Raised of $500 Goal

I'm taking part in this event in the name of bowel cancer prevention and to raise essential funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Mick Bellenger $20
Geoff & Karren Carmen $20
Vanessa Hooper $50 Well done and good luck .
Brad Fischer $50
Zoe Gordon $40 Go Renee!
Kirsten Aldersey $25
Rebecca Jackson $10
Anonymous $100
Sandrina Paech $30
Anthony Swan $50
Abe Waller $10
Alex Dodd $9 Good luck
Dalton on the Lake $25 Great job!!.... we can compare notes after JLF Qld!!
Michele Dawson $20
Kristen Harrison $10
Deb Schilling $25 So proud of what you have decided to do. You can 'blitz' this
Anonymous $25 Good luck Renee
Howell Ag $100 I’m having a heart attack just thinking about it.
Emma Hall $20 Go smash it! Mind over matter. Physical wounds will heal in a short time. Mind will strengthen forever.
Richard Bentley $60
Travis Harding $25 I just spent 25 bucks,you had wanna cross that line.
Isobell Koolmatrie $5
Mal Jurgs $25 Good luck, Renee
Heath Mitchell $40
Kathryn & Philip Roberts $20 Great effort Renee - have a blast!
Adam Davies $40 Good luck Renee great cause
Sophie Paech $40
Michelle Desmazures $10 Good Luck
Julie Saint $10
Gaye Chaplin $40
Dianne Hassam $50 You can do it Renée and grandad thinks you can too
Craig Swan $50 Well done Renee
Lakeside Lifestyle Health & Fitness $10
Brumfield Metal Fabrication $40 What a great thing to do Renee - all the best for the Trek!
Anonymous $10 Great cause. Goodluck hun xx
Gary Glasson $20 Great job SP.
Anonymous $5
martin beltrame $40 Well done Renee and best of luck!!
Scott Davy $200
Renee Davy $43 Tin shake - Lake Albert Gun Club.. supporting the effort!!
Prue Cartledge $10 Good luck Renee!
Maadi Richardson $20
Cassie Loveridge $25 Well done Renee and good luck! You will smash it x Cassie & Brumy
Datamars $40 Go Renee
Handtcaper LAGC $50
Jac Mitchell $20
Anonymous $200 Good Luck Renee. You can DO IT !!!!! Raising money for a great cause.
Paul Hutchens $30
Dianne Hassam $50 We are very proud of you for tackling this walk. Go chickie..
Ann & Brian Lund $50 Go Renee, Cancer sucks, yell for care pack of cookies for the trek if needed!!! :-)
Michael Camac $40
Laurie Fishpool $50
Bobby jo May $20
Dianne Hassam $50 Go Floss..i am very ptoud of you for taking this on.
Steph Cooper $20
Steph Cooper $20
Beck Middleton $75 Go you crazy chick! Doing a great thing x
Renee Davy $25