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Bowel cancer can affect anyone! Please help "Champagne Gang" raise funds in support of the Jodi Lee Foundation. 80Km's is a long way to walk - but we've been working hard in order to complete the trek and raise money for this very worthwhile foundation. We would be extremely grateful for any amount you could donate.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Adelaide vehicle centre $120
Marg & Mike Patching $25
Donna Tims $25
Mr $50 Double for finishing. Well done!
Kym Roberts $100 Well done girls xx
Vanessa Size $20
Jane Allen $25
Stephanie Lewis $25
Maria Canatselis $25 Its fantastic Kim that you are supporting such a wonderful cause glad to help.
Daryl Carson $25
Tracey Andriske $50 Good luck Cherie - we know you will smash it. The Andriskes
Nick Macolino $50 Good Luck Cherie x
Nick Macolino $50 Good Luck Kim x
Miranda and Charlie Schultz $100 A good cause close to my heart, go Kylie!
Adelaide Insomnia Clinic $50 Such a good cause, love your work champagne gang!
Jackie & Les Wright $200
Cheryl & David Hunter $50
Anonymous $120 Good luck Kim
Anonymous $425 Good luck from JLF Aft Tea attendees xx
Anonymous $425 Good luck from JLF Aft Tea Attendees xx
Aleisha Hunter $50 You've got this!
Rebecca and Paul McKay $50
DW Property Maintenance Services $75 Keep hydrated!
Kensington Osteopathy $50
Kensington Osteopathy $50
Kerry MacDonald $50 Go Kylie! 80 k’s is a great effort!
Lynn & Pete Maxwell $50 Go Girl!!
Mark Holmes $25 Good luck Kim.
Anne Sleep $160 Go girl ! $2 for every km
Alf Harris $50
Anonymous $25
Greg Miles $25
Lara Elsdon $100 Wonderful work Kim
Sarah McLoughlin $100 Good luck xx
Louise Nicholls $50 Good luck Kylie
Aish Solutions Pty Ltd $300 Good luck with the walk!!!
Meg Oates $50 Great cause Kim x
Meg Oates $50 You go Girl! x
Jake Norton $50 Good luck!
Matt Redin $50 Good Luck Kim
Grant Martinella $100 Well done Kim - all the best for this great cause.
Grant Hicks $50 Good luck for the trek!
Henson Lloyd Accountants $100 I will donate another $100 if someone can find anonymous's Grandfather
Deb Cleggett $50 Well done girls, hope you've got comfy shoes!! xx
Jim Watters $100 Well done Kim and good luck !..
Brenton Wilkinson $100 Great cause. Wear comfy shoes. Nick will give you a foot massage when you finish.
Anonymous $100 My Grandpa started hiking 5km a day when he was 65. Now he is 87 years old and we have no idea where he is!! Good on to you and your Team Kim. H
Rodney Schultz $25 Best of luck with your walk
Splash Plumbing $50 Goodluck for the trek Kylie!
Kelly Hunter $50
Tanya Kramer $50 Great cause. Enjoy your walk!
CooperConsult $120 Go Kim! And the gang !
Max Carling $300 Good luck with the walk!
Lesley Cusworth $25 Good walking x x
Everything Electrical $50 Great cause Kylie - well done
Anonymous $50 Great effort girls!
Merridy Carter $40
Regina Rueter $25 Great cause. Well done Cherie.
Helen McLoughlin $100
Steve Woodcock $40
Carly Button $50 80km... Just a walk in the park - Good Luck!
Anonymous $40
Anonymous $100 Well done Kim and friends, a wonderful foundation to support. xx
Anonymous $100 Well done Cherie and ladies, a wonderful foundation to support! xx
1996 $15
Meegan Wundenberg $100 Would have loved to have been able to join you.........have a great weekend. X
Tom Mumford $10 Go Cherie! Great cause.
Alison TWeedale $50 Good luck Cherry xxxxx The Grovedales
Darryl Gathard $40 All the best on your journey. Raising money for a great charity, well done Cherie.
Mr $50 Big days...good luck! Sounds like my boot camp days...
Danny/Kelly Patching $40
Michael Speedy $40
M & M Property Services $50 Great cause! Doing a great job!


Name Total
Kim Redin $1,620
Cherie Grove $1,380
Kylie Schultz $1,375
Lisa Drage $965