Raised so far

Four sisters taking part in this event for a cause which is close to their hearts & to raise much needed funds for the wonderful Jodi Lee Foundation.
In honour & loving memory of dad xxxx

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Maryann Brooks $40 Go Fazz family
Tania Ochoa $20
Trudi Ilesia $20 You go girl. Proud of you. Love ya xxx
Lauren Tonkin $100 So proud of my beautiful mum and aunties for walking for this great cause. Nonno would be so proud of you! love you all xx
Cheyanne Bishop $20
Antilla Brauer $10
Juliet Tripodi $20
Hayley Brauer $10
Sara Hall $50 Way to go you beautiful sisters.. I love you all so much. Xxx
Sara Hall $50 Way to go you beautiful sisters.. I love you all so much. Xxx
Serina Lattanzio $10 Well done, enjoy the trek xxx
Karen Buchanan $25
Peter & Margaret Watson $20
Marina Bovingdon $50 Go girls...... xx
Hair on Duthy $50 Good on ya Grace & co. Its a great cause.
Tony Fazzalari $21 Go Mum!!! Love Jacob, Dad & Weez xxx
Dean Dunn $50
Tony Jurkovic & Family $80
V & T Bagnato & Family $30
Tom Jurkovic & Family $30
Tom Skothos $100
Peter Mantis $100
Danny Visvardis $50
K & C Tsalamangos $40
Darryl & Di Koen $30
Joe Cavallaro $30
Joe, Hayley & Michael Trimboli & Family $100
H & S Romano $30
Frank Carbone $30
J & C Catanzariti $30
Jason & Gloria Staltari & Family $40
E & M Rossi & Family $50
Dom & Rosa Staltari & Family $30
T & M Marando & Family $30
Joe & Teresa Trimboli & Family $30
L & J Longo & Family $30
R & T Ninnes & Family $50
Darren & Tash Thorpe & Family $130
Anonymous $100
Colangelo Transport $70 Very proud of you
Rep & Zoc Petrovic $30
Anonymous $10 Such a good cause, Dad would be proud of you. Good luck bella♥️
Taylor Laverty $15
Belinda & Dean Raschella $50 Good luck Mary & have fun! xx
Mary Raschella $50 All the best Mary - good luck
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $5
Anonymous $5
Anonymous $15
Anonymous $5
Anonymous $5
John Balacco $20
Sandra Klement $20
Robyn Steer $20
Peter Heuzenroeder $20
Cavan Agricultural Agencies Pty Ltd $100 Great effort Heather, with love from all at Cavan Ag xxx (Tony, Michelle, Allison, Paul, Kevin, Craig, Jack, David, Sam and John)
Heuzenroeders Lawyers $40 Well done Julie, awesome effort! Have a great time on the treck!!
Mary Trimboli $50 Good luck ladies! Xx Aunty Mary
Bardell Excavations $150 Well done Jules, such a great cause. Happy Walking!!
Andrew + Lisa Zummo $100
Grace Nicol $40 You go girls
Tina Magrini $60 A Very Inspiring Loving thing to do Cous
Anonymous $30 Well done lovely. You are such an inspiring and special lady Grace
Astute Barossa $20
Anonymous $25
Sallie Rogers $50 Very happy to support this cause. Well done Grace. Love and best wishes to you xxx
Melissa Farley $20
ROBYNE & ROSS TRIMBOLI $100 Good Luck Heather Trimboli - with your walk Best wishes Robyne & Ross
ROBYNE & ROSS TRIMBOLI $100 Good Luck Grace Brereton, with your walk. Best wishes Robyne & Ross
Hazyblur Wines Pty. Ltd. $100 Good Luck Mary Raschella - with your walk Best wishes Robyne & Ross
Hazyblur Wines Pty. Ltd. $100 GOOD LUCK -WITH YOUR WALK. ROBYNE & ROSS
Anna Fazzalari $50
Inval Property Valuations (Barossa) $50 Good luck
Kirsti Harms $100
JR Express $100 Good luck beautiful.
Anonymous $25 All best Mary. A beautiful way to honor your father
Paul & Maria Pezzaniti $200 What a lovely way to honor your dear dad, he would be so proud of his beautiful girls...... Sending big love ang hugs to u all The Pezzaniti Family xoxo
Peter Noto $100 Go heather! Very proud of what you are all doing for this great cause
Tina Ninnes $50 Such a beautiful thing to do in memory of your Dad. You got this! Love Tina, Roger, Courtney & Tyler xxxx
Kelsey Phillips $20 Love Kelsey and Adam xxxxx
Andre Machochi $25 I hope it all goes well!
Tanya Fleming $150 To my favourite Fairy of all, your Dad would be so proud. Love always to you and all of your family, Tanya xoxoxo
Santina Franco $50 You go girl!
Teresa Fazzalari $25
Cathy Trimboli Iglezakis $50 Great cause! All the best
Jayme Howson $50 So proud of all of you, love you
Luisa Noto $100 You go heather, this is amazing!! Lots of love ❤️
Elizabeth Giles $100 What a great effort with your family! Love to you Jules xx
Melissa Kemp $20 My Bella
Tony Fazzalari $50 You got this sister!
Grace Trimboli $50 Very proud of you! Big hugs xxx
Cathy Trimboli Iglezakis $50 All the best!! Uncle Tony would be proud of you!!
Irene Atkinson $100 So happy to support you in this. All the very best and much love, Irene
Grace Trimboli $50 Very proud of you - you have all been through so much such a good cause. You go girl!
Joyce Costa $100 To Mary and Family, So proud of you all, good luck Love Joyce Costa
Liza Scinto $100 So very proud of you all. Love Scinto and Trimboli Family xxx
Beata Kania $50 So much love for you ❤️❤️❤️
Melina Rossi $50


Name Total
Mary Raschella $1,345
Julie Fazzalari $1,021
Grace Brereton $770
Heather Trimboli $500