Raised of $15,000 Goal

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in 2018. Once thought of as an "old" person's cancer, this one is affecting more and more "young" people every year.
I consider myself lucky to be celebrating my 40th thanks to the relative early detection and treatment of this cancer last year. I expect to look forward to many more milestones.
Your kind donation on this page will help increase awareness of Bowel Cancer, and the earlier detection/prevention of this cancer.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Affordable Airconditioning $120 This will be a walk in the park after the journey you have been on Bec! We are behind you now and always.
Matthew Fraser $100 Happy 40th Bec! The Fraser family.
Timothy Nulty $100 Happy 40th Birthday Bec! You are truly inspiring! All the best sister! With love from Alisha and Tim xxx
Melissa Lockyer $60 Happy 40th Bec, well done! With love from Melissa and Iain Lockyer
Sarah Hyder $100 Happy 40th Birthday beautiful! Much love from Sarah, Ari & Jule's xoc
Kylie Phillips $100 Happy 40th to a powerful woman. So proud to call you a friend. xx Kylie, Joel, Sebastian, & Lachlan