Raised of $500 Goal

We're going hard or going home for a good cause. $10 per blister sounds about right.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Liam Morris $100 Bring it home brohym! You Da Man! Leah and I with you and the boys in spirit. Godspeed! Xo
Melanie Ceko $25
Patricia Morris $40 Good luck Aaron, hope the trek goes well! I’m sure a well deserved beer will be welcome at the end of day one!
Wil Riebe $300 Good luck with the walk Big Neph :)
chrissie page $25 GO Aaron!!!! xx
MEAA $40 Good Luck!
Kelly Wood $20 Good luck!
Elena Carapetis $20 You bloody legend. Hope you have a frosty beer or two ready at the end. xx
Tim Benfatto $50 Good luck comrade!!
Alexandra Jones $40 Good luck Aaron. Alex
Jessica D'Arienzo $50 Great cause, amazing effort, inspiring work comrade!
Tiffany Knight $25 Go for it Aaron!!!
Anonymous $25 All the best!!
Anonymous $40 Go Go Go
Nicholas Kyriacou $20 Go comrade!
Rin MEAA $40 Hope you won't be in too much pain after. Great cause!
Jennifer O'Brien $50
Roisin McGee $25
Anonymous $25 Good luck!
MEAA $40