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Let's hope this teams' legs can move as fast as their mouths!
A great way to stay fit with our friends we hope to raise money and awareness for the JLF and bowel cancer research.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Rosemary Hart $20 Well done girls, great effort.
Geoffrey Sanderson $50
Andrew Porter $25
Hugh Bailey $100 Well done Abster! love from Andy and Gwen
Sophie Davies $25 Go girls! Xxxx
Le Cordon Bleu $25 Go Walkie Talkies xxx
Margie Hancock $25 Enjoy the walk and talk
Anna Pannell $25 Have a great walk! And talk! x
Stefany Cronin $50 Good luck ladies!
Anonymous $200 Have fun Lulu x
Sue Johnson $100 Good luck Lucy!
Gillian Bailey $100 Good luck Abbey - we will be thinking of you! What a great cause close to my heart. May the kms pass quickly! xo
Sophie Angove $55 Goodluck Tor! I donated more than Richard, I am the better sibling!
Deb & Andrew Bailey $100 Best of luck Abbey. Happy trekking for a great cause!
Richard Angove $50 better late than never.
Leanne Attard $25 Good on you Dib - will be thinking of you xx
Adrienne Carrick $50 Good Luck Abs! We are so proud of you xx love the Carricks xx
Mel Wallace $50 Thinking of you. Amazing cause Abs. Xx
Ashley OREILLY $50 All the best, Abbey! Love Ash & Doug
liz Kennedy $75 Goodluck Abstar!! Happy walking xx
Fiorelle Amore $25 Good luck Abbey!!
Sara Fotheringham $50 Go Jo!! With you in spirit......
Nicky Amorosa $30 Go Abbey, great cause xx
Milton Hart $20 Go girls!
Mel Ktisti $20 Well done Kathryn. Enjoy
Anonymous $40
Angove Family Winemakers $40 Good luck, enjoy. Kathy & Frankie
Anonymous $50
Leonie Wagner $25 Good luck Abs, hope you avoid the blisters! Enjoy the challenge, the views and the laughs x
Leonie Wagner $25 Good luck Luc, hope you keep the blisters at bay. Enjoy the challenge and the laughs x
Leonie Wagner $50 Great job & good luck! Enjoy the challenge and the laughs x
VHWS $25 Hope the trek goes well!
Zoe Harrison $50
Marie Sanderson $200 Book a spa and massage at the finish, forget the ice bath
Brenda Staley $50
Petrina Harris $100 Go Abbey!
Raj Kaur $10 Good luck Boss :-)
Brooke Halkett $50 Have fun!
Joanne Stone $50 Good luck, enjoy the views along the trek
Geoff Sanderson $50 Don't wear new boots!
RAA of SA Inc $500 All the very best for the walk, from the team at the RAA
Vhws $25
Chris and Brian Baillie $50 Great charity to support Victoria: good luck in the Barossa!
Craig Humphries $50 Amazing effort Victoria! Well done and good luck. A great cause.
Jonathan O'Neill $50 Great cause and good effort. Well done!
Anonymous $100 Go Torri. Anyone who can walk 75 kms deserves to be rewarded. Bowel cancer runs in my family so you picked a special need for us. Thanks
margot stolle $50 Good luck Vic!
Vintage House Wine & Spirits $50 Well done Victoria, good luck!
Elizabeth Perry $50 Good Luck Victoria. Hope you get the choice of footwear right!
Anonymous $100 Walking for a lifetime - walk far, walk forward, walking together.
Allan and Debra Amber $100 I know you will do it in Style
Aisa Ogoshi $200 Have fun!!
Anonymous $50 Clever words on smooth tongue talking Shove it brother Just keep walking!
DawsonJames $50 Great effort Victoria. McLaren Vale would be a much prettier trek!!!!
John and Claire Angove $100 Good luck!
MG Stoeckel Noms PL $50 A great cause, best wishes love the Stoeckel Family
Guido Stracke $50 At the end of the walk there will be a nice Red waiting for you I am sure!
stephanie wood $150 next year i will be with you physically, go Jo!
Sue Bratasiuk $50
Mandy Moore $100 Best of luck. Sounds like a great event!
Jessica Robertson $50 Awesome chicks taking a short stroll for a brilliant cause. Just keep walking xxx
Michael Waite $100 Awesome! Good luck!
20 bayview crescent beaumont $50 Good luck Joey, you will love it!
Oliver & Jan Johnston $50 Good luck Abbey!! Good on you for walking for such a great cause. X
Tiffany Fincher $50 Good luck Jo!
Kerry Dall $50 Good luck sweet-heart love Mum
Olivia Aiyer $25 Enjoy the walk! You’ll smash it once again. Great cause
Anthony Schultz $100 Enjoy the walk, from The Schultz's!
Richard Norris $50
Natalie Ayling $25 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shaw and Partners $50 Enjoy the stroll !