas $50
Anonymous $50
Penny Burbidge $50
Simon Williams $40
Socialism $50 Great initiative and great job leading the charge with Michelle Coach Kristy! You'll dominate this walk!
John Crowe $50 Run Mimi, run.xx J & K
Project Manager $25 Mimi Crowe is amazing!!! xxx
Ali Hammond $25 Looking forward to a fun day for a fabulous cause. Well done OTF for getting us involved.
AGSA $25 Go Mimi!
Antonietta Itropico $50 You go girl!
Junia Curran $50 Wonderful cause!
Janet Worth $50 go gorgeous girl
Ellen Sizer $25 If we can't have you on the softball team, at least we can help your chosen charity.
Liwei Li $50 Such an energetic super Mum
1965 $25 Good Luck - Love the Tutu!
Sally Milne $25
Lynne Grbin $50 Walk like crazy xx
Sue Camero $25 You go girlfriend
Victoria Leibie $25 Hope it goes well ❤️
Vanessa Crowe-Murff $50 Way to go Mimi! We love you
Emma Thornton $50 Nice work Sarah.
Nikki Hertzberg $40 Go get ‘em cuz! -Nikki
Laura Masters $10
1986 $50
Albury Audio Diagnostics $100 Well done Mimi. As a bowel cancer survivor will gladly support you.
Fiona Hann $20
Mimi Crowe $50
Charlotte Paull $50
Umefit $280 Getting excited
Jay McGavigan $120 Smash this ledgends
Belinda Heggen $25
Katie Wyschnja $40
Mimi Crowe $50
Adam bland golf $50
Natalie Buob $15
Angelique Tzanakis $20 Amazing :)
Food Processing Equipment Pty Ltd $50 SEE YOU OUT THERE - AND THANKS FOR JUMPING ON BOARD!
Harriet Robertson $25
Anonymous $25
Sarah Kirkwood $100 Enjoy it ladies and have fun. Sxx
Sarah Kirkwood $100 Enjoy it ladies and have fun. Sxx
Sarah Kirkwood $100 Enjoy it ladies and have fun. Sxx
Ben & Marika Poland $50 Go Girls!


Name Total
Jill Bauer $1,000
Mimi Crowe $700
Sarah Andrews $375
Michelle Mennillo $275
Kristie Denholm $260