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First wine, then walk. We're quite old and fat, having made food and wine quite the priority over a sustained period of time. So this may well finish us. So please donate lots.

Seriously - this is the great hidden killer. Second only to breast cancer in the lives it takes. And SO easily detected, and stopped. Please order yourself a bowel testing kit, and tell everyone you know!


Name Amount Message
Paul Kitching $38 Great work lads - sorry it's AFTER the event... but figure it all helps! Cancer of any form is a bitch and I honour my sister who died just 38yo by supporting great causes like this that go a long way in our fight to eradicate the mofo. Cheers pk
Rob Comazzetto $200 Well done boys
Brett & Elli Durand $50 Good luck and we'll done.
Kate d’Assumpcao $50 A great cause - good luck!
Michelle Vickers $25 Go Frankie
Anonymous $25 Soooo impressed❤️
Anonymous $25 Soooo impressed ❤️
Sub-It Specialist Services $25 Looking forward to updates on 2 crazy, good-looking old blokes...hang on...is there actually wine involved? Maybe we will come too!
Rachel Perry $25 Walk strong!
Nicole Woolley $10 Go andre - and friend! I just ran 21.1km and that was a lo-o-o-ng way so can't imagine 80km. Good luck Oh and the day you are fat it will snow in hell you wally.
Melissa and Nathan Petrus $25 Such a fabulous cause, good luck guys xx
1986 $25 All the best Andre, look forward to seeing the trek live on Instastories. Don't forget to stretch!
Sarah Kirkwood $50 I’m sure there will be lots of laughs along the way! Look after each other! Sx
Justin Dry $100 Good work you crazy Mofos! See you on the other side xo
vinomofo $25 For the love of all things sacred, wear correct footwear.... I learned this the hard way... Go hard, go well. This cause is close to my heart and am full of admiration for all involved. Foulkes
Anonymous $100


Name Total
Frank Hannon-Tan $100
Andre Eikmeier $25