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Mums out to make a difference, achieve and have plenty of laughs along the way.....

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Sheryl Ong $40 AMAZING feat , Beni!! You are inspiring! Go girl..xx
Deborah Thonas $25 Well done Benita Sorry I thought I had meant to donate prior to the event but forgot. Well done on a super effort x
Helen Greig $60 Huge congratulations and love to you. Such a huge achievement for a wonderful cause. Thankyou xxx
Andrew Foreman $300 Super proud!!
Marilyn Ann Aspin $50 Amber Lang.Good Luck Amber, Keep on walking xx
Robyn Case $30 Good Luck Megan
Rachel Whiting $25 Go girls! You both rock! Rach xx
[email protected] $25 So proud of you gorgeous sis!!
Mrs $20 Good luck and have fun!
Carina Byerley $20 Go Amber
Juliet Green $50 Good luck !! Tim, Juliet , Jess , Hamish and Chloe x
Margaret Horsell $30 All the best for the walk.
Bec Matthews $80 You will be amazing
Karen Stables $30
Jo Boothey $200 Great contribution on your part. You have put in a lot of effort
Tammy Harrington $20 Great work Kath! Enjoy xx
Kathryn Twelftree $33 Donation from Work colleagues - thanks for your support joining in on Morning Tea
Ann and Steve Lang $30
Courtney Reid $10 Go Megan!! xx
Belinda Halling $25 Awesome effort Kath - and the team loved todays treats :)
Jo Twelftree $50 Great effort - well done!
Mandy Twelftree $100 All the best and Good Luck!
Jacqui Brodie $20
Kelly Cretan $100 Go Megsy!! xxxxxxx
Kerri McGrsth $25 Well done Kath, A great cause plus you will meet some fabulous people. X
Paul and Lisa McGrath $25 Go get em
Toby Harkin $100 Amazing effort Kath, wish we could join ya.
Peter and Sue Ellemor $50 Go baby go!!!
Amber Lang $90 Water Expertise Afternoon tea- thanks team for your support.
David Cantor $50 Good Luck Benita! Lots of love, The Cantor Family
Marg Whittle $30 A very worthy cause. Good Luck for the trek!!
Alicia Wiederman $30 Great work Amber. Hope it goes well!!
Claire Kolokas $40 Great work Amber! An excellent cause!
Melissa Tredrea $200
Keturah Stock $40 You are a wonderful person to support such a worthy cause. Good Luck! I’ll get your cups of tea for the week after at work! Xx
Costas Pelekani $120 All the best Amber! A most worthy cause. We will travel with you in spirit!
Alana Scopacasa $50 Good on you Benita! Good luck!
Tanis Blines $25 Great work, Megan! xx
Olivia Aiyer $40 Best of luck Megan. You’ll smash it!! Xx
Megan Chittick $25 Go Megsy!!!!
Anonymous $40 Happy strolling!!! Superb effort.. C, Sh, and Little S
Carole Foreman $100 Great effort for a fabulous cause
Rhys Winn $50 80km!! Better get in some training!!
Anonymous $80 Great job Beni - an amazing woman doing amazing things every day!
Vivien Winn $50 Good for you, Benita! So proud of you! Hope you don't get too many blisters. xx
Jennifer Cowie $50 Beni is one of the strongest, most awesome women I know. She'll rock this like she rocks everything in life.
Rowan Valentine $40 I’m only donating because I want to see more blisters!
Rowan Valentine $40 I’m only donating because I want to see more blisters!
Belinda Carpenter $40 Good on you! Go Beni!
John Brooks $50
Phillip Layton $50 Good Luck Amber! x


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Benita Foreman $1,065
Megan Horsell $665
Kathryn Twelftree $653
Amber Lang $520