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Basketball mums coming together to support a great cause.

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Anonymous $100
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50 Your such an amazing, giving and inspirational human Strip’s! Love you! Well done!!! Xxx
Anonymous $120 Well Done. You're Awesome
Tracey Hayles $25
Fiona Nelligan $10 Well done Kristy! Awesome achievement
Amanda Todd $25 Awesome effort. Good luck
Michael Clark $20 Go get em girl!!
Rachel Clark $50 Goodluck Kristy!
Ann-Marie Zesers $50 Good luck Sarah!
Kate Basham $50 ⛰Such dedication! You will smash the hills! xx
Elizabeth Grant $30 Fantastic effort , Kristy.xx
Libby Hammond $30 You’re an inspiration and we love you Krispy!! Love The Hammonds
Anonymous $50 Wishing you sunshine and a spring in your step.
Vanessa Ryan $25 You are awesome x
Duce Nominees Pty Ltd $40 Your amazing ! Good luck !
Kass Brown $50 Go Ali you will nail it xxx
Jodie Prosser $50 You got this chick! Well done!
Don & Mon Richards $50 Well done ali great effort hang in there
Elizabeth Broadstock $100 Go Gal!
Sally Hodgson $50 Go Ali
Nichole Duregon $50 Great stuff!
Carmen Bold $50 Can’t believe you’re managing to make time for this! The 3 of us are super proud of you for supporting such a cause and putting yourself out there. Love you and are thinking of you ALL the time babe x
Colleen Howell $25 Amazing job Kristy
Kerryn Shaw $30 Great cause! Good luck
Rachel Milosevic $50 Good Luck! You are doing an amazing thing and challenging yourself hugely! We send you much strength and support as you walk for a good cause. Rachel, Michael, Mia and Jamie
Karlie Lambert $50 Go Auntie Ali!!!! Keep on your feet
Di Bradley $40 Great effort Ali x
Anonymous $25 Best wishes Kristy for an eneventful run
Caroline Rumbelow $10 Good on you Kristy. Hope you have a great day.
Gabbie Notle $10 You go girl
Barb and Craig Richards $50 Great work Ali!!
Anonymous $50 Excellent effort, hope the knee holds out
Alwyn Francis $120 Good work Kristy
Anonymous $50 VMC Doc is with you
Belinda Lindner $25 A Great cause Kristy, good luck on the trek!! Bel x
Seaside Upkeep $25 Great Stuff Kristy!!
Julie Bennett $25 Great work Kristy
Anonymous $40 All the best Kristy
Vicki Clark $100 I’m so very proud of you Kristy
Kylie Beames $20 Great work kristy xx


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Kristy Grant $910
Ali Richards $655
Sarah Milosevic $355